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18:05 Changeset [15344] by pkimmesw

#2665 Fixed Integer Overflow Exceptions, Adjusted Offspring Selection Experiments

11:28 Changeset [15343] by bwerth

#2745 added discretized EGO-version for use with IntegerVectors

09:52 Changeset [15342] by mkommend

#2829: Added Hive.Drain to HeuristicLab.Tools.

08:19 Ticket #2829 (Revive HiveDrain) created by mkommend
HiveDrain is a small HeuristicLab Application that enables batch …


09:03 Changeset [15341] by pkimmesw

#2665 Testet Problems, Improved Performance


09:00 Ticket #2826 (MO-CMAES ignores maximum evaluated solutions limit) closed by pfleck
done: r15340 merged to stable
09:00 Changeset [15340] by pfleck

#2826 merged to stable


17:19 Ticket #2828 (IExecutable Methods should be thread-safe) created by pfleck
Some implementations of Prepare/Start/Pause/Stop-Methods of the …
15:15 Changeset [15339] by pfleck

#2823 Moved wait-handle .Set to OnPaused/OnStopped.

15:01 Changeset [15338] by bwerth

#2745 fixed bug concerning new Start and StartAsync methods; passed CancellationToken to sub algorithms

14:08 Changeset [15337] by pfleck

#2822 Added parallel execution support for Experiment (similar to CrossValidation).

  • Fixed race-condition in BasicAlgorithm (potential NullReference of CancellationTokenSource).
  • Fixed race-condition in BatchRun (calling .Stop potentially fires both OnStopped and OnPaused).
10:57 Changeset [15336] by bwerth

#2827 added check dimensionality check before image generation

10:51 Ticket #2827 (SingleObjectiveTestFunctionSolutionView throws Exception for ...) created by bwerth
The SingleObjectiveTestFunctionSolutionView always generates an image …


15:25 Changeset [15335] by bwerth

#2826 added check on MaximumEvaluatedSolutions-Parameter in main loop

15:20 Ticket #2826 (MO-CMAES ignores maximum evaluated solutions limit) created by bwerth
MO-CMAES ignores the "MaximumEvaluatedSolutions"-parameter and just …
11:40 Ticket #2825 (Implement NSGA-III) created by abeham
NSGA-III is originally developed for problems with >3 objective, but …
11:33 Changeset [15334] by pkimmesw

#2665 Testet Problems, Testet error functions, Small fixes, Created HL files

11:17 Changeset [15333] by jschiess

#1836 SA reheating strategies
+ added an adaptive temperature control strategy
+ some refactorings


16:26 Changeset [15332] by abeham

#2457: added event handling to FLA Characterizer

16:05 Changeset [15331] by abeham

#2457: added FLA Characterizer algorithm

15:47 Changeset [15330] by abeham

#2457: merged trunk into branch

15:43 Changeset [15329] by abeham

#2824: fixed app.config

15:42 Ticket #2824 (Test's app config contains service definitions) created by abeham
When the tests project is built, its app.config is merged with …
14:29 Changeset [15328] by pfleck

#2822 Created branch and added plugins.

12:51 Changeset [15327] by pfleck

#2823 Fixed potential early return of sync Start method.

11:31 Ticket #2823 (Synchronous Experiment.Start call might return too early) created by pfleck
Experiment.Start method might return prematurely if another …
11:11 Ticket #2822 (Support Running Experiments in Parallel) created by pfleck
Before #2258, the Optimizers in an Experiment could be run in parallel …


14:38 WikiStart edited by jkarder
14:37 WikiStart edited by jkarder
14:02 Changeset [15326] by pfleck

#2821 Removed the Creators-Update info text.

14:01 Ticket #2821 (Remove Creators-Update-Info in ChangeNestingLevelDialog) created by pfleck
Removing the Info-Text about the Creators-Updatewas forgotten in #2814.
10:35 Ticket #1840 (Create data type for MDS view) closed by abeham
invalid: Use t-sne…
10:34 Ticket #1489 (Change interface between problem and algorithm) closed by abeham
obsolete: Some of these points have been addressed with the introduction of …
10:30 Ticket #2456 (Exception on pausing a running Hive job) closed by abeham
duplicate: Has been fixed with #2784.
10:27 Ticket #1780 (Visualize distance matrices by MDS) closed by abeham
obsolete: The branch was deleted in #2438. Additionally, with t-SNE we may have …
10:17 Ticket #1649 (Evaluate Affinity-based moves for QAP) closed by abeham
duplicate: moved to #1614
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