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15:08 Changeset [14322] by mkommend

#2653: Made lock object readonly in NearestNeighbourModel.

13:16 Ticket #2675 (TimeframeFeatureCorrelationCalculator cuts the observations within the ...) closed by gkronber
12:12 Changeset [14321] by bburlacu

#2679: Add goal seeking branch.

12:11 Ticket #2679 (Trunk integration of GoalSeekingProblem) created by bburlacu
The GoalSeekingProblem (formerly known as the …
10:07 Ticket #2678 (Simplify specification of kernels for Gaussian processes) created by gkronber
It is currently quite cumbersome to specify the kernel function for …


15:35 Ticket #2677 (Support for multi-argument functions for non-linear function fitting) created by gkronber
Currently supported: * EXP, LOG * SQRT, SQR * SIN, COS, TAN Support …
00:18 Changeset [14320] by pkimmesw

#2665 Added Interpreter, Parser, 16 Examples, Expressions needed for the examples


13:02 Changeset [14319] by gkronber


  • added switch to determine if numeric parameters should be initialized randomly.
  • fixed a bug in the infix parser
11:34 Changeset [14318] by gkronber

#2675: merged bug fix r14300 from trunk to stable


12:35 Changeset [14317] by gkronber

view for editing time lags for the real glucose value.
clone override


17:16 Changeset [14316] by mkommend

#2657: Changed nonlinear regression to perform at least one optimization.

10:42 Changeset [14315] by gkronber

#2653: using Lazy initialization pattern to remove explicit locking (happens within Lazy instead)

10:28 Changeset [14314] by gkronber

#2653: added a separate lock object for the kdTree in NearestNeighbourModel

09:53 Ticket #2632 (Legends for charts for data analysis solutions should show the target ...) closed by gkronber
09:53 Ticket #2652 (Scaling of variable values is missing for k-nearest neighbors models) closed by gkronber


23:32 Changeset [14313] by gkronber

added missing attribute for StorableConstructor

15:59 Changeset [14312] by bburlacu

#1772: Merge trunk changes. Delete unnecessary files (sliding window).

12:53 Changeset [14311] by gkronber

simplification of grammar and problem and bug fixes related to precalculated smoothed features


16:30 Changeset [14310] by gkronber

changed interpreter and grammar to smooth ch and ins uptake using a compartement model


18:26 Changeset [14309] by gkronber

#2632: merged r14255 from trunk to stable

18:25 Changeset [14308] by gkronber

#2652: merged r14235 from trunk to stable

17:40 Ticket #2676 (Automatic line breaks for long formulas in the 'mathematical ...) created by gkronber
13:30 Ticket #2371 (Setting the seed for ValueGenerator not possible (for data analysis ...) closed by gkronber
13:29 Ticket #2649 (OnlineNMSECalculator should use population variance instead of sample ...) closed by gkronber


16:31 Changeset [14307] by pfleck

#2662 Fixed the event deregistration.

14:15 Ticket #2668 (Private field 'interpreter' is not initialized after deserialization ...) closed by gkronber
14:14 Changeset [14306] by gkronber

#2668 reverse merge of r14304

12:57 Changeset [14305] by gkronber

#2371: merged r14228, r14229 from trunk to stable

12:56 Changeset [14304] by gkronber

#2668: merged r14282 from trunk to stable

12:55 Changeset [14303] by gkronber

#2649: merged r14226 and r14292 from trunk to stable

09:47 Changeset [14302] by mkommend

#2635: Rewrote parts of the OSGA evaluator.


17:00 Changeset [14301] by bburlacu

#2635: Use linear scaling in the evaluator to bring the target in the range of the estimated (work in progress)


21:27 Changeset [14300] by gkronber

#2675: fixed TimeframeFeatureCorrelationCalculator

21:21 Changeset [14299] by gkronber

#2674: also added row names to clipboard for StringConvertibleArrays (the code for copying to clipboard was irrelevant anyway because C&P was not disabled for the DataViewGrid)

21:19 Ticket #2675 (TimeframeFeatureCorrelationCalculator cuts the observations within the ...) created by gkronber
The expected behavior is that the calculator determines correlation …
19:58 Ticket #2674 (Copy&paste should also copy the row names for DoubleArrays) created by gkronber
19:56 Ticket #2673 (Solution view for variable impacts) created by gkronber
The regression solution view has a separate button to calculate and …
10:13 Changeset [14298] by gkronber

#2661: catch and handle all Exceptions because otherwise they are swallowed by the TPL

09:55 Changeset [14297] by gkronber

#2667: catch all InvalidOperationExceptions (ObjectDisposedExceptions) for the invoke in ProgressView

09:49 Changeset [14296] by gkronber

#2661: implemented fixes for several problems in the TableFileParser. We now also store the original string representation of all tokens and use those when we detect that a column cannot be read as DateTime / double.


17:34 Changeset [14295] by bburlacu

#2672: Fix typo bug in cloning constructor.

17:14 Changeset [14294] by bburlacu

#2672: Add cloning constructors.

15:51 Changeset [14293] by bburlacu

#2672: Implement online calculator cloning.

15:50 Ticket #2672 (Online calculators should be cloneable) created by bburlacu
In certain use cases it would be useful for performance reasons to …
14:32 Ticket #2671 (It should be possible to view / change random seeds for the problem ...) created by gkronber
See #2371
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