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20:47 Changeset [12493] by gkronber

#2369: added support for squared errors and relative errors to error-characteristic-curve view

20:04 Changeset [12492] by gkronber

#2392: implemented PearsonsRCalculator to fix incorrect correlation values in the correlation matrix.

18:07 Changeset [12491] by ascheibe

#2402 don't set task state to waiting when it fails

18:02 Ticket #2402 (Don't reschedule failing tasks) created by ascheibe
When a task fails on the slave it should not be rescheduled again …
17:46 Changeset [12490] by ascheibe

#2401 added missing Mono.Cecil plugin dependency

17:44 Ticket #2401 (Add missing plugin dependency to HeuristicLab.NRefactory) created by ascheibe
17:08 Changeset [12489] by bburlacu

#2276: Made events in Dataset.cs virtual and overrode them in the ModifiableDataset class. Added event handlers for dataset changes.

16:56 Changeset [12488] by pfleck


  • Interfaces for Capaciated-, PickupAndDelivery- and TimeWindowed-ProblemInstances now specify an additional penalty parameter to set the current penalty factor for the constraint relaxation.
  • The setter of the penalty-property in the ProblemInstances is removed.
  • A CurrentPenalty property is added for setting the adapted penalty value from the relaxation analyzers. These properties are explicitly implemented to "hide" the setter from the API, so that it wont be used unaware of the relaxation mechanics.
  • Hide the CurrentPenaltyParameters for same reasons to avoid setting it unwarily.
  • Added additional infos in the error message off the VRPInstances unit-test.
16:55 Changeset [12487] by ehopf

#2361: Fixed a bug that causes an exception when a ModelCreator is used that doesn´t implement the ISymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassificationModelCreator interface. Note that the runtime can be further improved for those ModelCreators because of redundant calculations.

16:52 Changeset [12486] by ehopf

#2361: Removed a redundant check.

11:33 Ticket #2400 (Setting new penalty values in VRP instances are not respected) created by pfleck
When setting a parameter, which is subject to constraint relaxation …


08:14 Changeset [12485] by gkronber

#2374 made RegressionSolution and ClassificationSolution non-abstract


18:06 Changeset [12484] by dglaser

#2388: Updated Hive, DataAccess and WebApp


  • Updated database statistics schema


  • Fixed event flag in HiveJanitor Service
  • Improved UpdateTaskFactsTable in the HiveStatisticsGenerator


  • Updated Statistics DataController to match the new statistics schema
17:03 Changeset [12483] by ascheibe

#2306 added a new project for NK landscapes and ported it to BasicProblem

15:10 Changeset [12482] by mkommend

#2320: Fixed warnings in unit test solutions introduced in r12420 by marking methods as obsolete.

15:06 Changeset [12481] by mkommend

#2320: Fixed AfterDeserialization of GEArtifialAntEvaluator.

14:50 Changeset [12480] by mkommend

#2320: Fixed error in symbolicexpressiontree crossover regarding the wiring of lookup parameters if persisted file is loaded.

10:42 Changeset [12479] by ascheibe

#2397 moved GeoIP project into ExtLibs

10:02 Changeset [12478] by ascheibe

#2329 fixed bug in simple code editor


17:28 Changeset [12477] by dglaser

#2388: Created WebApp.Statistics plugin

15:36 Changeset [12476] by ascheibe

#2331 removed outdated plugins

15:31 Changeset [12475] by ascheibe

#2368 fixed compile warnings

14:57 Changeset [12474] by ascheibe

#2399 worked on Mono project prepare script

14:24 Changeset [12473] by ascheibe

#2329 added a simple code editor for Linux

13:59 Changeset [12472] by ascheibe


  • fixed MathJax.js file name
  • worked on Mono project prepare script
13:22 Changeset [12471] by ascheibe

#2399 worked on Mono project prepare script

12:53 Changeset [12470] by ascheibe

#2399 fixed pre-build events in project files

12:05 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
12:04 Changeset [12469] by dglaser

