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07:45 Changeset [15000] by gkronber

#2435: merged r12818 from trunk to stable (which was a reverse merge of r12796, only merge info is affected)

07:43 Changeset [14999] by gkronber

#2435: merged r12790,r12791,r12792,r12796,r12798,r12801, and r12817 (reverse merge of all previous) from trunk to stable. (only merge info is affected)

07:25 Ticket #2781 (BioBoost: Demo file cannot be opened because of a missing plugin dependency) closed by gkronber
02:10 Ticket #2790 (Island GA throws exception when applied to JSSP) created by abeham
The random parameter of the decoder is not configured correctly. It …


19:31 Changeset [14998] by gkronber

#2789 added forward selection algorithm and algorithm to calculate all LR combinations

14:59 Ticket #2753 (ALPS does not reparameterize the evaluator) closed by pfleck
14:54 Changeset [14997] by pfleck

#2753 merged r14774 to stable


12:29 Changeset [14996] by pfleck


  • Fixed initial selection of the grouping text box (empty string instead of null to select the first entry).
  • General code fixes (removed unnessecary bank lines and code, class member order, ...)
10:54 Changeset [14995] by jkarder

#2788: added new setting for the maximum number of nested controls


14:37 Changeset [14994] by pfleck

#2709 Added Check All/Inputs/None Buttons for the feature correlation view.

13:22 Changeset [14993] by pfleck


  • Added Legend order when grouping for histogram and (single and multi)scatterplot.
  • Removed the limitation of distinct values for the singlescatterplot (for the color gradient).
  • Added a legend-visible checkbox for the multi-scatterplot.
13:04 Changeset [14992] by pfleck

#2713 Fixed a potential infinite loop that creates infinite datapoints.

10:37 Changeset [14991] by gkronber

#2789 implemented an alternative GaussianProcessModel which uses Math.Numerics and Intel MKL


16:56 Changeset [14990] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence code fix

  • added missing UnitTests.cs
15:56 Changeset [14989] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence code fix

  • added SequentialFixAllProvider
14:07 Changeset [14988] by abeham

#2650: recorded merge of revisions 12770,12772,12811,12812,12836,12837,12907,12971 in stable

12:53 Changeset [14987] by pfleck


  • Fixed problems with negative values for some regression types.
  • Fixed issue where the regression line was not drawn up to the last point.
  • Tool strip now reads "Configure Chart...".
10:16 Blog: Problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update created by abeham
09:33 Changeset [14986] by gkronber

#2789 created branch

09:31 Ticket #2789 (Feature exploration of MathNet.Numerics) created by gkronber
- Could potentially be used as a drop in for many functions from …
09:26 Changeset [14985] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence code fix

  • split existing analyzer and code fix
  • added analyzer and code fix for missing storable ctors


16:48 Changeset [14984] by pfleck

#2715 Added a Clear-Color button (like in the DataTableVisualPropertiesControl).

16:30 Changeset [14983] by pfleck

#2709 Adapted DataTable/ScatterPlotControl to the recent (re-) merge of the -View and -Control.

16:26 Changeset [14982] by pfleck

#2713 Reverted the separation of the DataTable/ScatterPlotView in -View and -Control.
Instead, a ShowName property is added to control whether the name-textbox and the info-label from the NamedItemView are shown.

15:22 Ticket #2255 (MeanVarianceCalculator should not perform range checks of the added values) closed by mkommend
rejected: r14981: Recorded merge and reverse merge (11417,11422) in stable. …
15:21 Changeset [14981] by mkommend

#2255: Recorded merge and reverse merge (11417,11422) in stable.

15:10 Changeset [14980] by mkommend

#2442: Merged r12349 and r12350 into stable.


00:34 Changeset [14979] by abeham

#2739: Improving camera position and look direction


23:37 Changeset [14978] by abeham

#2739: Improved Bin Packing 3D View

  • Fixing an overlap of triangles in the corner points in the wireframe code
  • Removing unnecessary translate transforms and using centerXYZ of scaling and rotation
  • Correctly calculated the center of the bin after scaling
  • When an item is selected, instead of using solid cubes with semi-transparent surfaces, a wireframe model is displayed
    • The selected cube has to be drawn first, otherwise the other wireframe cubes are not transparent to it
20:25 Ticket #2786 (Cursor keys in optimizer menu navigate in wrong direction) closed by gkronber
19:40 Ticket #2788 (Blue screen on some Windows 10 systems) created by gkronber
19:39 Ticket #2787 (Opening a C# script on Windows10 causes a change of DPI settings ...) created by gkronber
19:39 Ticket #2786 (Cursor keys in optimizer menu navigate in wrong direction) created by gkronber
14:55 Changeset [14977] by dsouravl

#2762: worked on best fit heuristics, update of residual space heuristic

14:10 Changeset [14976] by dsouravl

#2762: worked on best fit heuristics

13:41 Changeset [14975] by pfleck


  • Improved Check/Uncheck of variables.
    • Instead of removing whole columns/rows from the tablelayout, the tablelayout stays the same with the column/rows width/height set to zero.
    • Hidden charts are not updated to avoid unnessecary calculations.
  • Added a check (messagebox) if >20 variables should be displayed in the multi scatterplot or reduced to 20.
  • Added configuration for point size/opacity and (histogram)aggregation.


