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15:38 Changeset [12293] by pfleck

#2301 Use decimal instead of double for the DefineArithmeticProgressionDialog and in the CreateExperimentDialog.
Note, when using decimal only during the generate process but not during some calculations (e.g. determining meaningful step sizes), numeric inaccuracies occur.
Therefore some calculations now uses decimal instead of double values.

14:56 Changeset [12292] by pfleck

#2301 Removed the GenerateSteps from the ValueGenerator and put it into the new SequenceGenerator.
Adapted DataAnalysis-Instances and scripts (samples and unit tests).

14:31 Changeset [12291] by gkronber

#2283 added missing files (forgotten in the branch)

14:31 Changeset [12290] by gkronber

#2283 created a new branch to separate development from aballeit

14:26 Changeset [12289] by gkronber

#2283: added a unit test for MCTS(gkr)


22:41 Changeset [12288] by abeham


  • Changed encoding to represent linkages in LLE (as opposed to LLE-e)
  • Added GraftManipulator
  • Added repair procedure
  • Improved performance of some crossovers
16:39 Changeset [12287] by bburlacu

#1772: Added storable attributes to the before/after evolution tracking operators in HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic. Very small changes to the trace calculator (updated license header, removed old sample count code).


23:58 Changeset [12286] by abeham


  • Removed LargestGroupFirstCrossover (slow and not mentioned in the literature)
  • Added manipulators
  • Added multi-operators


13:08 Changeset [12285] by abeham

#2319: Added branch for linear linkage encoding (LLE-e)


18:02 Changeset [12284] by mkommend

#2025: Minor code improvements in new item dialog.

16:35 Changeset [12283] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated genealogy graph view and worked on subtree sample count.

08:02 Documentation edited by abeham
07:58 Changeset [12282] by abeham

Updated external evaluation tutorial slides with 2-d gaussian fitting example and added the respective hl files
Generated PDF of the tutorial

07:26 Ticket #2370 (Overhaul data analysis ensembles to allow specifying training and test ...) created by gkronber
Currently, the IntRanges are used to specify training and test …


17:44 Ticket #2326 (Diversity analyzers based on the genotypic and phenotypic tree ...) closed by mkommend
done: r12281: Merged r12103, 12108, r12110 and r12122 into stable.
17:43 Changeset [12281] by mkommend

#2326: Merged r12103, 12108, r12110 and r12122 into stable.

17:13 Ticket #2332 (Overhaul operators for similarity calculation and analysis) closed by mkommend
17:06 Changeset [12280] by mkommend

#2332: Merged all changes from this ticket into stable.

16:52 Ticket #2339 (Classification ensembles aren't aware of the classification positive class) closed by mkommend
done: r12279: Merged r12067 into stable.
16:52 Changeset [12279] by mkommend

#2339: Merged r12067 into stable.

15:58 Ticket #2327 (Implement a generic EnumValue and a generic EnumValueView) closed by mkommend
done: r12278: Merged r12037 and r12148 into stable.
15:57 Ticket #2369 (Support chart for relative error in the error characteristic view) created by gkronber
15:57 Changeset [12278] by mkommend

#2327: Merged r12037 and r12148 into stable.

15:53 Ticket #2363 (TreeSimplifier performance gets worse the deeper a tree is nested) closed by mkommend
done: r12277: Merged r12227, r12262 and r12264 into stable.
15:52 Changeset [12277] by mkommend

#2363: Merged r12227, r12262 and r12264 into stable.

15:44 Ticket #2321 (NSGA2: Provide option for dominating solutions with equal quality values) closed by mkommend
done: r12276: Merged r12123, r12124 and r12144 into stable.
15:44 Changeset [12276] by mkommend

#2321: Merged r12123, r12124 and r12144 into stable.

15:40 Ticket #2362 (Update SymbolicExpressionTreeNode Debugger Visualizer to .Net 4.5) closed by mkommend
done: Tickets concerning Tools are not merged into stable.
15:39 Ticket #2343 (Values of variables are not updated correctly in the VariableStoreView) closed by mkommend
done: r12275: Merged r12088 into stable.
15:39 Changeset [12275] by mkommend

#2343: Merged r12088 into stable.

