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23:31 Changeset [5439] by gkronber

#1040 Not directly related to NSGA-II implementation but not worth a separate ticket. Made minor improvements in multi-objective symbolic regression problem to make it work better with NSGA-II.

23:25 Changeset [5438] by gkronber

#1040 Reviewed NSGA-II operators in 'HeuristicLab.Analysis.MultiObjective', 'HeuristicLab.Optimization.Operators.MultiObjective' and 'HeuristicLab.Selection' and fixed minor issues.

22:32 Ticket #1409 (An exception is thrown when modifying the collected values of a ...) created by abeham
Steps to reproduce in the Optimizer: 1. Create a new …
22:00 Changeset [5437] by gkronber

#1356 added default values for upper and lower estimation limits if they are not specified where necessary.

21:44 Changeset [5436] by gkronber

#1356 clarified code in overfitting analyzer.

21:34 Changeset [5435] by abeham


  • Made public properties that redirect to ActualValue.Value private or protected
  • Sealed all of the specific operators
  • Removed files that are present in the repository, but are not included in the project
  • Removed .sln file (is this still needed?)
  • Added license headers to some files
  • Unified the pattern for writing the constructors similar to other files in the trunk
  • Corrected assembly and plugin version from 3.3.0.x to 3.3.2.x
  • Fixed the wiring in the VelocityBoundsModifier
20:11 Changeset [5434] by abeham


  • Changed dynamic wiring into static wiring as discussed with swagner
19:32 Changeset [5433] by swinkler

Fixed bugs in MATLAB formatter. (#1314)

19:03 Changeset [5432] by abeham


  • Renamed filename of Filter icon
12:38 Changeset [5431] by gkronber

#1314 Merged MATLAB formatter from branch into trunk and implemented additional symbols related to dynamic modeling.

11:45 Changeset [5430] by mkommend

Changed CrossValidation to return its algorithm as NestedOptimizer (ticket #1402).

11:43 Changeset [5429] by gkronber

Made LaTeX formatter storable. #1152

11:34 Changeset [5428] by gkronber

#1152 Merged LaTeX formatter from trunk and implemented formatting rules for new symbols (related to dynamic models).

11:12 Changeset [5427] by epitzer

Correct cloning constructor of NeighborhoodParticleUpdater and TotallyConnectedParticleUpdater. (#852)

10:55 Changeset [5426] by epitzer

Merged PSO into trunk (#852)

09:58 Changeset [5425] by epitzer

Increase priority of ConcreteDictionarySerializer to be tried before the generic DictionarySerializer (#1336)

09:42 Ticket #1408 (Persistence tests fail on build server) closed by epitzer
duplicate: This issue has already been reported in #1336 (marking as duplicate)
08:58 Changeset [5424] by epitzer

Force default config for test cases (#1408)

08:55 Ticket #1408 (Persistence tests fail on build server) created by epitzer
While unit tests succeed on workstations they fail on the build …
04:35 Changeset [5423] by swagner

Updated XML comments in BoundsChecker and ReflectiveBoundsChecker (#1395)

04:19 Changeset [5422] by swagner

Removed obsolete interfaces IRealVectorEncoder and IRealVectorDecoder (#1395)

03:34 Ticket #1407 (Unify item collection views) created by swagner
The views ItemCollectionView, ItemListView, ItemArrayView, …
02:52 Changeset [5421] by swagner

Added base call in SetEnabledStateOfControls, removed outdated XML comments, corrected tab indexes and adapted tool tip text and view name (#1390)

02:16 Changeset [5420] by mkommend

#1402 - Refactored OnClosed method of IOptimizer views.

01:29 Changeset [5419] by mkommend

#1402 - Implemented IOptmizer.NestedOptimizers and adapted optimizer views to stop their content only if no way to display the content is available.


23:36 Changeset [5418] by mkofler

#852: Adapted PSO to perform move evaluation in parallel (using the parallel engine). See also #1333.

23:03 Ticket #1401 (The View host throws an exception for nested experiments) closed by mkommend
23:02 Changeset [5417] by mkommend

Adapted RocCurvesView to treat binary classification problems differently (ticket #1289).

