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16:51 Changeset [10957] by bburlacu

#1763: Added a special arity check for multiplication and addition symbols that invalidates the tree when the node has less than 2 subtrees. Disabled right-hand side details box when the tree is invalid.

15:39 Changeset [10956] by bburlacu

#2159: Forgot to commit changes in TextualSymbolicDataAnalysisModelView.designer.cs

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11:59 Changeset [10955] by bburlacu

#2143: Added extra check to ensure the PopulationSlice parameter is in the right range.

10:42 Ticket #1771 (Tree pruning and reductive mutation operators) closed by bburlacu
duplicate: This ticket is a duplicate of #2143. Reductive mutation operatiors …
07:16 Ticket #2190 (Tabu search with the MultiVRPMoveGenerator throws an exception) closed by abeham
done: r10954: merged r10924, r10926, r10927 to stable
07:16 Changeset [10954] by abeham

#2190: merged r10924, r10926, r10927 to stable


15:41 Changeset [10953] by bburlacu

#2159: Fixed comboBox font, but couldn't hide the caret in the textBox (although it is readonly).

15:39 Ticket #2195 (Redesign start page) created by ascheibe
Split start page vertically, put samples on the right side. Include …
15:32 Changeset [10952] by aesterer

Completed scatter plot view

15:09 Changeset [10951] by mleitner

Remove todo comment

15:07 Changeset [10950] by mleitner

Rename CopyOfStringConvertibleMatrix

15:02 Changeset [10949] by mleitner

Keep sorting when content changes

14:57 Changeset [10948] by pfleck
  • Implemented preserve/copy columns on transformations.
14:57 Changeset [10947] by rstoll
  • Changed ComparisonFilter, using DoubleValue and DateTime rather than just StringValue
  • Included better input validation for ComparisonFilterView
  • Bug "Search and Sorted DataGridContentView" fixed
14:48 Changeset [10946] by sbreuer
  • always show selected cell
14:40 Changeset [10945] by tsteinre
  • added messagebox for displaying a warning: Missing Column Parameter in a Transformation
13:42 Changeset [10944] by tsteinre
  • removed unnecessary ctor parameter from CopyColumnTransformation
13:33 Changeset [10943] by tsteinre
  • implement Backtransformation logic for CopyColumnTransformation
13:32 Changeset [10942] by mleitner

Ensure correct index for classifier combobox

13:26 Changeset [10941] by mkommend

#2194: Improved CreateEnsembleMenuItem by taking the visibility of the runs into account.

13:25 Ticket #2194 (Ensemble should only be created from visible runs) created by mkommend
Ensembles can be created by the CreateEnsembleMenuItem, which extracts …
13:22 Changeset [10940] by tsteinre
  • fixed CopyColumnTransformation inheritance
  • created a non-generic version of Transformation
13:09 Changeset [10939] by sbreuer
  • do filtering in transaction, so the content changed event is only fired once
  • fix bug with apply filter
13:08 Changeset [10938] by mleitner

Improve context menu replace performance by disabling repaint

12:59 Changeset [10937] by mkommend

#2193: Fixed bug in BestSolutionAnalyzer for parameter optimization problems.

12:58 Ticket #2193 (BestSolutionAnalyzer does not add a result if the best quality is not ...) created by mkommend
If the current best quality is worse than the best known quality no …
12:56 Changeset [10936] by bburlacu

#1772: Modified GenealogyAnalyzer to remove discarded offspring selection children from the genealogy graph.

12:55 Changeset [10935] by tsteinre
  • revived CopyColumnTransformation, its needed for Backtransformation
12:30 Changeset [10934] by mleitner

Update correlationmatrix on preprocessing data change - improve performance on datagrid selection.

