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17:31 Changeset [17517] by abeham

#2521: Worked on ResultParameter for Problem and Algorithms

  • Add ResultParameter to TSP, BinaryVectorProblem, and HillClimber
  • Refactor ResultParameter to allow presetting the ResultCollection instead of having to discover it (e.g. for use in BasicAlgorithms)
  • Unify Results property among EngineAlgorithm and BasicAlgorithm
    • There is now only a single instance which is storable
16:18 Changeset [17516] by abeham

#2521: fixed build fail in tests

16:13 Changeset [17515] by mkommend

#2521: Added interface for supervised dataanalysis problem data.

15:36 Changeset [17514] by mkommend

#2521: Merged trunk changes into branch.

14:40 Changeset [17513] by mkommend

#2521: Splitted problems into several problem and encoded problems.


11:05 Changeset [17512] by chaider

#2971 Check if the derived tree contains not allowed symbols

08:54 Changeset [17511] by chaider


  • Checked ConstraintSatisfied before calculating r2
  • Removed code duplications in SymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveConstraintPearsonRSquaredEvaluator and SymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveConstraintConstOptEvaluator


14:55 Changeset [17510] by chaider


  • Changed constraint violation table to ResultParameter
  • Changed symbol check to include DerivativeCalculator symbols
  • Moved SymbolicRegressionConstraintAnalyzer to plugins root
  • Added Power and Root to IntervalInterpreter
12:00 Changeset [17509] by chaider


  • Added cube, cuberoot, absolute and analytical quotient to IntervalInterpreter
  • Extended the IsCompatible method in IntervalInterpreter (removed power, root because not implemented in DerivativeCalculator
  • Added checks for known symbols at InteractiveSymbolicDataAnalysisSolutionSimplifierView and SymbolicRegressionSolution
11:00 Changeset [17508] by chaider

#2971: Modified paths

10:37 Changeset [17507] by chaider

#2971: Added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic to branch


14:04 Changeset [17506] by mkommend

#2971: Further minor refactorings and renaming of members.

13:31 Changeset [17505] by mkommend

#2971: Minor change in Interval ctor.

13:13 Changeset [17504] by mkommend

#2971: Added properts in ProblemDataConstraints for EnabledConstraints.

13:10 Changeset [17503] by chaider

#2968 merged trunk into branch


14:01 Changeset [17502] by pfleck


  • Switched whole TF-graph to float (Adam optimizer won't work with double).
  • Added progress and cancellation support for TF-const opt.
  • Added optional logging with console and/or file for later plotting.
13:10 Changeset [17501] by mkommend

#2971: Merged trunk changes into branch, corrected project files (output path for all configurations, reference paths), resolved merge conflicts in InteractiveSymbolicDataAnalysisSolutionSimplifierView.


09:36 Ticket #3030 (RF/GBT SurrogateModel triggers unnecessary recalculation) closed by mkommend
09:36 Ticket #3032 (Fixing cube root calculation for intervals and extending intervals ...) closed by mkommend
09:36 Ticket #3019 (Implementation of the Pareto Front Analysis for Symbolic ...) closed by mkommend
09:36 Ticket #3051 (Synchronization issue of data members with [ThreadStatic] attribute in ...) closed by mkommend
09:36 Ticket #3052 (Provide a method in grammars to adapt variable symbols to a given dataset) closed by mkommend
09:36 Ticket #3042 (Remove progress bar after constant optimization error) closed by mkommend
09:36 Ticket #2973 (Maximizing VariableImpactView shows no data) closed by mkommend


17:55 Changeset [17500] by mkommend

#2973: Merged r17276, r17426, r17430, r17488 into stable.

17:53 Changeset [17499] by mkommend

#3042: Merged r17377, r17378, r17380 into stable.

17:46 Changeset [17498] by mkommend

#3052: Merged r17413 into stable.

17:45 Changeset [17497] by mkommend

#3051: Merged r17402 into stable.

17:43 Changeset [17496] by mkommend

#3019: Merged r17450 into stable.

17:41 Changeset [17495] by mkommend

#3032: Merged r17301, r17302, r17305, r17306, r17348, r17350, r17351 into stable.

17:39 Changeset [17494] by mkommend

#3030: Merged r17272 and r17278 into stable.

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