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15:45 Changeset [12192] by pfleck

#2350 Improved performance of steady state ALPS.

  • Introduced a batch cycle in the main loop to avoid too frequent updates of some variables and analyzers.
  • No cloning of individuals when creating the mating pool.
14:34 Changeset [12191] by apolidur

#2221: Splitting PTSP into Analytical and Estimated

14:16 Changeset [12190] by bburlacu

#2276: Changed the GetVariableType method so that it also works when there are no rows in the dataset.

14:07 Changeset [12189] by bburlacu

#2359: Implemented improvements

11:43 Ticket #2359 (Improve the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionPruningOperator) created by bburlacu
Some minor things need to be improved: - provide static Prune
11:31 Changeset [12188] by jkarder

#2334: made only visible chart areas selectable in the dialog

11:12 Changeset [12187] by mkommend

#2175: Corrected error in complexity calculation for sine.

09:33 Changeset [12186] by pfleck

#2269 Added the possibility for a plus-selection replacement scheme.


16:34 Changeset [12185] by pfleck

#2025 Fixed Tab-order and search icon.

16:20 Changeset [12184] by pfleck


  • Changed ListView to TreeView.
  • Added search bar, but is is not working yet.
16:00 Changeset [12183] by apolidur

#2221: Adding exact and sampling evaluation functions

15:43 Changeset [12182] by jkarder

#2358: added drag & drop linking

15:15 Changeset [12181] by jkarder

#2358: added check for StorableClass attribute

14:45 Ticket #2358 (Improve performance of the VariableStoreView) created by jkarder
The VariableStoreView currently serializes variables to check if …
13:57 Changeset [12180] by abeham

#2341: Fixed build configurations

13:47 Changeset [12179] by abeham


  • Added patch file containing differences to 4.0.3 vanilla
  • Removed EPPlus-3.1.3 from ExtLibs
13:02 Changeset [12178] by abeham

#2341: added svn-ignore

12:29 Changeset [12177] by pfleck

#2025 Added new solution file and configured project file.

12:14 Changeset [12176] by pfleck

#2025 Copied HeuristicLab.Optimizer Plugin.

12:08 Changeset [12175] by pfleck

#2025 Created branch.

11:54 Changeset [12174] by pfleck

#2350 The AlpsSsMover now prioritize moved individuals based on their age and quality.

10:49 Changeset [12173] by ascheibe

#2354 fixed bug in HistogramControl when the interval is zero

10:25 Changeset [12172] by ascheibe

#2357 fixed removal of obsolete slaves

10:15 Ticket #2357 (DeleteObsoleteSlaves should respect the downtime foreign key) created by ascheibe
This may lead to exceptions when deleting slaves that still have …
10:00 Changeset [12171] by pfleck

#2350 Changed SteadyStateMatingPoolCreator to only select individuals young enough for the current layer.

09:38 Ticket #2356 (Fix generation of unique IDs of Hive slave) created by ascheibe
It seems that sometimes the same slave/PC gets different "unique" IDs. …


21:13 Ticket #2355 (Fix problem with Hive slave sandboxing) created by ascheibe
mkommend discovered that constant optimization + the sine symbol + the …
20:58 Changeset [12170] by ascheibe


  • deleted overview slides
  • updated architecture slides and the tutorials that used that chart
18:18 Changeset [12169] by ehopf

#2335: Added an option to display the missing value count within the Histogram view.

16:26 Changeset [12168] by ehopf

#2335: Fixes a problem with r12167, in case only missing values are selected.

16:00 Changeset [12167] by ehopf

#2335: Swapped column left- and rightclick behavior in the DataGrid view, to be consistent with the row selection behavior.

15:57 Changeset [12166] by apolidur

#2221: Initial commit of the branch

15:52 Changeset [12165] by ehopf

#2335: Encapsulated sort column and statistics generation behavior in StringConvertibleMatrixView.cs. Additionally fixed the statistic measures regarding missing values.

15:44 Changeset [12164] by ehopf

#2335: Adjusted the project settings of the DataPreprocessing Branch.

15:06 Changeset [12163] by bburlacu

#1772: Split EvolutionTrackingAnalyzer into generic and non-generic class. Added SelectionSchemeAnalyzer.