17:16 Changeset [5416] by gkronber

Merged changes to symbolic expression encoding related to refactoring text-based export formats for symbolic expression trees. #1152 #1270 #1314

17:07 Ticket #1370 (Scaling of SymbolicRegressionTrees when NaN Values occur) closed by mkommend
duplicate: This is issue will be best addressed by discarding models that …
16:47 Ticket #1366 (ObjectDisposedException in View for ProgrammableOperator) closed by gkronber
16:42 Changeset [5415] by gkronber

fixed random seed for interpreter performance tests. #1336

16:37 Changeset [5414] by gkronber

reduced performance requirement in test cases for arithmetic interpreter. #1336

15:58 Changeset [5413] by gkronber

Adapted interpreter tests and improved interpretation performance. #1336

14:14 Changeset [5412] by gkronber

Improved test cases for data analysis plugins. #1336

13:47 Changeset [5411] by gkronber

Improved test cases for symbolic expression tree encoding and fixed minor bugs. #1336

12:23 Changeset [5410] by mkofler

#852: Realized code cleanup as described in the reviewer comments by Andreas Beham.

02:10 Changeset [5409] by swagner

Enabled one-way serialization for persistence property algorithm in BatchRun (#1378)

01:35 Changeset [5408] by swagner

Adapted parameter descriptions in Replacer (#1393)

00:56 Changeset [5407] by swagner

Adapted PluginLoader to ignore cases in assembly paths, additionally load exe-files and ignore assemblies which cannot be loaded (#1351)


23:35 Ticket #1406 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.3) created by swagner
Do not forget to: * increment plugin versions and assembly file …
16:42 Changeset [5406] by epitzer

Switch language to 4.0 (#1405)

16:36 Ticket #1405 (ProgrammableOperator chokes on Linq statements) created by epitzer
08:05 Ticket #1404 (ProgrammableOperator "forgets" assemblies when they are recompiled) created by epitzer
When referencing non standard assemblies these are simply "forgot" …


18:12 Changeset [5405] by cneumuel


  • moved heartbeat timestamps of slaves and jobs into database to make server stateless
  • made slave use the right authentication ("hiveslave" instead of HL username/password)
  • moved heartbeat related methods into HeartbeatManager
  • changed signature of Service.Hello method, so all hardware related information is transferred in that method withing the Slave-object
15:51 Changeset [5404] by cneumuel


  • changed the workflow of aquireing a new job from server.
    • if a job is available for calculation, the slave receives the jobId already with the heartbeats. The job is then exclusively assigned to this slave.
  • extended the metainfo for a slave by OperatingSystem and CpuArchitecture
  • enhanced the way plugin-dependencies are discovered by using the types used by XmlGenerator. Now only mimimum amount of plugins are transferred.
  • selection of waiting jobs now consideres assigned slave-group
  • more unit tests for service
  • added unit tests for experiment manager
12:40 Changeset [5403] by epitzer

Support exporting types in type cache and add a support method for XmlGenerator to access this list (#1403)

12:04 Ticket #1403 (XmlGenerator should show which types were used for serialization) created by cneumuel
When using `XmlGenerator.Serialize(object obj, MemoryStream …


18:15 Changeset [5402] by cneumuel


  • single sign on with HL
  • local plugins are uploaded if not available online (user can force the useage of local plugins)
  • changed plugin and plugindata db-schema
  • plugin dao tests
16:37 Ticket #1402 (A batch run is stopped whenever an additional view is closed) created by svonolfe
Whenever an additional view for a batch-run is opened and then closed, …
16:27 Ticket #1401 (The View host throws an exception for nested experiments) created by svonolfe
If the nesting-level of experiments is too high, the view host crashes …
13:40 AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
13:39 AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
13:32 AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
12:33 Changeset [5401] by swagner

Added folder for conferences in 2011

10:38 Changeset [5400] by cneumuel


  • updated hive binaries
10:35 Changeset [5399] by cneumuel


  • fixed wiring of textboxes in HiveExperimentManager
  • robustified results polling in HiveExperimentManager
  • robustified HiveEngine
09:02 Changeset [5398] by cneumuel


  • Engine should be allowed to be copied also when in state Started. This is needed so that HiveEngine can make copies of Operations which reference an Engine
02:37 Changeset [5397] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)


13:00 Changeset [5396] by gkronber

#1400. Refactored interpreter for symbolic expression trees.

12:55 Changeset [5395] by gkronber

Added symbol frequency analyzer to default analyzers list of artificial ant problem. #1398

11:46 Ticket #1400 (State of symbolic expression interpreter should be encapsulated into a ...) created by gkronber


13:29 Changeset [5394] by cneumuel


  • jobs are deleted when engine is paused or stopped
  • execution time on hive is computed


16:00 Ticket #1399 (Locked CheckedItemCollectionView should not disable the contained ...) created by mkommend
Currently the listview in the CheckedItemCollectionView is disabled …
15:26 Changeset [5393] by mkommend

Added new symbols to type coherent grammar (ticket #1387).

