11:23 Changeset [16585] by gkronber

#2520 Update HEAL.Attic to pre03

06:27 Changeset [16584] by gkronber

#2520 added missing StorableType attributes


11:20 Changeset [16583] by bburlacu

#2987: Implement better uniform weight generation, objective scaling, algorithm Pause support.


15:45 Documentation/Reference/ExactOptimization edited by ddorfmei
13:50 Documentation/Reference/ExactOptimization edited by ddorfmei
12:16 MixedIntegerLinearProgramming.png attached to Documentation/Reference/ExactOptimization by ddorfmei
Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (Algorithm View)


16:27 Documentation/Reference/ExactOptimization edited by ddorfmei
15:39 ExactOptimization.png attached to Documentation/Reference/ExactOptimization by ddorfmei
Simplified architecture of the HeuristicLab.ExactOptimization plugin
15:08 Ticket #2988 (Models of Models) created by msemenki
The main idea is to use Simple Symbolic Formulas generated offline …
14:50 Documentation/Reference/ExactOptimization created by ddorfmei


17:45 Changeset [16582] by ddorfmei

#2931: solved the issues found during the review

12:44 Changeset [16581] by chaider


  • Check if treeNode exists for specific intervals in SimplifierView
  • GridView fills space in NamedIntevalsView
10:33 Ticket #2976 (SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition with Windowing may cause a ...) closed by bburlacu
done: r16580: Merged r16496 into stable.
10:33 Changeset [16580] by bburlacu

#2976: Merged r16496 into stable.

10:02 Changeset [16579] by gkronber

#2520: try fall-back to old persistence for all exceptions that might occur in persistence

09:51 Changeset [16578] by gkronber

#2520: changed unit tests which load old samples and try storing and loading using the new format to recreate all sample files first

09:48 Changeset [16577] by gkronber

#2520: added missing StorableType attributes for interfaces

09:41 Changeset [16576] by gkronber

#2520: changed Fossil -> Attic in VS Code Fix


18:24 Changeset [16575] by gkronber

#2520: changed HeuristicLab.BioBoost addon to compile with new HL.Persistence

18:16 Changeset [16574] by gkronber

#2520: changed HeuristicLab.MetaOptimization addon to compile with new HL.Persistence

18:10 Changeset [16573] by gkronber

#2520: changed HeuristicLab.FLA addon to compile with new HL.Persistence

17:40 Changeset [16572] by gkronber

#2520: removed unnecessary references / plugin dependencies in Hive.Slave projects

17:39 Changeset [16571] by gkronber

#2520: several fixes based on failing unit tests

  • adapted unit tests that check StorableConstructors
  • missing translations of StorableClass -> StorableType
  • missing StorableConstructors
  • missing or unecessary PluginDependencies / ProjectReferences
16:22 Changeset [16570] by gkronber

#2520: updated HEAL.Attic version and use the net461 version

16:19 Changeset [16569] by gkronber

#2520: updated version of HEAL.Attic for the HeuristicLab.Tests solution

16:12 Changeset [16568] by gkronber

#2520: updated HEAL.Attic version (and reference the net461 specific build

14:31 Changeset [16567] by gkronber

#2520: changed StorableConstructors and added StorableType attributes in HeuristicLab.DataImporter addon

14:00 Changeset [16566] by gkronber

#2520: updated HeuristicLab.DataImporter addon for new Persistence (introduced in 3.3.16)

13:41 Changeset [16565] by gkronber

#2520: merged changes from PersistenceOverhaul branch (r16451:16564) into trunk

13:10 Changeset [16564] by gkronber

#2520: added HEAL.Attic.dll, Google.Protobuf.dll and System.Drawing.Common.dll as PluginFiles provided by HeuristicLab.Persistence

12:35 Changeset [16563] by gkronber

#2520: re-added support for cancellation of save operation

11:55 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Moved IJSPM publication to correct year. (diff)