11:55 Changeset [12162] by pfleck

#2350 Fixed SteadyState ALPS Mover and MainLoop.

11:12 Changeset [12161] by ehopf

#2335: Adjusted the project settings of the DataPreprocessing Branch.

10:46 Changeset [12160] by ehopf

#2335: Branched HL.Data.Views to implement minor improvements to the StringConvertibleMatrixView-class.

10:32 Changeset [12159] by pfleck


  • Changed the SteadyStateMatingPoolCreator to put the mating pool in the working scope.
  • Added the ScopeIndexAssigner for setting the correct layer number.
  • Adapted the AlpsSsGeneticAlgorithmMainLoop.
10:28 Changeset [12158] by ehopf

#2335 Added a possibility to delete columns in the DataGrid view of the data preprocessing.

09:39 Changeset [12157] by pfleck


  • Added a NamedSubScopeProcessor to process an name Scope (created by the NamedSubScopesCreator).
  • Changed the Steady-State ALPS to use the new Processor.


23:34 Changeset [12156] by bburlacu

#1772: Added base class for genealogy analyzers, added fragment length analyzer and trace overlap analyzer.

17:59 Ticket #2354 (Statistical tests view throws exception before opening) created by abeham
To reproduce: * Open GA-TSP sample * Change MaximumGenerations to …


12:11 Changeset [12155] by bburlacu

#1772: Merged trunk changes.


15:01 Ticket #2351 (Kernel density estimation for histogram control) closed by ascheibe
done: r12154: merged r12134,r12135,r12139,r12140,r12143,r12145 into stable
15:01 Changeset [12154] by ascheibe

#2351 merged r12134,r12135,r12139,r12140,r12143,r12145 into stable

14:51 Changeset [12153] by pfleck

#2350 Started implementing a different scope structure for steady-state alps.

13:33 Changeset [12152] by mkommend

#2352: Readded line in correlationview (handling of diagonal values).

13:26 Changeset [12151] by mkommend

#2352: Reverse merged r12137 and implemented a format pattern for the EnhancedStringConvertibleMatrixView.

13:24 Changeset [12150] by pfleck

#2350 Fixed Bugs in Steady-State ALPS OperatorGraph and Mover.

13:07 Changeset [12149] by pfleck

#2269 Removed AgingScheme type which inherited from EnumValue. Instead used EnumValue directly.

12:54 Changeset [12148] by mkommend

#2327: Changed behavior of enumvalue to avoid subclassing.

12:32 Changeset [12147] by mkommend

#2175: Added rounding of quality values to multi-objective sym reg evaluators.


17:09 Changeset [12146] by ascheibe


  • improved performance of status page
  • fixed code formatting and usings
  • simplified some expressions
17:07 Ticket #2353 (Improve performance of Hive status page) created by ascheibe
17:02 Changeset [12145] by ascheibe

#2351 the histogram and density curves now have the same color

15:53 Changeset [12144] by mkommend

#2321: Removed trailing white space in DominateOnEqualQualities parameter name.

15:51 Changeset [12143] by ascheibe

#2351 add minimum check for bandwidth

15:35 Changeset [12142] by pfleck


  • Changed PopulationSize parameter to IntValue.
  • Implemented TryMoveUp procedure in AlpsSsMover.
14:37 Changeset [12141] by bburlacu


  • Implemented a ModifiableDatasetView which allows values in the modifiable dataset to be visually edited.
  • Made SetValue and Validate implementations explicit in the Dataset class
  • Added explicit implementations of SetValue and Validate in the ModifiableDataset
  • Renamed ChangeVariableValue method to SetVariableValue for consistency
14:30 Changeset [12140] by ascheibe

#2351 fixed name of NumericUpDown

14:17 Changeset [12139] by ascheibe


  • renamed NormalDistribution class
  • added Silverman's rule of thumb for bandwidth estimation
  • made bandwidth configurable in UI
13:35 Changeset [12138] by pfleck


  • Added the AlpsSsGeneticAlgorithmMainOperator.
  • Changed some minor things.
11:25 Changeset [12137] by gkronber

#2352: only show correlations to 3 digits accuracy.

