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15:37 Changeset [15839] by fbaching

#2888: disallow zooming in PartialDependencePlot graphs
handle NaN erros for PartialDependencePlot data

14:19 Changeset [15838] by rhanghof


  • Fixed a bug at creating the extreme points with the point projection based method.
13:58 Changeset [15837] by pfleck

#2906 Adapted paths and plugin references.

08:17 Changeset [15836] by gkronber

#1973: merged r15766 from trunk to stable


14:31 Changeset [15835] by lkammere

#2886: Split huge hashing function into smaller ones.

09:04 Ticket #2383 (Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target ...) closed by gkronber
09:03 Ticket #2902 (Performance improvement of NaN/Inf-check on a double-matrix) closed by gkronber


11:42 Changeset [15834] by lkammere

#2886: Store production rules in grammar instead of nonterminal symbols.

10:57 Changeset [15833] by bwerth

#2847: added handling of empty and underdetermined data sets

10:54 Changeset [15832] by lkammere

#2886: Fix Equals methods in Symbols.
Move semantical hashing of phrases to separate class.

10:44 Changeset [15831] by fholzing

#2904: Refactored RegressionSolutionVariableImpactsCalculator. We don't dependent on the solution anymore. The impact can be calculated for a single variable. The calculator can be chosen.

08:46 Changeset [15830] by bwerth

#2847 adapted project to new rep structure; major changes to interfaces; restructures splitting and pruning


16:34 Changeset [15829] by bburlacu

#2897: Ensure cloning only happens in the Dataset constructor and ModifiableDataset cloning constructor.

12:52 Changeset [15828] by lkammere

#2886: Implement IEquatable interface in symbols.
Minor performance improvements.

11:12 Changeset [15827] by lkammere

#2886: Change implementation of symbol strings from list to array.

09:27 Changeset [15826] by pfleck

#2906 created branch and branched plugins


11:32 Ticket #2906 (Variable-Transformations for Data Analysis) created by pfleck
The current transformation feature (implemented during the first …


17:52 Changeset [15825] by mkommend

#2886: Added prebuild event.


19:09 Changeset [15824] by lkammere

#2886: Move R² calculation of sentences to separate class and allow its deactivation.

17:18 Changeset [15823] by lkammere

#2886: Fixed build settings.

15:33 Changeset [15822] by rhanghof


  • Added the property SequenceGroup to the PackingItem
  • Fixed a bug related to the sequence group
14:44 Changeset [15821] by lkammere

#2886 Move code for visualization and logging of sentences to separate classes.

14:05 Changeset [15820] by rhanghof


  • Fixes for pruning


23:20 Changeset [15819] by jzenisek

#2839: implemented refreshing list of available (i.e. for non-admins assignable) resources depending on currently selected project

21:13 Changeset [15818] by gkronber

#2856: made a small change to update the histogram shown above a partial dependence plot when the configuration dialog is called (where the x-range might be changed)


14:13 Changeset [15817] by lkammere

#2886: Add cosine to grammar.

14:13 Changeset [15816] by fholzing

#2904: Cleaned up the method signature (some optional parameters aren't so optional)

14:03 Changeset [15815] by fholzing

#2904: Splitted the Method CalculateImpact into smaller parts

13:53 Changeset [15814] by lkammere

#2886: Minor improvement in search graph visualization.

13:38 Changeset [15813] by jzenisek

#2839: improved HiveAdmin interactions:

  • collaps groups with slaves only
  • update scheduleView only if currently visible
  • made schedule scrollable for non-admins
  • changed selection backcolor
  • fixed add/delete project permission bug for non-admins
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