19:22 Changeset [16398] by gkronber

#2925: small changes

17:38 Changeset [16397] by mkommend

#2904: Updated branch with trunk changes.

17:07 Changeset [16396] by jkarder

#2520: worked on new persistence

  • improved EnumerableBoxTransformer
  • fixed output path
12:00 Changeset [16395] by gkronber

#2925 removed unnecessary usings

11:55 Ticket #1299 (Static analysis of symbolic regression models via interval arithmetic) closed by gkronber
11:35 Changeset [16394] by gkronber

#2957: reviewed implementation and made some adjustments.

The "maximum lift of whole aircraft" is only described in the arXiv version of the paper but has been removed in the peer-reviewed version for ESWA. There seems to be an error in the pre-print (x5 and x6 stand for only one variable in the original formula and the ranges for valid values are missing).

I decided to keep the problem and assumed a rather large range to make the problem more interesting for benchmarking purposes. All differences to the published version of the problem instances are described.


14:41 Ticket #2972 (Select Row for Partial Dependence Plot) created by pfleck
For analyzing the behavior of a model for a specific datapoint, the …
11:19 Changeset [16393] by chaider

#2966 Checked null references


08:14 Changeset [16392] by gkronber

#2892: fixed failing unit test


13:10 Changeset [16391] by gkronber

#2646: renamed branch

12:59 Ticket #2533 (Support Push as GP language) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Implemented in #2665
12:48 Changeset [16390] by gkronber

#2892 deleted branch after trunk reintegration

12:46 Changeset [16389] by gkronber

#2892: merged branch back to trunk

12:36 Changeset [16388] by gkronber

#2892: Merging r15750:16382 (HEAD) from trunk to branch, resolving conflicts

12:12 Changeset [16387] by gkronber

#2891: merged r15739 and r16168 from trunk to stable

12:07 Changeset [16386] by gkronber

#2925 merged changes r15972:16382 from trunk to branch


15:17 Ticket #2960 (Row and Column query methods for StringMatrix) closed by pfleck
done: r16385: merged r16280 into stable
15:17 Changeset [16385] by pfleck

#2960: merged r16280 into stable

15:08 Ticket #2894 (Snapshots not initialized in TimeLimitRun) closed by pfleck
done: r16384: merged r16179 to stable
15:08 Changeset [16384] by pfleck

#2894: merged r16179 to stable

14:17 Changeset [16383] by chaider


  • Some renaming and reordering
  • Changed GetVariableRanges method in DatasetUtil
  • Added cases for substract and divide with arity 1
13:30 Changeset [16382] by bburlacu

#2950: Change signature of ComputeSimilarity methods to accent a generic list of trees. This enables us to directly pass HL ItemAray or ItemList without overhead.

12:21 Changeset [16381] by jkarder

#2951: updated build script


16:31 Changeset [16380] by chaider

#2966 added variable weight multiplication to the evaluate method

15:18 Changeset [16379] by bburlacu

#2958: NativeInterpreter: avoid memory leak

14:39 Changeset [16378] by bburlacu

#2958: Batch and Native interpreter: keep a cached reference to the dataset so we can detect when it changes.

12:56 Changeset [16377] by chaider

#2966 Changed namespace to HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic

09:38 Changeset [16376] by chaider

#2966 Removed member variable InstructionCount and added ref parameter to Evaluate method instead


16:11 Changeset [16375] by msemenki

#2866: Add support for hyperbolic tangent symbol.

16:05 Changeset [16374] by chaider

#2966 renamed variable from intermeidate to result

14:23 Changeset [16373] by ddorfmei


  • upgraded Google OR-Tools to version 6.10
  • added TextValue and TextValueView to be able to display and edit a multiline string
  • added parameter to set solver specific parameters for supported solvers
  • added support for the Protocol Buffers representation of models (import/export)
  • added import of MPS models
  • added pause/stop functionality to CplexSolver and GlpkSolver
  • refactored wrapper (LinearSolver and related enums)
  • added new algorithm category Exact for LinearProgrammingAlgorithm
13:33 Changeset [16372] by chaider


  • Added references to projects
  • Added build events
13:16 Changeset [16371] by chaider

#2971 Added Data.Views

13:14 Changeset [16370] by chaider

#2971 Added Data

13:05 Changeset [16369] by chaider

#2971 Added Problems.DataAnalysis

12:09 Changeset [16368] by chaider

#2971 added new branch

10:48 Ticket #2971 (Intervals for RegressionProblemData/SymbolicRegressionSolution) created by chaider
- Create a new view NamedIntervalView to represent the intervals …
10:10 Changeset [16367] by chaider