10:51 Changeset [12136] by pfleck


  • Worked on AlpsSsGeneticAlgorithmMainLoop.
  • Added SteadyStateMatingPoolCreator, RandomLayerProcessor and RandomIntAssigner.
10:46 Ticket #2352 (Correlation matrix should only show correlations to 3 or 4 digits accuracy) created by gkronber
This is usually sufficient and the information can be represented more …
10:38 Changeset [12135] by gkronber

#2351: sigma as parameter of the density estimation routine

10:22 Changeset [12134] by gkronber

#2351 added kernel density calculation

10:17 Ticket #2351 (Kernel density estimation for histogram control) created by gkronber
looks good.
09:48 Ticket #2347 (Make links in InfoBox clickable) closed by ascheibe
done: r12133 merged r12111 into stable
09:48 Changeset [12133] by ascheibe

#2347 merged r12111 into stable

09:46 Ticket #2342 (Change ReductionOperation-Parameter of the DataReducer to ...) closed by ascheibe
done: r12132 merged r12072 into stable
09:46 Changeset [12132] by ascheibe

#2342 merged r12072 into stable

09:43 Changeset [12131] by ascheibe

#2348 fixed condition that checks if there are enough samples for testing


16:40 Changeset [12130] by mkommend

#2175: Updated complexity branch with trunk changes.

16:36 Changeset [12129] by bburlacu

#2332: SolutionSimilarityCalculator: throw exception in the CheckQualityEquality method if the double arrays are not of the same length, simplify equality check for double arrays.

16:30 Changeset [12128] by abeham

#1985: mkommend improved MakeSnapshot

15:52 Ticket #2340 (Copy & Paste from ItemListView) closed by abeham
done: r12127: merged r12078, r12125 to stable
15:52 Changeset [12127] by abeham

#2340: merged r12078, r12125 to stable

15:22 Changeset [12126] by jkarder


  • fixed SolutionSimilarityCalculator.Equals
  • problems now wire all of their ISolutionSimilarityCalculators
14:50 Changeset [12125] by abeham

#2340: moved code to KeyDown event handler

14:31 Changeset [12124] by mkommend

#2321: Deleted integrated branch for NSGA2 changes.

14:26 Changeset [12123] by mkommend

#2321: Merged all changes from the NSGA2 branch to the trunk.

14:21 Changeset [12122] by mkommend

#2326: Forgot to commit merge info for diversity analyzers.

14:17 Ticket #2337 (Fix build warnings in trunk solution) closed by mkommend
done: r12121: Merged r12057, r12059 and r12060 into stable.
14:17 Changeset [12121] by mkommend

#2337: Merged r12057, r12059 and r12060 into stable.

14:07 Changeset [12120] by pfleck


  • Implemented AlpsSsGeneticAlgorithm.
  • Created empty AlpsSsGeneticAlgorithmMainLoop.
12:53 Changeset [12119] by pfleck


  • Created base class Alps which manages ALPS specific parameters, events and parameterization.
  • Created empty AlpsGeneticAlgorithm.
  • Removed code from AlpsGeneticAlgorithm because the base class handles this now.
  • Created AgingSchemeCalculator to separate calculating of the age-limits from the algorithms.
  • ShiftToRightMigrator does no longer implement IMigrator to avoid conflicts with IslandGA.
10:18 Changeset [12118] by abeham


  • Restored compilable state of TimeLimitRunOptimizer branch
  • Updated changes from trunk
10:17 Changeset [12117] by ascheibe

#2348 fixed a bug in the chart analysis view that occurs if a data table has less then 4 values in a data row

10:05 Changeset [12116] by ascheibe

#2348 also added UpdateOfRunsInProgress check in other views

10:01 Changeset [12115] by pfleck

#2350 Added ALPS.SteadyState Plugin.

09:46 Ticket #2350 (Implement Steady-State ALPS) created by pfleck
Implement a Steady-State version of the Age-Layered Population …
09:37 Changeset [12114] by pfleck

#2344 Updated parameter description of ExpressionCalculator and RunCollectionFormulaModifer to include the new functions.

