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20:31 Changeset [17051] by gkronber

#2925: produce line chart for training episodes even when there is no test set


13:58 Changeset [17050] by mkommend

#2952: Finished implemenation of different RF models.

13:07 Changeset [17049] by mkommend

#2952: Corrected evaluation in RF models.

10:24 Changeset [17048] by pfleck

#3013: removed IStorableContent from PreprocessingContext

07:26 Changeset [17047] by gkronber

#2925: removed unit test file from project to fix compile fail

07:26 Changeset [17046] by gkronber

#2925 removed duplicate AfterDeserialization hook after trunk merge


15:46 Changeset [17045] by mkommend

#2952: Intermediate commit of refactoring RF models that is not yet finished.


16:00 Changeset [17044] by mkommend

#2883: Initialized Lazy object in GBTModelSurrogate.

14:16 Changeset [17043] by mkommend

#2883: Removed outdated comment in GBTModel.

14:03 Changeset [17042] by mkommend

#2952: Added solution, adapted project and build events.

13:47 Changeset [17041] by mkommend

#2952: Created branch with HL.Algorithms.DataAnalysis branched.

12:19 Changeset [17040] by dpiringe


  • removed reference in HeuristicLab 3.3.sln to previous deleted project HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage
12:16 Changeset [17039] by dpiringe


  • removed a blank line in InspectCommand.cs
  • removed BuildCommand.cs and project HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage, because it was only a test
  • removed reference BuildCommand in ApplicationCommand
11:31 Changeset [17038] by mkommend

#2435: Deleted branch.

11:27 Changeset [17037] by mkommend

#2435: Merged branch into trunk.

11:22 Changeset [17036] by mkommend

#2435: Changed rng in ALGLIB to have a separate instance per thread.

08:13 Changeset [17035] by gkronber

#2925: merged r17007:17033 from trunk to branch


23:14 Changeset [17034] by mkommend

#2435: Updated branch with most recent trunk changes.

18:00 Changeset [17033] by mkommend

#2883: Adapted unit test for GBTs.

17:56 Changeset [17032] by mkommend

#2883: Adapted comment in ModelCreation enum.

17:43 Changeset [17031] by mkommend

#2883: Deleted branch for GBT Model storage.

17:36 Changeset [17030] by mkommend

#2883: Merged all changesets into trunk.


17:00 Changeset [17029] by mkommend

#2520: Updated Attic Version of FLA, MetaOpt, and BioBoost addon.


14:01 Changeset [17028] by gkronber

#2915: fixed a bug with AQ in the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeILEmittingInterpreter.


15:38 Changeset [17027] by dpiringe


  • renamed HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp to HeuristicLab.ConsoleApplications on folder/solution level
  • changed references from HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp to HeuristicLab.ConsoleApplications in HeuristicLab-3.3.csproj
15:03 Changeset [17026] by dpiringe


  • renamed HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp to HeuristicLab.ConsoleApplications
    • incl. Namespace and plugin name
  • renamed InspectApplication to ConsoleInspector
13:28 Changeset [17025] by dpiringe


  • added base attribute CLIBaseAttribute for CLI attributes, which contains the property Description
  • changed inheritance from Attribute to CLIBaseAttribute for types: CommandAttribute, OptionAttribute and ValueAttribute
  • added comment in RunnerHost
09:50 Changeset [17024] by mkommend

#2520: Adapted unit test for loading samples.


23:34 Changeset [17023] by mkommend

#2520: Added forgotten plugin dependency to HEAL.Attic in HL.Optimizer plugin file.

23:17 Changeset [17022] by mkommend

#2520: Changed samples to attic format and adapted startpage to load the samples with attic without the creation of temporary files.

23:15 Changeset [17021] by mkommend

#2520: Adapted all unit tests to use attic instead of the xml persistence. This affects all sample unit tests, the test resources, script unit tests and some general unit tests.

23:03 Changeset [17020] by mkommend

#2520: Adapted storable properties from SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase to use new temporary fields and populate the real data fields in the after deserialization hook.

16:59 Changeset [17019] by abeham

#2520: fixed unit test to check for duplicate GUIDs (includes NonDiscoverable types)

16:46 Ticket #3008 (Search and Replace in Data Preprocessing is inverted) closed by pfleck
done: r17018: merged r16982 to stable
16:45 Changeset [17018] by pfleck

#3008: merged r16982 to stable

16:13 Changeset [17017] by abeham

#2520: removed branch

16:04 Changeset [17016] by abeham

#2875: Adapted the Test command scripts to use VS2017

16:02 Changeset [17015] by abeham

#2520: fixed bug in the clipboard when it contains objects not of type IStorableContent

14:44 Ticket #3013 (DataPreprocessing should not be Storable) created by pfleck
Storing a DataPreprocessing Session is currently not fully implemented …
10:29 Changeset [17014] by jkarder

#2520: Update HEAL.Attic to version 1.1.0


10:40 Changeset [17013] by dpiringe


  • some changes in CLIApplication.cs to reduce unnecessary allocation of string objects
  • renamed AppTest to ConsoleOptimizer and fixed race condition
  • replaced enum RunnerJob with class RunnerMessage for more control of saved data
  • changed usage of BinaryFormatter with HEAL.Attic, following types are now Storable:
    • ConsoleOptimizer
    • InspectApplication
    • ApplicationBase
    • ApplicationRunner
    • AssemblyInfo
    • Runner
    • UniPath
    • RunnerMessage
  • switched QuietMode from ApplicationRunner to IRunner
  • DockerRunnerHost can now automatically build docker images for linux and windows containers (also identifies which container type is active) -> removes the condition to have the image preinstalled
    • to achieve this, there are two new folders DockerLinuxBuild and DockerWindowsBuild included in build output, which include Dockerfiles to build images for linux and windows container
  • added NuGet package System.CodeDom to project HeuristicLab.Scripting-3.3
  • added method Send(RunnerMessage) to IRunnerHost and transferred methods Pause and Resume to IRunner
  • added internal reference of RunnerHost in Runner
  • added abstract method SendMessage(RunnerMessage) in RunnerHost which gets called from method Send(RunnerMessage)
  • because of a Google.Protobuf "bug", RunnerMessages cannot get serialized/deserialized directly on stream -> workaround with a byte array, which gets written and read
    • additionally, the length of the array gets sent first (length as integer -> 4 bytes)
    • static method in RunnerMessage to read a message from a stream
    • the method SendMessage(RunnerMessage) in RunnerHost implements this functionality
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