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11:48 Changeset [6626] by mkommend

#1479: Corrected bug concerning the deletion of symbols in the grammar editor.

10:49 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkofler
10:49 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkofler
Added LINDI warehouse dataset (diff)
10:43 Changeset [6625] by mkofler

Added LINDI test warehouse data


17:03 Changeset [6624] by svonolfe

Updated the default parameters of the game of life simulation sample (#1610)

16:51 Changeset [6623] by svonolfe

Added game of life simulation sample (#1610)

12:53 Changeset [6622] by mkommend

#1479: Corrected merging errors in symbolic expression grammars.

11:15 Changeset [6621] by svonolfe

Added empty plugins (#1610)

10:41 Changeset [6620] by mkommend

#1479: Corrected changes from trunk integration.

10:16 Changeset [6619] by svonolfe

Created branch for the simulation core (#1610)

10:14 Ticket #1610 (Implement a prototype how a simulation environment could be integrated ...) created by svonolfe
An exploratory prototype should be developed how a simulation …


17:48 Changeset [6618] by mkommend

#1479: Integrated trunk changes.

16:48 Ticket #1609 (Importing large CSV files can lead to out of memory exceptions) created by gkronber
Because the data is stored in a large monolithic two-dimensional …


00:32 Changeset [6617] by abeham


  • provided a possible fix in my branch
00:30 Changeset [6616] by abeham


  • fixed a bug in the ScaledQualityDifferenceAnalyzer
00:05 Ticket #1608 (Support multiselect in Experiment Tree View) created by abeham
Every optimizer has to be cloned one by one. If the list of optimizers …


16:37 Changeset [6615] by abeham


  • Added ScaledQualityDifferenceAnalyzer
11:57 Ticket #1607 (Implement an operator that calculates quality difference according to ...) created by abeham
The QualityDifferenceCalculator scales the difference by the …


14:48 Changeset [6614] by mkommend

#1592: Prevented nested ensemble solutions, during ensemble creation by menu item.

14:14 Changeset [6613] by mkommend

#1592: Implemented view for classification solutions contained in a ClassificationEnsembleSolution.

13:14 Ticket #1605 (Code maintenance and minor changes) closed by abeham
duplicate: => #1579
13:09 Changeset [6612] by mkommend

#1592: Implemented view for regression solutions contained in a RegressionEnsembleSolution.

12:20 Ticket #1606 (Experiment Tree View does not display the detailed content when ...) created by abeham
When the user clicks on the icon on one of the nodes, it changes to …
11:38 Changeset [6611] by abeham


  • updated QAPAlgorithms branch
11:36 Ticket #1605 (Code maintenance and minor changes) created by abeham
Use this ticket for minor changes and maintenance purposes that do not …
11:34 WikiStart edited by abeham
updated changelog anchored link (diff)
11:23 Changeset [6610] by abeham


  • Added a DisplayName property to the DataRowVisualProperties
  • Changed the QualityDistributionAnalyzer to change the display name instead of the row name
  • Adapted the view to configure the chart and series properties
09:50 Changeset [6609] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP unit test (#1561)


14:17 Changeset [6608] by svonolfe

Added additional operators (#1177)

14:16 Changeset [6607] by svonolfe

Merged changes from trunk (#1561) into branch (#1177)

13:57 Changeset [6606] by mkommend

#1604: Enabled caching of evaluation results in data analysis solutions.

10:44 Ticket #1604 (DataAnalysisSolution should cache the evaluation results) created by mkommend
Currently the results of a DataAnalysisSolution are calculated by …
10:00 Changeset [6605] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP unit test (#1561)


23:17 Ticket #1603 (Allow to change the legend text of series in a DataTable) created by abeham
Title was "Setting the configuration of the DataTableHistoryView …
16:30 Changeset [6604] by mkommend

#1600: Added possibility to create classification solutions from classification models.

15:31 Changeset [6603] by mkommend

#1600: Added possibility to create regression solutions from regression models.

15:12 Changeset [6602] by mkommend

#1600: Moved implementation of RecalculateResults into abstract base class RegressionSolution.

14:47 Changeset [6601] by mkommend

#1579: Removed wrong comment in `ResultCollectionView.

14:35 Changeset [6600] by svonolfe

Re-Integrated the IBX, implemented review comments (#1561)

14:35 Changeset [6599] by mkommend

#1602: Added access modifier to variable_ValueChanged method.

13:15 Changeset [6598] by epitzer

register to value change events on all variable strings (#1602)

13:10 Ticket #1602 (Variable name changes are not recognized properly) created by epitzer
When changing a variable name in a symbolic expression grammar, the …


11:23 Changeset [6597] by mkommend

#1592: Changed content type of data analsis solution views.

11:03 Ticket #1601 (RegressionSolutionLineChartView shows wrong training output) created by mkommend
If the test partition is set in the middle of the training partition, …
10:43 Changeset [6596] by mkommend

#1592: Moved solution views in HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views-3.4 in separate folder.


