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21:52 EvoSoft edited by swagner
18:09 Changeset [14827] by gkronber

#2650: removed a plugin dependency and added a plugin dependency

17:52 Changeset [14826] by gkronber

#2650: merged the factors branch into trunk

16:57 Changeset [14825] by gkronber

#2650: merged r14769:14820 from trunk to branch to prepare for branch reintegration

16:56 Changeset [14824] by gkronber

#2650: added a TODO comment for the mutation bug

16:53 Changeset [14823] by gkronber

#2650: fixed round-trip for binary factor variables (and formatting changes)

13:59 Changeset [14822] by gkronber

#2631: merged r14107 and r14230 from trunk to stable

13:57 Changeset [14821] by gkronber

#2689: merged r14344 from trunk to stable

13:54 Changeset [14820] by jkarder

#2743: worked on web app

  • added sorting functionality to some tables
13:25 Changeset [14819] by lkammere

#2761 Remove unnecessary override of event handler.

12:37 Changeset [14818] by bwerth

#2745 added several new InfillCriteria and moved Parameters from the InfillProblem to the Criteria themselves; added Sanitiy checks for GaussianProcessRegression

09:34 Changeset [14817] by lkammere

#2761: using TypeSelectorDialog for creating filters

09:29 Ticket #2761 (DataPreprocessing should show the TypeSelectorDialog for creating filters) created by gkronber


18:26 Changeset [14816] by gkronber

fixed compile error because of changes in BasicAlgorithm base class

13:31 Ticket #2760 (Shuffle samples in the cross-validation wrapper for data analysis ...) created by bburlacu
The cross-validation wrapper should offer an option to shuffle the …


16:07 Changeset [14815] by mkommend

#2650: Corrected comment in VariableTreeNodeBase.

15:47 Changeset [14814] by mkommend

#2650: Removed misleading comment from C# formatter.

15:35 Changeset [14813] by mkommend

#2650: Removed commented code from constant optimization evaluator.

15:05 Changeset [14812] by mkommend

#2650: Adapted ArithmeticExpressionGrammar to set subtree count of factor variables explicitly.

14:49 Changeset [14811] by mkommend

#2442: Merged r12807, r13039, r13139, r13140, r13141, r13222, r13247, r13248, r13251, r13254, r13255, r13256, r1326, r13288, r13313, r13314, r13315, r13318, r14282, r14809, r14810 into stable.

14:37 Changeset [14810] by bburlacu

#2442: Update interpreter unit test.

14:36 Changeset [14809] by bburlacu

#2442: Update SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeILEmittingInterpreter with explicit conversions to ensure correct results.

10:44 Changeset [14808] by jkarder

#2751: merged r14773 into stable


19:06 Changeset [14807] by gkronber

#2700: support clone, persistence and pause/resume

17:54 Changeset [14806] by gkronber

#2700: worked on tSNE, storable and cloning for tSNE state. Added some TODO comments while reviewing.

17:10 Changeset [14805] by mkommend

#2759: Added menu item to exchange the problem data of optimizers.

17:10 Ticket #2759 (Change problemdata of DataAnalysisAlgorithms) created by mkommend
Escpecially, when performing large experiments it is very helpful to …
17:01 Ticket #2741 (Extend the multi-objective symbolic regression analyzer to analyze the ...) closed by mkommend
done: r14804: Merged r14718 into stable.
17:01 Changeset [14804] by mkommend

#2741: Merged r14718 into stable.

16:59 Ticket #2742 (Possibility to store the history of best solutions for ...) closed by mkommend
done: r14803: Merged r14721 into stable.
16:59 Changeset [14803] by mkommend

#2742: Merged r14721 into stable.

16:58 Ticket #2710 (Editing variable nodes in the tree simplifier fails if the variable ...) closed by mkommend
done: r14802: Merged r14432, r14494, r14706 into stable.
16:58 Changeset [14802] by mkommend

#2710: Merged r14432, r14494, r14706 into stable.

16:57 Ticket #2672 (Online calculators should be cloneable) closed by mkommend
done: r14801: Merged r14293,r14294,r14295,r14372,r14376,r14465 into stable.
16:57 Changeset [14801] by mkommend

#2672: Merged r14293,r14294,r14295,r14372,r14376,r14465 into stable.

16:54 Ticket #2711 (The execution state of algorithms is not synchronized correctly if an ...) closed by mkommend
16:54 Changeset [14800] by mkommend

#2711: Merged r14433 into stable.

16:48 Ticket #2735 (Netron diagramming build problems using Build.cmd) closed by mkommend
done: r14799: Merged r14687 into stable.
16:48 Changeset [14799] by mkommend

#2735: Merged r14687 into stable.