17:01 Changeset [14974] by gkronber

#2640: merged r13268 from trunk to stable (was omitted in merging #2442)

16:58 Changeset [14973] by gkronber

#2640: added r12973 and its reverse merge r12977 to mergeinfo of stable (only record the merge)

16:53 Changeset [14972] by gkronber

#2640: merged r14160 from trunk to stable (was omitted when merging #2594

16:25 Changeset [14971] by abeham

#2739: Embedded ViewPort3D into Border to catch mouse events in the background

14:06 Ticket #2729 (Allow excluding generic type in item attribute) closed by abeham
done: r14970: merged 14656 to stable
14:06 Changeset [14970] by abeham

#2729: merged 14656 to stable

14:05 Ticket #2732 (GetRow and GetColumn iterators for ValueTypeMatrix<T>) closed by abeham
done: r14969: merged 14672 to stable
14:05 Changeset [14969] by abeham

#2732: merged 14672 to stable

14:03 Ticket #2674 (Copy&paste should also copy the row names for DoubleArrays) closed by abeham
done: r14968: merged 14299,14561 to stable
14:03 Changeset [14968] by abeham

#2674: merged 14299,14561 to stable

14:01 Ticket #2731 (Improve performance of certain manipulations on Permutation) closed by abeham
done: r14967: merged 14662 to stable
14:01 Changeset [14967] by abeham

#2731: merged 14662 to stable

13:58 Ticket #2785 (BinPacking doesn't respect stacking constraints) closed by abeham
done: r14966: merged 14916 to stable
13:58 Changeset [14966] by abeham

#2785: merged 14916 to stable

13:57 Ticket #2720 (Exporting of JSSP problem instances does not work) closed by abeham
done: r14965: merged 14506,14509,14692 to stable
13:57 Changeset [14965] by abeham

#2720: merged 14506,14509,14692 to stable

13:46 Changeset [14964] by gkronber

#2670: merged r14464 from trunk to stable

13:44 Changeset [14963] by gkronber

#2698: merged r14381 r14382 r14384 r14388 r14418 r14425 from trunk to stable

13:42 Changeset [14962] by gkronber

#2686: merged r14349 and r14358 from trunk to stable

13:31 Ticket #2718 (View to analyze residuals over the rows of the dataset for regression ...) closed by gkronber


16:23 Changeset [14961] by mkommend

#2755: Corrected usings for GBT.

15:58 Ticket #2778 (Shuffling manipulation in the DataPreprocessing does not work as expected) closed by mkommend
done: r14960: Merged r14886 and r14947 into stable.
15:58 Changeset [14960] by mkommend

#2778: Merged r14886 and r14947 into stable.

15:52 Changeset [14959] by mkommend

#2640: Added global ignore properties.

15:44 Ticket #2685 (SymbolicExpressionGrammars calculate the min length and depth of ...) closed by mkommend
15:44 Changeset [14958] by mkommend

#2685: Merged r14340, r14341, r14342, r14352, r14353, r14354, r14355, r14356, r14357 into stable.

15:42 Ticket #2763 (Qualities-Chart for GBT should start at 0) closed by mkommend
15:42 Changeset [14957] by mkommend

#2763: Merged r14841 into stable.

15:41 Ticket #2755 (For gradient boosted trees with LogisticRegressionLoss the threshold ...) closed by mkommend
15:40 Changeset [14956] by mkommend

#2755: Merged r14779, r14780 and r14955 into stable.

15:39 Changeset [14955] by mkommend

#2755: Removed usings in GBT sources.

15:24 Ticket #2764 (MenuItem CreateHiveJob operates on the displayed content) closed by mkommend
done: r14954: Merged r14842 into stable.
15:23 Changeset [14954] by mkommend

#2764: Merged r14842 into stable.

14:23 Changeset [14953] by pfleck

#2709 Disposed dynamically created controls.

11:23 Changeset [14952] by pkimmesw

#2665 Added IsNoop to Expression, Made Expressions storable, Fixed Debugger, Fixed and improved problem data and result visualisation, Added custom ErcOption view, Added problem difficulty to problem data name

10:31 Changeset [14951] by mkommend

#2686: Code clean up in ConstantOptimization.


20:08 Changeset [14950] by gkronber

#2697: code improvement in TreeToAutoDiffTermConverter

19:54 Changeset [14949] by gkronber

#2697: made TreeSimplifier static

19:45 Changeset [14948] by gkronber

#2697: removed static Convert class

19:38 Changeset [14947] by gkronber

#2778: fixed off-by-one error

19:16 Ticket #2529 (AR1 is not evaluated correctly on the test partition) closed by gkronber
18:23 Changeset [14946] by mkommend

#2686: Fixed updating of constants / variable weights if lagged variables are used within constants optimization.

11:09 Changeset [14945] by mkommend

#2697: Removed empty folder HL.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic\Transformation.

11:05 Changeset [14944] by mkommend

#2697: Removed TakeEvery methods from EnumerableExtensions.cs

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