12:28 Changeset [10933] by psteiner

filter: removed resetbtn, added filterInfo, deactivation on apply filters

11:16 Changeset [10932] by tsteinre
  • added ShortName property to ITransformation
11:00 Changeset [10931] by tsteinre
  • removed unnecessary CopyColumnTransformation
10:51 Changeset [10930] by rstoll
  • Disabled Replace tab in SearchAndReplaceDialog if a filter is active
  • Disabled Replace button in DataGridview if filter is active
  • Refactored/Changed IFilterLogic#IsFiltered from method to property


16:26 Ticket #2184 (IndexOutOfRangeException when changing VRP Instances) closed by abeham
done: r10929: merged r10860, r10861 to stable
16:26 Changeset [10929] by abeham

#2184: merged r10860, r10861 to stable
#2119: merged r10472 to stable (was forgotten)

16:19 Ticket #2182 (KeyNotFoundException in PushForwardInsertionCreator) closed by abeham
done: r10928: merged r10858 to stable
16:19 Changeset [10928] by abeham

#2182: merged r10858 to stable

14:54 Changeset [10927] by pfleck

#2190: Generated new file for the TabuSearch VRP - Sample where the changes from r10924 and r10926 were applied.

14:50 Changeset [10926] by pfleck

When setting the available operators for the MultiVRPMoveGenerator the AlbaOperators and the PotvinVehicleAssignmentMultiMoveGenerator are unchecked by default.
The AlbaOperators doesn't work with a TabuSearch as they do not specify a TabuChecker.
The PotvinVehicleAssignmentMultiMoveGenerator only makes sense for VRP instances where the Vehicles have different capacities and otherwise results in an empty neighborhood very quickly and the TabuSearch will stop although other Moves from the MultiMoveGenerator were possible.

11:01 Changeset [10925] by pfleck

Changed version of DataPreprocessing from 3.3 to 3.4


13:53 Changeset [10924] by pfleck

#2190: The PotvinCustomerRelocationMoveTabuCriterion now checkes only PotvinCustomerRelocationMoveAttributes in the TabuList in case there are different types (i.e. when the MultiVRPMoveGenerator is used).


14:43 Changeset [10923] by sawinkle

#2109: Renamed plugin class from HeuristicLabProblemsGEArtificialAntPlugin to HeuristicLabProblemsGrammaticalEvolutionPlugin.


11:51 Changeset [10922] by pfleck
  • changed storage of Transformations from Collection to List.
11:46 Changeset [10921] by pfleck
  • Changed order of ViewShortcuts in preprocessing main view
08:47 Changeset [10920] by gkronber

#2187: reverse merge of r10919 (merged r10894 from trunk to stable)

08:46 Changeset [10919] by gkronber

#2187 merged r10894 from trunk to stable


15:59 Changeset [10918] by rstoll
  • inadvertently profiler committed settings
15:36 Ticket #2138 (The successful offspring analyzer should be made more user friendly) closed by mkommend
15:35 Changeset [10917] by mkommend

#2138: Merged r10346, r10348 into stable.

15:34 Changeset [10916] by rstoll
  • Fixed FindAll -> selection was very slow, CopyOfStringConvertibleMatrix had registered an event as well which slowed down everything (more or less)
15:31 Changeset [10915] by aesterer

Splitted scatter plot view in single and multi view

15:29 Changeset [10914] by mleitner

Style fixes

15:27 Changeset [10913] by psteiner


15:24 Ticket #2181 (OffspringSelector should have a default value for the ...) closed by mkommend
done: r10912: Merged r10826 into stable.
15:24 Changeset [10912] by mkommend

#2181: Merged r10826 into stable.

15:24 Changeset [10911] by sbreuer
  • set row header to fixed size
15:20 Ticket #2177 (Implement XOR symbol) closed by mkommend
15:19 Changeset [10910] by mkommend

#2177: Merged r10774 and r10788:10791 into stable.

15:14 Changeset [10909] by tsteinre
  • modified Transformations Names / Parameter Names
15:09 Changeset [10908] by mleitner

Add Feature correlation matrix, Add limit for distinct values in histogramm classification.

15:07 Ticket #2169 (Tracking of training and test quality for solutions) closed by mkommend
done: r10907: Merged r10596, r10597 into stable.
15:06 Changeset [10907] by mkommend

#2169: Merged r10596, r10597 into stable.

14:53 Ticket #2170 (Analyzers should track the best generation of the reported solution) closed by mkommend
done: r10906: Merged r10599 into stable.
14:53 Changeset [10906] by mkommend

#2170: Merged r10599 into stable.