16:47 Ticket #2647 (Crossover does not remove swapped subtrees from the non-root parent) closed by mkommend
16:47 Changeset [14798] by mkommend

#2647: Merged r14221, r14223, r14224 into stable.

16:45 Ticket #2714 (DataGridView key events do not work correctly) closed by mkommend
done: r14797: Merged r14443 and r14548 into stable.
16:45 Changeset [14797] by mkommend

#2714: Merged r14443 and r14548 into stable.

16:44 Ticket #2663 (Make Linechart and Histrogram of DataPreprocessing more userfriendly) closed by mkommend
done: r14796: Merged r14368, r14270, and r14371 to stable.
16:44 Changeset [14796] by mkommend

#2663: Merged r14368, r14270, and r14371 to stable.

16:42 Ticket #2734 (Linear models represented should use the linear tree interpreter for ...) closed by mkommend
done: r14795: Merged r14685 to stable.
16:42 Changeset [14795] by mkommend

#2734: Merged r14685 to stable.

13:46 Changeset [14794] by gkronber

#2757 updated readme

13:39 Changeset [14793] by mkommend

#2758: Improved performance of RunCollectionView and added runs counter.

13:32 Ticket #2758 (RunCollectionView is too slow) created by mkommend
I recently create run collection with over 100K runs. With the current …
13:20 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
publication of Miba datasets for ASOC paper (diff)
13:15 Changeset [14792] by gkronber

#2757: pre-publication of miba datasets

12:40 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
reformatting or page outline (diff)
12:35 Changeset [14791] by gkronber

#2757: fixed training / test partitions and allowed input variables

11:49 Changeset [14790] by gkronber

#2757 added problem instance descriptors for miba friction datasets


11:35 Changeset [14789] by gkronber

#2757: added first dataset (CF1)

10:58 Ticket #2757 (Provide friction test datasets as regression problem instances) created by gkronber
As used for following publications: * G. Kronberger, M. Kommenda, E. …


17:27 Changeset [14788] by gkronber

#2700: refactoring

15:28 Changeset [14787] by gkronber

#2700: more changes while reviewing

15:19 Changeset [14786] by gkronber

#2640: small fixes in IndexedItem

15:15 Changeset [14785] by gkronber

#2700: changes and while reviewing

12:35 Changeset [14784] by gkronber

#2700 fixed build fail


12:22 Changeset [14783] by gkronber

#2700 renamed EuclideanDistance and added some comments

12:07 Changeset [14782] by gkronber

#2700 renamed files


10:47 Changeset [14781] by gkronber

#2756: changed cross-validation to work for GBT with logistic regression loss

10:47 Changeset [14780] by gkronber

#2755: set dataset partitions correctly in GBT with logistic regression loss

10:46 Ticket #2752 (Dataset partitions are not set correctly in for GBT with logistic ...) closed by gkronber
obsolete: This will be fixed in combination with #2755.
10:25 Changeset [14779] by gkronber

#2755: set discriminant function threshold to zero for GBT with logistic regression loss

10:18 Ticket #2756 (GBT with logistic regression loss function cannot be used in ...) created by gkronber
GBT with logistic regression loss function produces a classification …
10:03 Ticket #2755 (For gradient boosted trees with LogisticRegressionLoss the threshold ...) created by gkronber
Currently, the 'accuracy maximizing' threshold calculator is used. …
09:49 Ticket #2754 (Variable impact results for each row in a dataset) created by gkronber
08:32 Changeset [14778] by pkimmesw

#2665 LexicaseSelector

01:11 Changeset [14777] by pkimmesw

#2665 simplifier, push solution results view, performance improvements, small bug fixes, ui fixes


16:52 Changeset [14776] by abeham

#2457: working on MemPR integration

16:45 Changeset [14775] by abeham

#2634: fixed bugs with respect to total number of runs

  • some further restructuring to increase readability
  • fixing numerical instability issues
16:16 Changeset [14774] by pfleck

#2753: Fixed the missing re-parameterization of the evaluator.

16:15 Ticket #2753 (ALPS does not reparameterize the evaluator) created by pfleck
Currently, ALPS parameterizes the Evaluator as IStochasticOperator
12:52 Ticket #2752 (Dataset partitions are not set correctly in for GBT with logistic ...) created by gkronber
12:35 Changeset [14773] by jkarder

#2751: fixed unit test

This unit test produces slightly different results in VS 2017.

11:30 Ticket #2751 (Upgrade build process for HL) created by jkarder
Let's upgrade to: * VS 2017 * .NET 4.6.2 * C# 7.0 * ... as …


18:17 Changeset [14772] by mkommend

#2750: Added residuals to estiamted values view for regression solutions.

18:16 Ticket #2750 (EstimatedValuesView for RegressionSolutions does not show residuals) created by mkommend
Currently, only the absolute and relative error are displayed besides …
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