15:45 Changeset [17788] by bburlacu

#3090: Revert r17787 due to numerical precision issues.

00:15 Changeset [17787] by bburlacu

#3090: Implement extension to Welford's algorithm by Schubert et al in the OnlinePearsonsRCalculator.

00:00 Ticket #3090 (Modern implementation for Pearson R correlation and covariance) created by bburlacu
Our OnlinePearsonsRCalculator calculates the Pearson's R correlation …


09:19 Changeset [17786] by pfleck

#3040 Worked in DiffSharp for constant-opt.


16:37 Changeset [17785] by pfleck

#3040 Made vector separator symbol configurable in the CSV import dialog.


20:33 Changeset [17784] by gkronber

#3017: fixed comment.

16:38 Changeset [17783] by bburlacu

#3087: Create branch for ticket


10:58 Changeset [17782] by gkronber

#3088: ignore dynamic assemblies and assemblies with empty location in GetTypes(Type type, bool onlyInstantiable, bool includeGenericTypeDefinitions) method.

Reasoning: when hive job manager is loaded at least one dynamic assembly is loaded for WCF call wrappers. This causes an exception in PluginInfrastructure when trying to load the types in the dynamic assembly.

10:58 Changeset [17781] by jkarder

#3089: explicitly fail on ReflectionTypeLoadException and BadImageFormatException

10:57 Ticket #3089 (Explicitly fail tests on ReflectionTypeLoadExceptions and ...) created by jkarder
In the following tests, an exception is thrown if the test processor …
10:56 Ticket #3088 (HeuristicLab crashes if Hive Job Manager is opened while samples page ...) created by gkronber
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