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22:03 Changeset [17832] by bburlacu

#3048: Disable the ContextAware and DeterministicBest crossovers in the SymbolicDataAnalysisMultiObjectiveProblem.


16:57 Changeset [17831] by bburlacu

#3100: Use ValueTypeArray as base class for TriangularMatrix. A Data property exposes the underlying array as a ReadOnlyCollection.


18:33 Changeset [17830] by pfleck

#3040 First draft additional vector aggregation symbols (distribution characteristics & time series dynamics)

16:27 Changeset [17829] by dpiringe


  • moved JsonItems from Models to JsonItems
  • moved WinForms controls from Shared to Views
14:37 Changeset [17828] by dpiringe


  • removed the option to set the value for JsonItems via exporter
    • reworked some base controls
    • added new controls for JsonItem specific properties (e.g. ArrayResizable)
    • deleted a lot of obsolet controls
  • removed the Enable checkbox in the detail view of JsonItems
  • exporter now clones the IOptimizer object
  • added a check + message for unsupported exports
  • list of JsonItems now includes unsupported JsonItems (disabled and marked with 'unsupported')
  • refactored the converter type check
    • now every converter has to specify its supported type(s)


08:08 Changeset [17827] by gkronber

#3073 merged r17811:17826 from trunk to branch

08:03 Changeset [17826] by gkronber

#3083: fixed problem in LaTeX formatter when targetVariable = null


19:01 Ticket #3101 (SymReg evaluators with parameter optimization do not consider ...) created by gkronber
Estimation limits are applied only after the evaluation of symreg …
14:10 Changeset [17825] by pfleck

#3040 Merged trunk into branch.


10:54 Ticket #3100 (TriangularMatrix uses wrong base class) created by bburlacu
Since the underlying storage is an array, the TriangularMatrix<T> …


09:40 Changeset [17824] by gkronber

#3099: set estimation limits in CV folds to original values.

09:18 Changeset [17823] by gkronber

#3099: added a unit test for the problem

08:59 Ticket #3099 (Crossvalidation meta-alg ignores estimation limits from embedded ...) created by gkronber


09:26 Changeset [17822] by chaider

#3073 Fixed double parsing

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