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17:04 Changeset [13475] by abeham

#2457, #2431: updated from trunk, worked on okb connection for downloading knowledge base

17:00 Changeset [13474] by abeham

#2547: moved code to convert between okbitems and hlitems from view to content

15:56 Ticket #2547 (Method ConvertToOptimizationRun should be moved from QueryView to ...) created by abeham
15:27 Changeset [13473] by abeham

#2546: added algorithm id property in service and client method

13:16 Ticket #2546 (OKB run should return the algorithm id) created by abeham
Currently it only returns name, class, etc. but not the id which would …
12:08 Changeset [13472] by ascheibe

#2221 fixed reference in instances project

11:14 Changeset [13471] by abeham

#2545: added default constructor

11:13 Ticket #2545 (It should be allowed to create the SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding in ...) created by abeham
Currently the SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding does not have a default …


16:38 Changeset [13470] by abeham


  • implemented review comments
    • hid rng as private class, implemented djb2 hash function (hash function implementation may also change)
    • added missing probabilities
    • base class for instance providers
    • prebuild event events
    • build platforms
    • unit test will be removed on trunk integration
    • corrected assembly file version
    • distance calculator parameter was not hidden, can be changed by user, updates distance matrix
    • fixed performance problems (ouch!) also for estimated ptsp (inlined GetDistance method)
  • added moves (full evaluation) for analytical tsp
  • added local improvement operators for analytical ptsp
  • added recalculation of distance matrix when parameters change
  • still lots of other changes
15:16 Changeset [13469] by mkommend

#2521: Refactored problem base classes and adapted scheduling encoding, scheduling problem and unit tests.

09:06 Changeset [13468] by gkronber

#1966: worked on visualization of packing plans


20:47 Changeset [13467] by ascheibe

#2205 fixed a bug in ProgrammableItemView introduced in r13459

20:34 Changeset [13466] by gkronber

#1966: docking of controls in (Cuboid|Rectangular)(PackingShape|PackingItem)View

20:23 Changeset [13465] by gkronber

#1966: general code cleanup ...

20:11 Changeset [13464] by gkronber

#1966: deleted .resx files

20:08 Changeset [13463] by gkronber

#1966: removed empty problem classes

20:03 Changeset [13462] by gkronber

#1966: PackingPlan is just an Item not a ParameterizedNamedItem

19:52 Changeset [13461] by gkronber


  • used Items instead of NamedItems and adapted views (Names/Descriptions) were not set anyway
  • fixed problems identified by Essential unit tests
18:59 Changeset [13460] by gkronber


  • renamed creatables
  • partially fixed bin packing problem instance provider
18:06 Changeset [13459] by ascheibe


  • fixed another deserialization bug
  • AlgorithmNode: made locker object protected so that inherited classes that override the Execute method can use it
  • Improved responsiveness of ProgrammableItemView
15:21 Changeset [13458] by pfleck

#1235 Added a context menu to the DockForm to close (this, all, all but this) and clone the item of the current tab.

13:51 Ticket #2532 (PotvinPDExchangeSingleMoveGenerator throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException) closed by abeham
done: r13457: merged r13420 to stable
13:51 Changeset [13457] by abeham

#2532: merged r13420 to stable

13:48 Ticket #2530 (CreateExperimentDialog Error (EnumValue + FixedValueParameter)) closed by abeham
done: r13456: merged r13406 to stable (also recording mergeinfo as well for …
13:48 Changeset [13456] by abeham

#2530: merged r13406 to stable (also recording mergeinfo as well for previous commits)

13:39 Changeset [13455] by abeham

added mergeinfo for last merges (#2060, #2539, #2544)

13:01 Ticket #2060 (Hitting the Enter-key in the experiment dialog closes the dialog) closed by abeham
done: r13454: merged r13434 to stable
13:01 Changeset [13454] by abeham

#2060: merged r13434 to stable

10:27 Ticket #2539 (MergeConfigs.cmd does not work correctly) closed by abeham
done: r13453: merged r13428:13430 to stable
10:27 Changeset [13453] by abeham

#2539: merged r13428:13430 to stable

10:25 Ticket #2544 (ScopeList clones list items twice) closed by abeham
done: r13452: merged to stable
10:25 Changeset [13452] by abeham

#2544: merged to stable


15:19 Changeset [13451] by bwerth

#1087 extensive testing; fixed minor bugs

13:27 Changeset [13450] by abeham

#2544: fixed duplicate clone of list in ScopeList

13:26 Ticket #2544 (ScopeList clones list items twice) created by abeham
The SubScopes collection of an IScope is of type ScopeList. In the …
12:53 Changeset [13449] by pfleck


  • Replaced JSMDecodingErrorPolicy and JSMForcingStrategy with EnumValues.
  • Removed obsolete views for the scheduling enums.
11:21 Changeset [13448] by bwerth

#1087 implemented more Testfunctions; enabled setting of SolutionSize


17:12 Changeset [13447] by gkronber

#2071 more refactoring of TableFileParser to remove boxing of double values and to remove production of separator tokens

11:45 Changeset [13446] by mkommend

#2543: Intialized class names cache after cloning and loading of classification problem data.