#2388: Removed logging to console

11:58 Changeset [12468] by dglaser


  • Added PersistenceManager with corresponding daos
  • Updated SQL Scripts
  • Fixed folder structure (interfaces, manager)
  • Removed duplicated IHiveDao and HiveDao (the HiveDao/OptimizedHiveDao that is actually used is located in HeuristicLab.Services.Hive)


  • Added PersistenceManager to the ServiceLocater
  • Updated and improved the HiveStatisticsGenerator
  • Updated HiveJanitor
11:56 Changeset [12467] by dglaser

#2388: Merged trunk into HiveStatistics branch

11:17 Changeset [12466] by pfleck

#2366 Merged trunk to fix compile errors caused by changes of the DefineArithmeticProgressionDialog from r12293.

10:53 Changeset [12465] by ascheibe

#2399 worked on mono project prepare script

10:42 Changeset [12464] by ascheibe

#2399 added patch to project

10:37 Changeset [12463] by ascheibe

#2399 fixed EPPlus so that it compiles on Linux

10:02 Ticket #2399 (Fix new problems with HL on Linux) created by ascheibe
09:35 Changeset [12462] by ascheibe

#2288 fixed plugin dependencies


21:44 Changeset [12461] by bburlacu

#2398: Skip root and start symbols when calculating impacts and replacement values in the pruning operators.

21:24 Ticket #2398 (Pruning operators mistakenly try to calculate impacts for the program ...) created by bburlacu
Both regression and classification pruning operators try to calculate …
18:35 Changeset [12460] by arapeanu

#2288: SymbolicDataAnalysisVariableImpactsAnalyzer for computing the average relative variable frequencies over a GP with SR run


16:30 Changeset [12459] by pfleck

#2379 Added level/depth based selection for the datasource.
Updated sample.

16:28 Ticket #2397 (Move GeoIP project to ExtLibs folder) created by ascheibe
14:36 Changeset [12458] by ascheibe

#2354 show label when no data is displayed and don't show the legend

14:09 Changeset [12457] by ascheibe

#2353 removed duplicated call to Any() in Hive Status page

13:49 Changeset [12456] by ascheibe

#2368 fixed modifier

13:43 Changeset [12455] by ascheibe

#2368 added support in persistence for typecaches in streams

13:32 Changeset [12454] by mkommend

#2276: Changed util method CalculateEvaluatedNodesPerSec to cache the rows enumerable.

12:23 Changeset [12453] by mkommend

#2276: Changes to reduce the memory consumption of GP.

12:11 Changeset [12452] by mkommend

#2276: Adapted generic GetValues<T> method in Dataset to avoid ToList calls.

11:49 Ticket #2372 (Fix user creation in access service admin tool) closed by ascheibe
done: r12451 merged r12315 into stable
11:49 Changeset [12451] by ascheibe

#2372 merged r12315 into stable

10:24 Changeset [12450] by pfleck


  • Added missing storable attributes.
  • Updated sample.


17:11 Changeset [12449] by ehopf

#2361: Changed the calculation of the error in the OnlineWeightedResidualsMeanSquaredErrorCalculator. The weight is now only applied once to the error.

17:00 Changeset [12448] by ehopf

#2361: Minor naming changes.

15:47 Changeset [12447] by pfleck


  • Renamed TerminatonParameter to TerminatorParameter.
  • Renamed Comparison to ComparisonType.
15:31 Changeset [12446] by pfleck

#2379 Added sample-scipt which generates a simple layer structure.