15:37 Ticket #2325 (RunCollection doesn't register all events after cloning or deserialization) closed by mkommend
done: r12274: Merged r12022 into stable.
15:36 Changeset [12274] by mkommend

#2325: Merged r12022 into stable.

13:41 Changeset [12273] by ascheibe

#2356 implemented review comments

09:54 Ticket #2368 (Make reading/writing HL data with typecache to stream available) created by ascheibe
At the moment the persistence allows to either * write to file, then …


16:57 Changeset [12272] by apolidur

#2221: Adding 2.5-opt-EEs operators to PTSP

13:18 Changeset [12271] by pfleck

#2269 Added AgeInheritance as own type and value for consistent configuration.

11:44 Changeset [12270] by pfleck

#2350 Renamed EvaluatedSolutions and ResultEvaluatedSolutions to LocalEvaluatedSolutions and EvaluatedSolutions for consistency with other algorithms.


15:53 Changeset [12269] by apolidur

#2221: Adding Tests and Views for PTSP

14:40 Changeset [12268] by pfleck

#2366 Fixed variation of bool value-parameter.

13:26 Changeset [12267] by pfleck

#2366 Use EnumValues in the parameter variations for the creation of the experiments.

12:28 Changeset [12266] by mkommend

#2320: Corrected event registration in SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.

00:20 EvoSoft edited by swagner


23:40 Changeset [12265] by bburlacu

#1772: Some more work on subtree sample counting.


09:02 Changeset [12264] by gkronber

#2363: fixed a bug in the simplifier introduced with r12262 (an a few minor code improvments)


16:10 Changeset [12263] by arapeanu

#2288: Added adjacency matrix update by threshold and target variable functionality + node importance calculation

16:06 Changeset [12262] by gkronber

#2363: implemented a fix for the performance problem without a call to .ToArray() (overwrites changes of r12227)

13:21 Ticket #2367 (Eigendecomposition fails on some computers in release builds) created by abeham
Use alglib to do that
12:20 Documentation/FAQ edited by ascheibe


16:14 Changeset [12261] by apolidur

#2221: Fixing MoveEvaluators after running unit tests

15:27 Changeset [12260] by pfleck


  • Changed default setting of selector for ALPS.
  • Fixed automatic LayerResult wiring.
13:35 Changeset [12259] by pfleck


  • Individuals keep track of their last move.
  • When trying to replace an individual, individuals with their last move long ago are prioritized to be replaced.
  • Elites can now be replaced too if the quality is bad enough.


14:17 Changeset [12258] by abeham

#2317: updated hl file

14:12 Changeset [12257] by abeham

#2317: updated tutorial slides to match HL 3.3.11

13:41 Changeset [12256] by ascheibe

#2317 updated tutorial slides

13:17 Changeset [12255] by ascheibe

#2317 updated tutorial slides


15:59 Changeset [12254] by pfleck

#2366 Added detection of EnumValues in the CreateExperimentDialog.

13:13 Changeset [12253] by ascheibe

#2317 updated programming HL slides

12:50 Changeset [12252] by pfleck

#2366 Added solution-file and adapted references in project-file.

12:34 Changeset [12251] by pfleck

#2366 Copy Optimizer-Plugin.

12:33 Changeset [12250] by pfleck

#2366 Create branch.

11:50 Ticket #2366 (Utilize EnumValue-Parameters in the "Create Experiment"-Dialog.) created by pfleck
Currently, an EnumValue-Parameter is not recognized and utilized by …
11:47 Changeset [12249] by ascheibe

#2317 updated programming HL slides

11:19 Changeset [12248] by pfleck

#2025 Added sample ordering for DataAnalysis-Algs.

11:17 Changeset [12247] by mkommend

#2276: Merged trunk changes into dataset refactoring branch.

11:07 Changeset [12246] by pfleck

#2025 Added a Priority for the CreatableAttribute to manually define an ordering for the NewItemDialog.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.