23:58 Changeset [6595] by ascheibe

#1233 and #1195: removed unused config section

23:29 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
23:27 Changeset [6594] by abeham


  • fixed some bugs
18:28 Changeset [6593] by abeham


  • Changed aspiration criterion after contacting Taillard, added option to choose between old or new adaption scheme
18:21 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
18:14 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
18:05 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
17:43 Changeset [6592] by mkommend

#1600: Changed ensemble solutions to sealed classed.

17:23 Changeset [6591] by mkommend

#1600: Corrected compilation error in DiscriminantFunctionClassificeationSolutionEstimatedValuesView.

16:57 Changeset [6590] by mkommend

#1600: Corrected typo in ensemble solutions (paritions => partitions).

16:54 Changeset [6589] by mkommend

#1600: Adapted classification solutions to the same design as used by regression solutions.

15:42 Changeset [6588] by mkommend


  • Corrected result descriptions in DataAnalysisSolution.
  • Added NMSE results in IRegressionSolution.
  • Split RegressionSolution into a concrete implementation class and an abstract base class RegressionSolutionBase that could also be used for RegressionEnsembleSolutions or CachingRegressionSolutions.
  • Moved calculation of results in specific regression solution implementations (e.g. SymbolicRegressionSolution).
15:23 Ticket #1600 (Ensemble solutions are evaluated twice on creation) created by mkommend
RegressionEnsembleSolutions and ClassificationEnsembleSolutions
13:21 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
11:02 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
updated RTS page (diff)
10:43 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
10:40 aspiration_default.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search by abeham
10:38 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search edited by abeham
updated RTS (diff)
09:50 Documentation/Reference/Robust Taboo Search created by abeham
first version on Robust Taboo Search


14:57 Changeset [6587] by gkronber

#1552: implemented first version of an optimizer for regression analysis experiments

12:03 Changeset [6586] by abeham


  • Updated code to reflect what Eric Taillard's code does at which is however not quite what is described in the paper.
  • Updated the swap2 move evaluator to perform move evaluations in O(1) for several cases by memorizing the move quality of the previous iteration
  • Added a unit test to test the new faster evaluation
  • Changed the robust taboo search to use this faster evaluation
  • Renamed some operators (dropping the QAP pre- and postfix)
11:37 Changeset [6585] by mkommend

#1594: Corrected group box text in ClusteringSolutionView.

08:25 Ticket #1599 (Allow to resize the combobox in the experiment analysis views) created by abeham
The combobox for selecting parameters or results in the experiment …
08:21 Ticket #1598 (The arrow key doesn't respect the currently selected item in the new ...) created by abeham
Steps to reproduce: 1. Press Ctrl+N or click the icon to bring up the …


16:43 Ticket #1597 (CSV import does not work correctly for files that contain additional ...) created by gkronber
This leads to an exception but can be handled easily.
16:40 Changeset [6584] by gkronber

#763 implemented persistence for k nearest neighbour models.

16:28 Changeset [6583] by gkronber

#763 added first implementation of classification and regression based on k nearest neighbour.

13:52 Changeset [6582] by gkronber

fixed #1595

13:42 Changeset [6581] by mkommend

#1596: Added AfterDeserializationHook in DataAnalysisProblemData.

13:41 Ticket #1596 (Allowed input variables and variable names in VariableSymbol are out ...) created by mkommend
After loading a symbolic regression problem the variable names in the …
13:37 Changeset [6580] by gkronber

#1474: added implementations for regression and classification with neural network ensembles (wrappers for alglib).

11:45 Changeset [6579] by gkronber

#1474: implemented neural networks for classification.

11:11 Changeset [6578] by gkronber

#1474: added parameters for neural network regression algorithm

10:47 Ticket #1595 (Ensemble solutions are not named meaningfully) created by mkommend
Currently the name of ensemble solutions created by the menu item is …
10:44 Ticket #1594 (DataAnalysisSolutionViews should display the name of the solutions) created by mkommend
Currently the name of data analysis solutions is not visible, which …
10:30 Ticket #1593 (Cache evaluation results of data analysis solutions) created by mkommend
The evaluation of several data analysis models could take several …
10:25 Ticket #1592 (Provide a view for Ensemble Solutions) created by mkommend
Currently the models contained in an ensemble solutions could not be …


16:09 Changeset [6577] by gkronber

#1474: added first implementation of neural networks for regression wrapper for alglib.

15:28 Ticket #1399 (Locked CheckedItemCollectionView should not disable the contained ...) closed by mkommend
invalid: Replying to gkronber: > This has been implemented for …
15:05 Changeset [6576] by gkronber

#1475 renamed files and classes.

14:57 Changeset [6575] by gkronber

Improved naming #1475

14:54 Ticket #1576 (In the cross-validation the training and test partitions of enclosed ...) closed by gkronber
14:40 Ticket #1591 (Remove outdated versions of plugins which were kept for compatibility ...) created by gkronber
Remove ALGLIB-3.6 and VRP-3.3 from the release. ALGLIB-3.6 has been …
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