09:37 Ticket #2349 (ISolutionSimilarityCalculatorView does not update correctly) created by jkarder
When the SolutionVariableName or QualityVariableName of an …
09:29 Changeset [12113] by jkarder

#2332: quality and no-similarity calculators are added only if they are not present


23:15 Changeset [12112] by ascheibe

#2348 fixed "add values to results" in chart analysis view

23:14 Ticket #2348 (Fix chart analysis view) created by ascheibe
Not sure when or how or why but I think that there were bugfixes for …
16:49 Changeset [12111] by ascheibe

#2347 made links in InfoBox clickable

16:48 Ticket #2347 (Make links in InfoBox clickable) created by ascheibe
14:32 Changeset [12110] by mkommend

#2326: Accidently changed the wrong namespace in r12108.

14:00 Changeset [12109] by bburlacu

#2276: Merged trunk changes.

13:56 Changeset [12108] by mkommend

#2326: Reverted namespace corrections for classification MSE evaluator and multi symbolic expression tree creator, because these break the backwards compatibility.

13:25 Changeset [12107] by ascheibe

#2346 fixed slave service install

13:20 Ticket #2346 (Fix service install of Hive Slave) created by ascheibe
The Environment.UserInteractive condition is wrong because the …
11:56 Changeset [12106] by jkarder

#2332: fixed build fail

  • algorithms add generic similarity calculators if needed (i.e. problem does not provide similarity calculators)
  • added pragmas to suppress obsolete warnings
11:18 Changeset [12105] by bburlacu

#2276: Merged trunk changes.

10:54 Changeset [12104] by sraggl

#2341: BuildConfiguration for x86 fixed


16:29 Changeset [12103] by mkommend

#2326: Merged all branch changes in the trunk.

16:11 Changeset [12102] by jkarder

#2332: used ISolutionSimilarityCalculator instead of ISingleObjectiveSolutionSimilarityCalculator

  • changed interfaces
  • removed ISimilarityCalculatorView
  • renamed ISingleObjectiveSolutionSimilarityCalculatorView to ISolutionSimilarityCalculatorView
  • algorithms no longer add QualitySimilarityCalculator and NoSimilarityCalculator; problems do that now
16:06 Ticket #2345 (The x-axis in the error-characteristic-curve view is always at least 1.0) created by gkronber
This is problematic if the residuals are much smaller. Problematic …
16:02 Changeset [12101] by sraggl

#2341: Fixed Bug Validate fails after exception is thrown if address is invalid

14:28 Changeset [12100] by sraggl

#2341: Reduced memory consumption by improving much used method ExcelCellBase.GetRowCol. Removing IDisposable and IEnumerator from ExcelRangeBase and move it to ExcelRangeBaseEnumerator.

14:08 Changeset [12099] by gkronber

#2283: name for all problems (for output), new unit test, and added testsettings file


21:52 Changeset [12098] by aballeit

#2283: implemented MCTS

13:55 Changeset [12097] by pfleck

#2269 Replaced the OpenNewLayerCalculator with an ExpressionOperator.

13:45 Changeset [12096] by pfleck

#2344 Added []-operator for accessing arrays.
Note that a more generic implementation is difficult because there is no non-generic implementation of ValueTypeArray and casting to IEnumerable<object> does not work due to the generic constraint of ValueTypeArray.

11:30 Changeset [12095] by sraggl

#2341: Removed EPPlus-Benchmark

11:09 Changeset [12094] by pfleck

#2269 Replaced the NumberOfSelectedSubScopesCalculator with an ExpressionCalculator.

11:04 Changeset [12093] by sraggl

#2341: Added EPPlus-4.0.3 and HeuristicLab.EPPlus-4.0.3

10:54 Changeset [12092] by pfleck


  • Use the new toint function of the ExpressionCalculator in the EldersEmigrator and remove the now obsolete MergingReducerCalculator.
  • Removed some parameters from the EldersMigrator because the AlpsGeneticAlgorithmMainLoop already defines those parameters.
10:42 Changeset [12091] by pfleck


  • Added a toint and todouble function.
  • Changed the casts to the a more intelligent Convert.ToDouble/Int to avoid unboxing issues e.g. when casting a boxed int to double. Note that Convert.ToInt32 has a slightly different behavior than a int-cast (rounds when converting double->int), but this does not break any compatibility since we never converted to int before.
10:14 Changeset [12090] by sraggl

