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14:49 Changeset [17284] by dpiringe

#3026: renamed namespace and project from HeuristicLab.Manufacture to HeuristicLab.JsonInterface

14:36 Changeset [17283] by dpiringe

#3026: renamed Component to JsonItem

14:29 Changeset [17282] by dpiringe

#3026: changed the converter selection from an automated mechanism (with interface distances) to an explicit mechanism (with priorities)

13:45 Changeset [17281] by dpiringe

#3026: renamed Transformers -> ...Transformer to ...Converter, ITypeTransformer to IJsonItemConverter, Transformer to JsonItemConverter

12:58 Changeset [17280] by dpiringe


  • renamed CustomWriter to CustomJsonWriter and extracted it into a separate file
  • removed property ParameterizedItems from Component
  • added helper methods for path generation in Component
  • reverted the single parameter array idea back to the FreeParameters and StaticParameters idea
  • now there hidden parameters are also handled


17:51 Changeset [17279] by mkommend

#2521: Updated single-objective problem to include a static is better method and fixed setter of maximization property.

15:10 Changeset [17278] by pfleck

#3030 Removed duplicated LazyInitFunc initialization.

14:59 Changeset [17277] by mkommend

#2952: Deleted branch for development.

10:50 Ticket #3031 (HiveJobManager access denied for shared job) created by pfleck
If a hive user tries to access a shared hive job with "Read" access …
10:14 Changeset [17276] by fholzing

#2973: Changed cancelation-initiation from VisibleChanged to OnHidden and added a flag, preventing an error in case the View gets closed.


17:43 Changeset [17275] by dpiringe


  • deleted Util.cs
  • BaseTransformer merges now the component with its reference (if a reference exists) -> easier handling for transformers with parameterizedItems
  • MultiCheckedOperatorTransformer now sets the type name as default value
  • added a type list at the end of the template file -> is needed to instantiate objects
  • changed JCGenerator and JCInstantiator to test a format where FreeParameters and StaticParameters are saved as single Parameter array
16:54 Changeset [17274] by jkarder

#3024: fixed build fail

16:09 Changeset [17273] by jkarder

#3024: fixed compilation error (worked for me)

14:50 Changeset [17272] by mkommend

#3030: Fixed cloning of RF & GBT surrogate models with already created models.

12:49 Ticket #3030 (RF/GBT SurrogateModel triggers unnecessary recalculation) created by pfleck
When the surrogate-storage mechanism is used for RFs and GBTs, the …
10:14 Changeset [17271] by dpiringe


  • renamed ParameterData to Component
  • renamed File Template.cs to Component.cs
10:02 Changeset [17270] by abeham

#2521: worked on removing virtual from Maximization for single-objective problems


17:18 Changeset [17269] by dpiringe


  • deleted IItemExtensions.cs
  • fixed a bug in GetInterfaceDistance in TypeExtensions.cs -> generic types were ignored
  • lots of code clean ups
  • added new transformers: ParameterizedItemTransformer, MultiCheckedOperatorTransformer
16:41 Changeset [17268] by jkarder

#3024: refactored ProjectView and added button to refresh users

11:06 Changeset [17267] by mkommend

#3018: Refactored condition for clean up of hive client.


15:14 Ticket #3029 (Tree complexity calculation does not support all currenlty available ...) created by gkronber
The "Pearson R² & Tree Complexity Evaluator" throws an exception for a …
14:11 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by abeham
added topics from whiteboard (diff)


16:23 Changeset [17266] by dpiringe


  • changed the namespace from ParameterTest to HeuristicLab.Manufacture
  • added an extension method for Type to get the distance of an interface based on the target type
  • renamed methods ToData, SetValue to Extract, Inject
  • new implementation of the template generation with transformers (not the final name)
  • started to use the new transformers for the instantiation of IOptimizer-objects (out of a template)
  • new transformers: LookupParameterTransformer and DummyTransformer


20:46 Changeset [17265] by abeham

#2521: remove usage of solutions or best-known quality when converting TSPLIB instances to pTSP instances

20:35 Changeset [17264] by abeham

#2521: Finished refactoring pTSP


17:24 Changeset [17263] by dpiringe


  • added first prototype for:
    • creating templates
    • initialize a optimizer out of a template
  • first attempts to create the option to extend the template generation and initialisation (with Transformers -> json To IItem, IItem to json) without serializing/deserializing the whole IItem


17:28 Changeset [17262] by mkommend

#2521: Adapted unit tests for multi-objective analysis.

16:49 Changeset [17261] by mkommend

#2521: Refactored multi-obj test functions and CMA-ES.

15:41 Changeset [17260] by abeham

#2521: Worked on PTSP refactoring

14:56 Changeset [17259] by abeham

#2521: fixed bug in lookup paramater introduced in refactoring

14:18 Changeset [17258] by mkommend

#2521: Removed failing projects from solution.

14:05 Changeset [17257] by abeham

#2521: Refactored ContextLookupParameter with suggestions from mkommend

  • Add StorableType attribute to some types
13:57 Changeset [17256] by chaider

#2971: Added info text and info text color to ProblemDataConstraint

12:28 Changeset [17255] by abeham

#3028: added storable type attribute

12:23 Ticket #3028 (Add missing StorableType attributes) created by abeham
At least HeuristicLab.Data.ITextValue has currently no …
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