14:37 Changeset [10905] by rstoll
  • Manipulation View

missing values per column
validating per column
success message for missing values was missing

14:35 Changeset [10904] by pfleck
  • changed ViewShortcutCollection(View) to ViewShortcutList(View)
14:18 Changeset [10903] by bburlacu

#1772: Removed Storable property from Vertex in- and outArcs as it causes a stack overflow exception during serialization. Added a list of arcs to the DirectedGraph class which is persisted. The Vertex in- and outArcs lists are then restored by the graph after the deserialization. Renamed Nodes data member to Vertices.

14:12 Changeset [10902] by pfleck
  • Removed sorting of ItemCollectionView and used ItemListView instead.
14:07 Changeset [10901] by sbreuer
  • stop repainting while selecting found cells (still too slow because we cannot select multiple cells at once)
12:52 Changeset [10900] by sbreuer
  • deleted unused method
  • refactored filter logic
  • added filter changed event
  • changed datagridview validation (cannot modify, if filter is active)
  • update datagridview if preview is active
12:42 Ticket #2192 (Discovering of StoreableHooks is not cached) created by mkommend
There exists a code in the StorableSerializer for discovering the …
11:37 Changeset [10899] by pfleck
  • Added Sorting Property to ItemCollectionView to allow disabling of automatic sorting when content changed.
10:23 Changeset [10898] by pfleck
  • removed autoresizing from datagrid


16:33 Changeset [10897] by bburlacu

#1772: Adjusted namespace in Plugin.cs.frame for HeuristicLab.EvolutionTracking.Views. Simplified DirectedGraph and GenealogyGraph API. Added public events for the Vertex content (so that the graph itself can be notified when the content changes and can adjust it's content-to-vertex map. Adjusted instrumented operators code to reflect api changes.

15:56 Ticket #2191 (Bug in IterativeInsertionCreator) created by abeham
The bug was reported on the …
10:44 Changeset [10896] by epitzer

#1802 make the Number2StringSerializer accept nullable numbers

10:13 Changeset [10895] by epitzer

#2096 introduce base 64 sections to deal with special characters within CDATA

09:00 Changeset [10894] by gkronber

#2187: fixed a typo in the message shown while exporting symbolic regression solutions.

08:36 Ticket #2104 (When closing the optimizer a warning is shown to save views even ...) closed by gkronber
08:35 Changeset [10893] by gkronber

#2104 merged r10498 from trunk to stable


21:59 Ticket #2190 (Tabu search with the MultiVRPMoveGenerator throws an exception) created by abeham
Load the Tabu Search VRP sample. Change to the MultiVRPMoveGenerator …
16:43 Ticket #2136 (Create a scripting environment) closed by abeham
done: r10891: merged r10359, r10391, r10401, r10506 to stable r10892: …
16:41 Changeset [10892] by abeham

#2136: merged r10510, r10511, r10512, r10566, r10577, r10642, r10727, r10731, r10747, r10761, r10857, r10865 to stable

16:38 Changeset [10891] by abeham

#2136: merged r10359, r10391, r10401, r10506 to stable

16:28 Changeset [10890] by bburlacu

#1772: Deleted unused VisualGenealogyGraphTextLabel.cs, fixed tracking code in BeforeManipulatorOperator.cs, re-added setters for vertex in- and outArcs.

13:24 Changeset [10889] by epitzer

#2111 Distinguish between generic fonts and fonts instantiated by name during persistence

09:04 Ticket #2189 (Tabu Search should hide moves for which there are no tabu operators) created by abeham
01:56 Changeset [10888] by bburlacu

#1772: Introduced separate class for FragmentNodes and adjusted tracing code. Fixed small bug creating the genealogy graph.


09:18 Changeset [10887] by abeham

#2168: added jar file to version control and updated project file


13:49 Changeset [10886] by bburlacu

#1772: Simplified GenealogyGraph (and related components) API in an effort to improve speed and memory consumption (eg., by sharing the same arc when walking the graph in both directions: parent-child and child-parent).

13:01 Ticket #1881 (VariableNeighborhoodSearch doesn't react to disabled analyzers) closed by abeham
12:59 Ticket #2188 (Analyzers in generic local improvement operators) created by abeham
This is a follow-up of #1881. The analyzers of the local improvement …
11:31 Ticket #2187 (Typo in message box for "Export to Excel") created by gkronber
The text says "Exportion solution to ..."
10:43 Changeset [10885] by bburlacu

#2076: Fixed incorrect call to DrawNode which caused problems with emf export.

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