#2341: Set "Copy Local" to false

09:57 Changeset [12089] by sraggl

#2341: Changed depependency from HeuristicLab.EPPlus-3.1.3 to HeuristicLab.EPPlus-4.0.3

09:38 Ticket #2344 (Improve Calculator) created by pfleck
The Optimization.Calculator (used for RunCollectionFormulaModifier


18:10 Changeset [12088] by jkarder

#2343: fixed value update

  • properly (de)registered event handler
  • extracted code that does not have to be invoked
18:03 Ticket #2343 (Values of variables are not updated correctly in the VariableStoreView) created by jkarder
When a variable is added to the variable store, the view registers to …
16:14 Changeset [12087] by jkarder

#2332: removed unused similarity analyzer properties

15:33 Changeset [12086] by bburlacu

#2326: Moved phenotypic diversity analyzers one level up (since they can be applied to both single- and multiobjective problems). Added wiring in the multiobjective problems. Changed base class to SolutionSimilarityCalculator and adjusted analyzers.

14:38 Changeset [12085] by bburlacu

#2332: Move SolutionVariableName and QualityVariableName properties to ISolutionSimilarityCalculator, implement Equals and GetHashCode in the SolutionSimilarityCalculator

13:54 Changeset [12084] by pfleck


  • Changed the output and reference paths of the ALPS project.
  • Added ALPS solution file.
  • Added build and prebuild commands.
13:32 Changeset [12083] by pfleck

#2269 Copied ALPS Plugin from old ALPS branch.

13:19 Changeset [12082] by pfleck

#2269 Create new branch folder for ALPS which does not branch the whole trunk.

13:16 Changeset [12081] by pfleck

#2269 Renamed ALPS branch

12:44 Changeset [12080] by pfleck


  • LayerUniformSubScopesProcessor does not longer derives from UniformSubScopesProcessor.
  • Reverted changes of UniformSubScopesProcessor.


23:08 Changeset [12079] by ascheibe

#2267 adapted branch to changes from #2332

22:37 Changeset [12078] by abeham

#2340: Implemented copy of item (collection|array|list) views

18:59 Changeset [12077] by abeham

#2270: Added suppressUpdates check for Content_Reset events

18:01 Changeset [12076] by bburlacu

#2332: Changed the way the update counter is incremented in the PopulationSimilarityAnalyzer so that it's easier to use in the analyzers derived from this class.

17:53 Changeset [12075] by bburlacu

#2326: Adapted code in the diversity analyzers according to the new base class. Improved wiring of similarity calculators and analyzers.

17:14 Changeset [12074] by sraggl

#2341: Added EPPlus-4.0.3 to ExtLibs

16:50 Changeset [12073] by pfleck

#2269: merged r12072 from trunk.

16:39 Changeset [12072] by pfleck

Changed ReductionOperation- and TargetOperation-Parameter to ValueLookupParameter.
Added AfterDeserialization-Hook for BackwardsCompatibility.

16:17 Ticket #2342 (Change ReductionOperation-Parameter of the DataReducer to ...) created by pfleck
The Reduction- and TargetOperation of the DataReducer are …
15:05 Changeset [12071] by pfleck


  • Added analyzers in Analyzers and LayerAnalyzers are now configured automatically (depth of scope tree parameters).
  • Renamed per layer results to LayerResults.
13:13 Ticket #2341 (Updated EPPlus to the newest version) created by mkommend
EPPlus version 4.0.3 has been released on 12.02.2015 and contains lots …
10:59 Changeset [12070] by jkarder

#2332: added SolutionSimilarityCalculator.IsCommutative

10:07 Changeset [12069] by jkarder

#2332: refactored operators and analyzers

  • removed quality and maximization parameters in SingleObjectivePopulationDiversityAnalyzer
  • renamed SingleObjectivePopulationDiversityAnalyzer to PopulationSimilarityAnalyzer
  • added ConstrainedValueParameter for similarity calculators of analyzer
  • added ValueLookupParameter for similarity calculator of the following operators:
    • DuplicatesSelector, ProgressiveOffspringPreserver, ReferenceSetUpdateMethod, SolutionPoolUpdateMethod
  • removed some wiring code in specific problems
10:01 Ticket #2340 (Copy & Paste from ItemListView) created by abeham
When selecting multiple entries in an ItemListView it would be nice to …
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