13:51 Changeset [16562] by gkronber

#2520 deleted unnecessary app.config file


21:01 Changeset [16561] by bburlacu

#2987: Store the population as a List, so it can be cleared when the algorithm is finished in order to save memory. Unversion generated files (Plugin.cs and AssemblyInfo.cs)

20:20 Changeset [16560] by bburlacu

#2987: Create separate plugin for MOEA/D

18:27 Changeset [16559] by jkarder

#2520: renamed Fossil to Attic and set version to 1.0.0-pre01

17:38 Changeset [16558] by jkarder

#2520: updated Fossil version and PersistenceUtil for hive

16:46 Ticket #2910 (ImpactCalculation for IDiscriminantClassificationSolutions is wrong) closed by mkommend
16:46 Ticket #2871 (The Order of VariableImpacts should be changeable) closed by mkommend
16:45 Ticket #2884 (Implement variable impacts for classification solutions) closed by mkommend
16:45 Ticket #2962 (Subtree crossover distribution test displays incorrect statistics) closed by mkommend
16:45 Ticket #2904 (Create new CalculateImpacts method for a set of variables) closed by mkommend
16:34 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Moved published publication from S Hutterer (diff)
16:23 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Moved Ann Oper Res Publication from S Vonolfen (diff)
16:18 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Moved published article from J Fechter (diff)
10:47 Changeset [16557] by bburlacu

#2987: Branch HeuristicLab.Algorithms.DataAnalysis and add initial implementation.

10:31 Ticket #2987 (Implement MOEA/D algorithm in HeuristicLab) created by bburlacu
The MOEA/D algorithm is a capable metaheuristic for multi-objective …
10:30 Changeset [16556] by chaider

#2971 Added derivates of intervals as result collection to solution view


19:47 Changeset [16555] by gkronber

#2520 added a unit test to try to serialize samples which have been running for 20secs.

19:24 Changeset [16554] by gkronber

#2520 added missing file (combine with previous revision)

19:22 Changeset [16553] by gkronber

#2520 for Hive serialization: added collection of serialized types and fall-back to old persistence format on deserialization. ITask must be a StorableType

19:20 Changeset [16552] by gkronber

#2520 added a new serializer for trees in the ExternalEvaluation.GP plugin and marked the serializer using the old XML format as obsolete

18:52 Changeset [16551] by gkronber

#2520 merged r16542:16543 from trunk to branch

10:35 Ticket #2986 (RoundedNormalAllPositionsManipulator applies bounds incorrectly) created by jkarder
Since RoundFeasible was introduced, which takes care of transforming …
10:12 Changeset [16550] by chaider

#2971 Added Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression


14:34 Changeset [16549] by chaider

#2971 Added interval ranges to InteractiveSymbolicDataAnalysisSolutionSimplifierViewa

12:45 Changeset [16548] by chaider


  • Removed Storable from Intervals
  • Changed copy constructor from NamedIntervals class
11:32 Changeset [16547] by chaider

#2971 Added serialization to Interval class


13:33 Changeset [16546] by chaider

#2971 Added Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views to branch

13:06 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Moved published ASOC paper to 2018 (diff)
12:33 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Added link to GECCO 2013 publication (diff)
11:59 Changeset [16545] by chaider


  • Added ReadOnly field to NamedIntervals
  • Changes at cell validation of NamedIntervalsView
  • Added save on value changed
10:50 Ticket #2942 (KNN-Regression/Classification should allow "self" points) closed by gkronber
09:15 Changeset [16544] by chaider


  • Added editorconfig
  • Added Getter for intervals in NamedIntervals class
  • Changed GridView to show starting values of dataset


18:07 Changeset [16543] by gkronber

#2948: added support for deriving cube, cuberoot, abs, analytic-quotient

10:03 Changeset [16542] by abeham

#2958: changed reference to PluginInfrastructure from file to project


18:51 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Added GPEM results (diff)
18:50 Changeset [16541] by mkommend

Removed whitespaces in folder for GPEM results.

18:47 Changeset [16540] by mkommend

Added results for GPEM publication.

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