11:43 Ticket #2543 (ClassNames cannot be changed for loaded and cloned ...) created by mkommend
Changing of class names works for newly created problem data.


10:48 Changeset [13445] by gkronber

#2071: corrected disposal of StreamReader

10:21 Changeset [13444] by jkarder

#1265: worked on visualization

  • added private setter to VisualizableType


14:31 Changeset [13443] by mkommend

#2521: Adapted decoders for SchedulingProblem.


18:44 Changeset [13442] by gkronber

#2071 better estimation of number of rows and explicit call of GC.Collect

17:37 Changeset [13441] by gkronber


  • added statement to set number of rows parsed which was lost in one of the previous changes
  • added an necessary invoke call in RegressionInstanceProviderView
17:25 Changeset [13440] by gkronber

#2071 improved memory efficiency in TableFileParser by removing duplicate storage of all columns, added heuristic to estimate the necessary capacity of columns

07:56 Changeset [13439] by gkronber

#2542: added estimated values view specific for Gaussian processes that shows predicted variance

07:40 Ticket #2542 (Estimated values view should also show predictive variance for each ...) created by gkronber
There should be a way to export variance information.
07:24 Changeset [13438] by gkronber

#2541: added crude implementation of Student-t process (using almost the same source code as GP model)


15:33 Changeset [13437] by mkommend

#2521: Added encodings for schedules.


11:57 Changeset [13436] by mkommend

#2521: Minor improvements in SchedulingEncoding.

11:30 Ticket #2541 (Student-t Process) created by gkronber
See "Student-t Processes as Alternatives to Gaussian Processes", Amar …
10:35 Changeset [13435] by mkommend

#2521: Intermediate version of schedule encoding refactoring.


15:56 Ticket #2540 (StringConvertibleMatrixView may throw an exception if it is reused) created by abeham
This problem first appeared when changing a parameter of the PSO. To …


15:46 Changeset [13434] by pfleck

#2060 Unset the ok-button as the dialogs AcceptButton.
This way the ok-button has to be clicked manually (or focused via tab and then pressed enter) to avoid accidently closing the dialog.

14:32 Changeset [13433] by pfleck


  • Now, also categories are searched for. If a category matches, all items and subcategories within are displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that the wrong item was preselected (eg NSGA instead of GA).
  • The dialog does not save the previous selected type anymore when closing and reopening the dialog.
13:50 Ticket #1977 (OneClick parallelization of Tasks in the Hive JobManager) closed by ascheibe
obsolete: I'm closing this ticket because this has already been changed so that …
13:45 Ticket #1764 (The Hive Status page should show which resources are allowed to ...) closed by ascheibe
obsolete: Has been implemented in #2388
13:45 Ticket #2063 (Implement Hive Statistics) closed by ascheibe
obsolete: The work from this ticket has already been released with #2388
13:36 Ticket #1744 (Implement a Hive engine which can be executed in the Hive) closed by ascheibe
rejected: I'm terminating this branch and ticket as it did not work out as …
13:34 Changeset [13432] by ascheibe

#1744 deleted Hive engine branch

13:23 Changeset [13431] by ascheibe

#2438 removed old OKB ECJ branches

13:12 Changeset [13430] by ascheibe

#2539 removed duplicated post build event

12:46 Changeset [13429] by abeham

#2539: removed files from project

12:32 Changeset [13428] by abeham

#2539: fixed MergeConfigs.cmd and .sh files, removed obsolete files

12:30 Ticket #2539 (MergeConfigs.cmd does not work correctly) created by abeham
The MergeConfigs.cmd uses a variable Outdir which comes from the build …
11:45 Ticket #2538 (Delete outdated plugins) created by ascheibe
10:15 Ticket #2417 (Extend interface for IDataset to allow access by column index) closed by gkronber
rejected: Replying to mkommend: > Replying to gkronber: …
10:02 Ticket #2537 (Support ISymbolicRegressionSolutions as mean function for Gaussian ...) created by gkronber
In combination with AutoDiff this would allow us to optimize the …
09:50 Changeset [13427] by mkommend

#2536: Implemented IStringConvertibleMatrix explicitly in Dataset.

09:43 Ticket #2536 (Dataset should implement IStringConvertibleMatrix explicitly) created by mkommend
The reason is that IStringConvertibleMatrix is only implemented for …
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