#2966 Added EvaluatedSolutions Parameter


17:18 Changeset [16366] by gkronber

#2915 disabled cube and cube root in the OSGP sample. On my machine the algorithm still produces different results and the unit test fails (let's wait for the results on the builder)

17:16 Changeset [16365] by gkronber

#2915: small change in description

14:54 Changeset [16364] by chaider


  • Changed signature of GetSymbolicExressionTreeIntervals methods
  • Changed PrepareInterpreterState (removed optinal parameters, takes Dictionary<string, Interval> as input and no dataset anymore)
  • Added optional parameter (rows) to GetVariableBoundaries method (allows to use just parts from dataset as input e.g. training/test indices)
13:09 Changeset [16363] by chaider

#2966: Added GetVariableBoundaries method in DatasetUtil

10:21 Changeset [16362] by gkronber

#2915 missed a string replace AnalyticalQuotient -> AnalyticQuotient

10:18 Changeset [16361] by gkronber

#2915 renamed file to match class name

10:16 Changeset [16360] by gkronber

#2915 renamed class AnalyticalQuotient -> AnalyticQuotient


16:34 Changeset [16359] by gkronber

#2915: allow two different syntactical forms for power ( (a)(b) and pow(a,b) ) in the infix formatter and merged two identical branches (for all operators)

16:19 Changeset [16358] by gkronber

#2948: adapted expected results for derivative calculator unit tests because the TreeSimplifier has been changed within ticket #2915

16:10 Changeset [16357] by gkronber

#2938: added comments for infix parser tests


12:19 Ticket #2970 (Redrawing of DataGrid in Data Preprocessing is horribly slow) created by gkronber
When I run HL in a maximized window on my notebook and I select the …
08:11 Changeset [16356] by gkronber

#2915: merged all changes from branch to trunk

08:02 Changeset [16355] by gkronber

#2915: small reordering of constants

07:53 Changeset [16354] by gkronber

#2937: deleted branch (relevant changes have been merged to #2915)

07:52 Changeset [16353] by gkronber

#2937: added partial support for rectifier, leaky-rectifier and soft-plus functions

07:50 Changeset [16352] by gkronber

#2915: added support for expressions like "x c" as well as support for '{' '}' as alternatives to '(' ')' to the infix parser

07:43 Changeset [16351] by gkronber

#2915: fixed compile error after merge and made another change to native interpreter trying to resolve the differences when using abs and sqrt(). No success


23:18 Changeset [16350] by gkronber

#2915: merged r16333:16343 from trunk to branch (resolving a conflict in interpreter.h - the branch for sqrt)

19:51 Changeset [16349] by gkronber

#2915: added abs, cube, cuberoot, aq to native interpreter (does not produce exactly the same results as the BatchInterpreter)

19:45 Changeset [16348] by gkronber

#2915: fixed another bug in the BatchInterpreter for root symbols (now the linear and tree interpreter produce exactly the same results)

19:13 Changeset [16347] by gkronber

#2915: fixed bug in BatchInterpreter for Root symbol

15:33 Changeset [16346] by gkronber

#2915: fixed bugs

15:31 Changeset [16345] by gkronber

#2915: added cube, cbrt, absolute, aq to batched interpreter (and fixed a bug in power)


18:59 Changeset [16344] by gkronber

#2915: added a unit test cases for simplification of new symbols and extended the tree simplifier accordingly.

17:41 Changeset [16343] by gkronber

#2964: edited MathMenu.js in MathJax.zip and commented out code which caused problems:

if (MENU.msieFixedPositionBug) {
MSIE can't do fixed position, so use a full-sized background
and an onresize handler to update it (stupid, but necessary)
div.width = div.height = 0; this.Resize();
} else {

otherwise, use a fixed position DIV to cover the viewport
bg.style.position = "fixed";



/* if (this.msieFixedPositionBug) {detachEvent("onresize",MENU.Resize)} */

17:16 Changeset [16342] by gkronber

#2964: added LaTeX expression for testing MathJax output

17:10 Changeset [16341] by gkronber

#2964: programmatically unblock (remove Zone.Identifier alternative stream) displayModelFrame.html

16:04 Changeset [16340] by chaider

#2968 Changed formating of constant list

11:46 Changeset [16339] by chaider

#2968 Added infix expressen string formatter class


12:14 Ticket #2969 (RunCollection view for runs with regression solutions that extracts ...) created by gkronber
Sometimes it is useful to compare multiple regression solutions within …


15:37 Changeset [16338] by chaider

#2968 Added references to projects and added build events.

14:49 Changeset [16337] by chaider

#2968 Added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic

14:44 Changeset [16336] by chaider

#2968 created new branch

13:25 Ticket #2968 (Add a new formatter for symbolic expressions, which produces an infix ...) created by chaider
Representation of coefficients of the mathematical representation for …
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