13:10 Changeset [5392] by gkronber

#1398 fixed a bug in SymbolicExpressionSymbolFrequencyAnalyzer.

11:19 Changeset [5391] by mkommend

Corrected naming of results in ValidationBestSymbolicClassificationSolutionAnalyzer (ticket #1391).

09:53 Changeset [5390] by abeham


  • Added installer to main directory
  • Added installation of plugin template
  • Updated template zips
02:37 Changeset [5389] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

00:51 Changeset [5388] by abeham


  • Updated default value for year in license snippet
  • Updated new view wizard


17:04 Changeset [5387] by mkommend

Removed unnecessary result assignment in SymbolFrequencyAnalyzer (ticket #1398).

17:00 Changeset [5386] by mkommend

Implemented SymbolicExpressionSymbolFrequencyAnalyzer (ticket #1398).

14:56 Ticket #1398 (FunctionFrequencyAnalyzer for symbolic expression trees) created by mkommend
10:42 Changeset [5385] by abeham


  • Separated NormalAllPositionsManipulator into FixedNormalAllPositionsManipulator and SelfAdaptiveNormalAllPositionsManipulator.cs
  • Classname and behavior of SelfAdaptiveNormalAllPositionsManipulator.cs remains to be the same as NormalAllPositionsManipulator for backwards compatibility reasons
10:26 Changeset [5384] by mkommend

ticket #1374 - Implemented root symbol and changed power as well as root symbol to use a rounded exponent.

09:56 Changeset [5383] by abeham


  • Fixed wiring of depth parameter in EvolutionStrategy
09:50 Ticket #1397 (EvolutionStrategy does not correctly parameterize depth in Analyzer ...) created by abeham
09:44 Changeset [5382] by abeham


  • Fixed RealVectorCrossover (it did not produce a child)
  • Added wiring of the bounds checker


22:04 Ticket #1396 (Enable to solve TSPs which are specified only by a distance matrix) created by swagner
It should be possible to specify a TSP only by its distance matrix and …
18:39 Changeset [5381] by abeham


  • Allowed to select the bounds checker to use in all RealVectorManipulator and RealVectorCrossover operators
  • Added a second bounds checker, the ReflectiveBoundsChecker which does not cut at the bounds, but mirrors the vector at the bounds
  • Use a repeating strategy in the move generators
  • Removed obsolete IRealVectorPSODecoder and IRealVectorPSOEncoder interfaces
  • Marked RealVectorToRealVectorEncoder as obsolete, internal and removed all meaningful code from it (it slipped into the release and should be thrown out as soon as possible)
  • Use a repeating strategy to stick within the bounds in the StdDevStrategyVectorManipulator when manipulating the mutation strengths
  • By default use smaller initial bounds in the StdDevStrategyVectorCreator (parameterized by the problem)
14:20 Ticket #1395 (Change bounds handling in RealVector operators) created by abeham
If a manipulation operation results in a value that is outside the …
14:14 Ticket #1394 (Separate NormalAllPositionsManipulator in a self-adaptive and normal ...) created by abeham
Currently the NormalAllPositionsManipulator assumes a sigma of 1 if …
13:21 Changeset [5380] by mkommend

ticket #1324 - Corrected ItemSetView to check for duplicates while dropping items.

13:18 Changeset [5379] by svonolfe

Implemented review comments by abeham for the SuccessProgressAnalysis (#1392)

02:10 Changeset [5378] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)


18:09 Changeset [5377] by mkommend

ticket #1256 - Changed SymbolicSimplifier to handle lagged variables correctly.

17:58 Changeset [5376] by abeham


  • Replacer will use Random replacement when no other replacement is defined
17:53 Ticket #1393 (Operator "Replacer" in island algorithms produces an exception) created by abeham
The Replacer is an operator that must be customized with two …
17:34 Changeset [5375] by ascheibe


  • added various bits to the Hive Server
  • adjusted data model
16:59 Changeset [5374] by mkommend

Reverted accidentally commited project file HL.Analysis (ticket #1256).

16:51 Changeset [5373] by mkommend

ticket #1256 - Merged new timeseries symbols from branch to trunk.

