16:05 Changeset [11288] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix calculation of successful offspring ratios in the GenealogyAnalyzer. Simplify cloning in the BeforeManipulatorOperator.

15:52 Changeset [11287] by pfleck

Fixed unit test for VRP instances.

14:20 Changeset [11286] by pfleck

Reverted parts of r10435 since the generic VRPInstanceProvider work accordingly after recent changes.

13:50 Changeset [11285] by pfleck

The ProblemInstanceProvider is now contravariant. Therefore the ProblemInstanceManager discovers all derivations of InstanceProvider<IVRPData>.

Note that there was a problem with covariant InstanceConsumers with the ProblemInstanceProviderView in the past (#1981).
Due to the fixes from #2110 this problem should not occur anymore.

12:06 Changeset [11284] by pfleck

#2208 interpret depot as start and endpoint when loading CVRP data

11:52 Changeset [11283] by mkommend

#2227: Updated links in CSV instance providers.

10:52 Documentation edited by abeham
10:49 Ticket #2227 (FAQ links in data analysis providers are dead) created by abeham
The URL has changed from …
10:31 Changeset [11282] by abeham

#2226: added reference publication and updated URL of Cordeau instance provider

10:01 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham
09:59 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham


18:42 Documentation edited by abeham
18:40 Documentation edited by abeham
14:29 Ticket #2214 (DataPreprocessing cannot be started directly from the problem data) closed by mkommend
done: r11281: Merged r11214 into stable.
14:29 Changeset [11281] by mkommend

#2214: Merged r11214 into stable.

11:08 Documentation/Reference/VehicleRoutingProblem edited by pfleck
Updated broken links of benchmark instances (diff)
11:00 Changeset [11280] by pfleck

#2226 Broken URLs updated


22:44 Documentation edited by abeham
22:43 Documentation/Reference/VehicleRoutingProblem edited by abeham
updated links (diff)
22:36 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEncoding edited by abeham
22:35 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by abeham
22:31 Documentation edited by abeham
22:31 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPProblemInstance edited by abeham
22:27 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEvaluator edited by abeham
22:25 Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEncoding edited by abeham


21:05 Ticket #2226 (Update VRP links in instance provider) created by abeham
The links for "Cordeau (MDCVRPTW)", "Homberger (CVRPTW)", and "LiLim …
10:31 Documentation edited by abeham


17:32 Changeset [11279] by svonolfe

updated add material for ANOR

16:41 Changeset [11278] by bburlacu

#1772: GenealogyAnalyzer: add histogram and heatmap for absolute reproductive success values (how many offspring produced by a parent individual).

15:22 Ticket #2225 (VehicleRoutingProblem cannot load TSPLib(CVRP)) created by pfleck
The VehicleRoutingProblem cannot load the CVRPData from the TSPLIB. …
14:36 Changeset [11277] by pfleck

#2208 implemented InstanceConsumer of TSPData for OrienteeringProblem

14:34 Changeset [11276] by pfleck

#2208 fixed OrienteeringSolutionView when score range is zero


12:40 Changeset [11275] by pfleck

#2208 Removed manual add of the LocalImprovementOperator since VNS performs the lookup itself.


13:38 Blog: Industrial Challenge at GECCO 2014 edited by swinkler
added categories
13:36 Blog: Industrial Challenge at GECCO 2014 created by swinkler


13:28 Changeset [11274] by mkommend

#2224: Inserted string represenation (ToString) of non string data into string columns and increased the interval for column datatype detection from 10 to 100 in the TableFileParser.

13:26 Ticket #2224 (TableFileParser doesn't import numeric values into string columns) created by mkommend
If a column of a csv file contains numeric and string data and the …
12:26 Ticket #2096 (Persistence has issues with certain characters) closed by gkronber
done: r11273: merged r10960 from trunk to stable
12:26 Changeset [11273] by gkronber

#2096 merged r10960 from trunk to stable (release)


20:59 Changeset [11272] by bburlacu

#1772: Adjusted SolutionVariableName for symbolic data analysis similarity calculators.

16:34 Changeset [11271] by bburlacu

#1772: Added specialized diversity analyzers (phenotypic and bottom-up) and phenotypic similarity calculator.

15:52 Changeset [11270] by pfleck

#2208 fixed dimension bug and wrong initial endpoint when loading CVPR data

11:37 Changeset [11269] by pfleck

#2208 Uses DistanceHelper for calculating initial distance matrix

10:43 Changeset [11268] by pfleck

#2208 added additional missing value changed event handlers

10:12 Changeset [11267] by pfleck

#2208 Added missing ValueChanged events for visualization

09:54 Changeset [11266] by pfleck


  • Changed path visualization to line strip instead of polygon since start and end point must not match
  • Used correct incremental length calculation in CleanupTour
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