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22:18 EvoSoft edited by swagner
17:42 Changeset [14895] by jkarder

#2205: worked on optimization networks

  • added lrp networks (4, 5)
  • fixed lrp evaluation
  • updated flp models
  • updated to cplex 12.7
13:45 Changeset [14894] by bwerth

#2780 worked on SAPBA; added IndividualStrategy

10:46 Changeset [14893] by bwerth

#2780 added intial files for SAPBA

10:39 Ticket #2780 (Implement Surrogate Assisted Population Based Algortihm) created by bwerth
Population Based Algorithms can be assisted with surrogate models with …


12:23 Changeset [14892] by gkronber

#2699: made some adjustments after bwerth's changes (mainly formatting)

11:06 Changeset [14891] by bwerth

#2699 reworked kenel functions (beta is always a scaling factor now), added LU-Decomposition as a fall-back if Cholesky-decomposition fails

09:20 Changeset [14890] by gkronber

#2779: removed reference to resx file


22:47 Changeset [14889] by gkronber

#2779: added a solution view which uses the bubblechart for interactive visualization of model residuals. (HACK)

22:44 Ticket #2779 (For model validation and inspection an analysis of residuals over ...) created by gkronber
In model validation we should check if the distribution of residuals …
09:42 Changeset [14888] by gkronber

#2699: re-added calculation of leave one out cv estimate


18:31 Changeset [14887] by gkronber

#2699: worked on kernel ridge regression. moved beta parameter to algorithm. reintroduced IKernel interface to restrict choice of kernel in kernel ridge regression. speed-up by cholesky decomposition and optimization of the calculation of the covariance matrix.

16:26 Changeset [14886] by mkommend

#2778: Refactored and corrected shuffling in DataPreprocessing.

16:25 Ticket #2778 (Shuffling manipulation in the DataPreprocessing does not work as expected) created by mkommend
* Although the option to treat the training / test partition …
14:45 Changeset [14885] by gkronber

#2699 renamed and moved files

14:41 Changeset [14884] by gkronber

#2699 renamed folder. Regression with radial basis functions can be seen as a special case of kernel ridge regression

13:17 Changeset [14883] by bwerth

#2699 checked and reformulated gradient functions for kernels


12:53 Changeset [14882] by abeham

#2664: made post build event (merge configs) in Clients.Hive.Slave project OS dependent

11:23 Ticket #2777 (Power and root symbols should be renamed to avoid confusion) created by gkronber
The symbols are interpreted as - power(x,y) = power(x, round(y)) - …


08:28 Ticket #2776 (Switch off overfitting analyzer by default in symbolic regression problem) created by gkronber
The analyzer is not really helpful and produces potentially confusing …
07:15 Ticket #2759 (Change problemdata of DataAnalysisAlgorithms) closed by gkronber
07:12 Ticket #2667 (ObjectDisposedException might crash HL in ProgressView in combination ...) closed by gkronber
07:12 Changeset [14881] by gkronber

#2667: merged r14287 and r14297 from trunk to stable


22:11 Ticket #2775 (MultiRealVectorCrossover throws exception when applied during ...) created by abeham
The multi-objective test function problem should properly configure …
18:21 Changeset [14880] by gkronber

#2704: added more expression templates


18:49 Changeset [14879] by gkronber

#2704 added min value parameter for exp

16:53 Changeset [14878] by bburlacu

#1772: Merge trunk changes.

14:42 Changeset [14877] by mkommend

#2774: Allowed storing additional data in the scope of an individual.

14:41 Ticket #2774 (Individuals should be able to store additional data) created by mkommend
Currently, an Individual wraps a scope and allows access to the …
11:35 Ticket #2773 (It should be possible to pause / stop the NLR algorithm) created by gkronber
11:16 Changeset [14876] by dsouravl

#2762: implemented sorting heuristics, starting to work on best fit heuristics


01:15 Changeset [14875] by pkimmesw

#2665 BenchmarkSuite, all examples, partially tested, VectorExpressions added


09:19 Changeset [14874] by gkronber

#2759: merged r14805 from trunk to stable

08:44 Changeset [14873] by gkronber

#2704: added possibility to automatically adjust constants based on the distributions of evaluated expressions to allow limiting distributions for arguments of functions (e.g. log should have positive args only, exp should have rather small args only)


17:53 Changeset [14872] by gkronber

#2699: made a number of changes mainly to RBF regression model

12:28 Changeset [14871] by mkommend

#745: Corrected build path of HL.DataAnalysis.Glmnet.

09:07 Changeset [14870] by gkronber

#2699: merged changesets from trunk to branch

08:58 Changeset [14869] by gkronber

#2699: merged changesets from trunk to branch

08:37 Ticket #2772 (Provide full functionality of glmnet package) created by gkronber
So far we have only provided a wrapper for elastic net regression. …
08:33 Ticket #2771 (Support for factor variables in elastic net regression) created by gkronber
It would be possible to automatically generate binary indicator …
08:27 Ticket #2770 (Extend optimized interpreters for symbolic models to support factor ...) created by gkronber
The following interpreters do not yet support symbols for factor …
08:25 Ticket #2769 (Allow string variables as target variables in classification algorithms) created by gkronber
08:25 Ticket #2768 (Smalltalk formatter should support factor variables) created by gkronber
#2650 introduced factor variables for symbolic regression but the …
08:24 Ticket #2767 (Allow factor variables in decision tree algorithms especially GBT) created by gkronber
08:23 Ticket #2766 (Support string variables in data preprocessing view) created by gkronber
08:21 Ticket #2703 (Gamma distribution for HeuristicLab) closed by gkronber
08:21 Changeset [14868] by gkronber

#2703: merged r14407 from trunk to stable

08:19 Ticket #2631 (Confidence Intervals for Random Forest Regression) closed by gkronber
08:18 Ticket #2689 (Parameters of SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding are not prefixed with the ...) closed by gkronber


16:37 Changeset [14867] by gkronber

#2700 deleted branch as it has been integrated into the trunk

16:36 Changeset [14866] by gkronber

#2650 deleted branch as it has been integrated into trunk

15:44 Changeset [14865] by bburlacu

#2760: Fix issue with resources in CrossValidationView.Designer.cs

15:16 Changeset [14864] by bburlacu

#2760: Implement shuffling of crossvalidation samples.

14:52 Changeset [14863] by gkronber

#2700 fixed bug in cloning ctor

14:05 Changeset [14862] by gkronber

#2700 copied tSNE from branch to trunk

14:02 Changeset [14861] by mkommend

#2765: Adapted multi-objective SymReg analyzer to add the solutions as tag to the data points.

14:01 Changeset [14860] by mkommend

#2765: Implemented tags for data points in ScatterPlot.

14:00 Ticket #2765 (ScatterPlot should support tag objects) created by mkommend
It would be really useful to attach objects to the data points that …
13:59 Changeset [14859] by gkronber

#2700 update only every x iterations and fixed output paths

13:36 Changeset [14858] by gkronber

#2700 fixed another bug in the bh-tsne implementation

13:10 Changeset [14857] by bburlacu

#2723: Add DatasetUtil static class with useful methods for dealing with Datasets. Add input validation to Dataset constructor.

11:15 Changeset [14856] by gkronber

#2700: fixed bug in approximate gradient calculation

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