14:10 Changeset [5372] by svonolfe

Implemented first version of success progress analysis (#1392)

13:23 Changeset [5371] by mkommend

ticket #1324: Added argument null checks in (Add|Insert|Remove|Update)ListViewItem and UpdateListViewItem(Image|Text) methods.

10:44 Changeset [5370] by svonolfe

Created branch for the success progress analysis (#1392)

10:44 Ticket #1392 (Successful offspring analysis should be added) created by svonolfe
Different operators should be analyzed for their success in an OSGA.
10:44 Changeset [5369] by mkommend

Removed unused methods in TableFileParser (ticket #1173).

09:46 Changeset [5368] by svonolfe

Fixed some minor issues in the VRP operators (#1177)


19:04 Changeset [5367] by gkronber

#1136 Fixed test cases for symbolic expression tree encoding operators (+ minor bug fixes in symbolic expression tree operators).

17:38 Changeset [5366] by abeham


  • Fixed discovery of the main loop operator in the MainLoop property
17:12 Changeset [5365] by cfischer

Implemented automatic adaptation of maximization parameter for symbolic regression and classification problems; Added new maximization property in symbolic regression and classification evaluators. #1381

17:00 Changeset [5364] by ascheibe

#1233 incorporated Hive IISModule from 3.3

10:50 Changeset [5363] by ascheibe

#1233 adapt Hive to HL trunk

10:46 Changeset [5362] by mkommend

Corrected discovering of Analyzers in UserDefinedAlgorithm (ticket #1382).

10:12 Changeset [5361] by cneumuel


  • minor bugfixes
03:32 Changeset [5360] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

01:33 Changeset [5359] by cneumuel


  • renamed RunsAnalyzer to SolutionCacheAnalyzer
  • only most recent results will stay in cache to avoid memory problems
  • some minor tweaks and bugfixes


12:49 Changeset [5358] by cneumuel


  • fixed minor bug
12:47 Changeset [5357] by cneumuel


  • changed ordering of parameter combinations to make them better readable
  • changed handling of invalid parameter settings from penalty approach to repair approach


15:18 Changeset [5356] by abeham


  • Adapted all algorithms to count evaluated solutions / moves and outside of the parallel region
  • Used the same pattern in every algorithm: Initialize and collect the variable in the Algorithm and increment it in the main loops and main operators
02:38 Changeset [5355] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

00:12 Changeset [5354] by abeham


  • Adapated Tabu Search to run move evaluations and tabu check in parallel


23:31 Changeset [5353] by abeham


  • Adapted local search to perform move evaluation in parallel (using the parallel engine)
22:51 Changeset [5352] by abeham


  • Removed changes to IntCounter that would make it thread-safe, if a thread-safe operator is needed a separate one should be implemented
  • Moved counting of evaluated solutions out of the parallel region
22:49 Changeset [5351] by abeham


  • Added EvaluatedSolutions as result to the Island GA
  • Moved island analyzer out of the islands processing branch (should that becoming parallelized the analysis operator will be executed sequentially for each island)
  • Related ticket #1333
16:40 Ticket #1391 (Naming of results of classification problem should be improved) created by swinkler
* There's a typo in "Best solution height (validiation)". * I suggest …
16:26 Changeset [5350] by jwolfing

#1196 added setpassword to the model

16:09 Changeset [5349] by gkronber

Made ADF parameters changeable by default. #1354

12:59 Changeset [5348] by mkommend

Added functionality to resize bubbles although the size combobox is set to constant (ticket #1056).

12:37 Changeset [5347] by abeham


  • Fixed cloning behavior in some operators
  • Fixed problem UI textbox length
10:54 Changeset [5346] by abeham


  • Added EvaluatedSolutions result to GeneticAlgorithm
  • Updated the GA and SGP samples (GA samples with parallel engine, SGP with sequential engine)
10:41 Changeset [5345] by epitzer

Add new alternate view ConstrainedValueParameterConfigurationView for configuring the ValidValues ItemSet (#1390)

10:30 Ticket #1390 (ConstrainedValueParameters.ValidValues cannot be changed in the GUI) created by epitzer
When creating a user-defined algorithm it would be nice to include a …
03:53 Changeset [5344] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

02:23 Changeset [5343] by swagner

Added base class for multi-objective problems MultiObjectiveProblem<T, U> (#1389)

02:13 Ticket #1389 (Provide a base class for multi-objective problems) created by swagner
A base class for multi-objective problems should be provided by the …
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