14:56 Documentation/Howto/ImplementAHLWebAppPlugin created by ascheibe
11:57 Changeset [12445] by dglaser

Changed Web.config compilation from debug to release to force script bundling.
Changed history loading type from lazy to eager loading to increase performance.
Fixed "getCoreStatus" typo in statusCtrl.js

11:08 Changeset [12444] by pfleck


  • Removed ISingleValueTerminator and used ThresholdTerminator for the View instead.
  • Added missing description in SingleObjectiveQualityTerminator.
  • Added ITerminationBasedOperator which contains the terminate-flag.
10:52 Changeset [12443] by dglaser

#2394: Fixed UserTaskQuery and GetStatusHistory in the WebApp.Status plugin

10:34 Changeset [12442] by ascheibe

#2394 added nuget folders to svn ignore list


17:04 Changeset [12441] by dglaser

#2388: Restored files/settings from old HiveStatistics branch

16:50 Changeset [12440] by dglaser

#2388: Branched trunk

16:48 Changeset [12439] by dglaser

#2388: Deleted HiveStatistics branch

15:35 Changeset [12438] by mkommend

#2276: Merged trunk changes into dataset refactoring branch.

15:27 Changeset [12437] by mkommend

#2276: Organized code in IDataset.

15:13 Changeset [12436] by mkommend

#2027: Improved code formatting for terminators.

14:59 Changeset [12435] by dglaser

#2394: Improved PluginManager and updated hive status monitor.

14:09 Changeset [12434] by ascheibe

#2396 added symbolic expression tree formatter for C#

14:09 Ticket #2396 (Add a symbolic expression tree formatter for C#) created by ascheibe
11:30 Changeset [12433] by mkommend

#2395: Minor change in DoubleValue.GetValue.

11:14 Changeset [12432] by pfleck

Use simple round-trip format for doubles because G17 prints some strange numbers (20.22 to 20.219999999999999999).
Some accuracy can still be lost on 64bit machines, but should be very rare and minimal.
double.MaxValue can still be parsed correctly, solving the problem of invalid value for the GUI.


13:54 Changeset [12431] by pfleck

#2395 Fixed parsing issues by using the G17 format.

13:25 Ticket #2395 (double.MaxValue cannot be parsed from string) created by pfleck
When using a DoubleArray, DoubleMatrix or DoubleRange and a …


18:57 EvoSoft edited by swagner
17:03 Changeset [12430] by ascheibe

#2394 added missing package config

16:59 Changeset [12429] by ascheibe

#2394 added missing package config

16:42 Changeset [12428] by ascheibe

#2394 added web app and status page to trunk

15:09 Ticket #2394 (Integrate Services Web App and new Hive Status Monitor into trunk) created by ascheibe
Copy * HeuristicLab.Services.WebApp * …
14:24 Changeset [12427] by pfleck

#2025 Removed branch.

14:21 Changeset [12426] by pfleck

#2269 Removed old ALPS branch.

14:05 Changeset [12425] by dglaser

#2388: Added PluginManager and updated WebApp project

11:48 Changeset [12424] by mkommend

#2320: Adapted plugin file and updated project file of SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.

11:43 Changeset [12423] by mkommend

#2320: Removed branch for SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.

11:29 Changeset [12422] by mkommend

#2320: Merged the encoding class and all accompanying changes in the trunk.

10:52 Changeset [12421] by mkommend

#2320: Hid wired lookup parameters in SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.

10:49 Changeset [12420] by mkommend

#2320: Marked SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.EnumberableExtensions as obsolete and called the methods in Random.RandomEnumerable whereever possible.


17:53 Changeset [12419] by dglaser

#2388: Added WebApp and WebApp.Status plugin

17:11 Changeset [12418] by ehopf

#2361: Added backward compatibility code for the WeightedPerformanceMeasuresEvaluator.

15:56 Changeset [12417] by ehopf

#2361: Changed the type of the ModelCreatorParameter to IValueLookupParameter.

15:13 Ticket #2393 (DataCompleteness chart is slow) created by gkronber
The implementation of the DataCompleteness chart is inefficient and …
12:41 Changeset [12416] by ehopf

#2361: Implemented a new experimental evaluator which introduces residual weights to the mean squared error.

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