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13:22 Changeset [2559] by mkommend

fixed memory leak in VariableImpactCalculators by cloning the IPredictor (ticket #815)

11:42 Ticket #815 (VariableImpactCalculators produce memory leaks) created by mkommend
The VariableImpactCalculators clone the given Dataset, which is …


01:56 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by swagner
Removed my* naming of variables (diff)
01:23 Ticket #809 (Selecting many items in a large ItemListView takes a long time) closed by swagner
fixed: Thanks. Applied the patch to HL 3.2 and HL 3.3 in r2558.
01:23 Changeset [2558] by swagner

Applied patch to fix #809.

00:54 Changeset [2557] by swagner

Fixed exception when trying to save a file whose location is no longer available (#499)

00:41 Ticket #814 (Disable views while they are saved) closed by swagner
fixed: Done in r2556.
00:41 Changeset [2556] by swagner

Disabled views while they are saved (#814)

00:34 Ticket #814 (Disable views while they are saved) created by swagner
While views are saved, they should be disabled to prevent any conflicts.
00:27 Ticket #770 (Refactor optimization frontend) closed by swagner
fixed: Finished work on Optimizer for now. Further issues should be handled …
00:23 Changeset [2555] by swagner

Continued work on Optimizer (#770)


17:36 Changeset [2554] by gkronber

Fixed compile errors introduced with r2553. #813


16:43 Changeset [2553] by gkronber

Implemented #813 (GP structure-identification algorithms that use only a simple function library).

16:07 Changeset [2552] by mkommend

added gamma as metadata for SVR-Models (ticket #775)


16:10 Ticket #813 (GP structure-identification algorithms that use only a simple function ...) created by gkronber
16:08 Changeset [2551] by mkommend

added ResultCalculator for !PearsonS quality measures (ticket #782)

15:57 Changeset [2550] by gkronber

Implemented #812 (Static methods for SVM operators).

15:56 Ticket #812 (Static methods for SVM operators) created by gkronber
13:32 Changeset [2549] by mkommend

corrected typos in ModelingResults PearsonCorrelationCoefficient (ticket #782)

10:11 Changeset [2548] by mkommend

added ViewShown, ViewHidden and ViewClosed events in MainForm (ticket #771)


02:35 Changeset [2547] by swagner

Continued work on Optimizer (#770)


02:44 Changeset [2546] by swagner

Continued work on Optimizer and on adapting all views to the new MainForm concept (#770)


17:24 Changeset [2545] by mkommend

added ViewContextMenuStrip (ticket #771)

15:38 Changeset [2544] by mkommend

added CloseView methods with CloseReason (ticket #771)

15:09 Changeset [2543] by mkommend

changed CloseReason to FormOwnerClosing if IView.Close method is used (ticket #771)


18:05 Changeset [2542] by gkronber

Added static methods to create LR models. #811.

15:12 Changeset [2541] by mkommend

adapted MainForm to fire an initialized event and renamed the event in ViewBase to Initialized (ticket #771)

14:14 Changeset [2540] by swagner

Fixed lookup to retrieve content types and added new method GetViewableTypes (#771)

14:03 Changeset [2539] by swagner

Fired MainFormChanged event after all custom GUI controls have been created (#771)

12:53 Ticket #811 (Tree height of LR models should be two.) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r2538.
12:53 Changeset [2538] by gkronber

Fixed #811

12:29 Ticket #811 (Tree height of LR models should be two.) created by gkronber
The multiple layers in LR models make it difficult to analyse the …


17:17 Changeset [2537] by mkommend

added getter for ITreeEvaluator in HL.GP.StructId.Predictor (ticket #760)

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