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11:00 Changeset [10215] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated references for HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression project

10:48 Changeset [10214] by bburlacu

#1772: Added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression project

10:29 Changeset [10213] by ascheibe

#2127 fixed refreshing of visualization in job shop scheduling problem view

10:27 Ticket #2127 (Visualization in Job Shop Scheduling Problem View doesn't get ...) created by ascheibe
09:51 Changeset [10212] by ascheibe

#2126 fixed UI bug in the job shop scheduling problem view


22:42 Changeset [10211] by ascheibe

#1886 added a wrapper for calculating the convex hull using qhull

17:15 Changeset [10210] by ascheibe

#1886 removed unnecessary qhull projects

16:57 Changeset [10209] by ascheibe

#1886 missed a file in last commit (r10208)

16:56 Changeset [10208] by ascheibe


  • added x64 configurations for qhull
  • added a wrapper for qhull volume calculation
  • removed old volume calculation code
14:15 Changeset [10207] by ascheibe

#1886 added a unit test for volume calculation and the qhull library

12:47 Changeset [10206] by mkommend

#1997: Changed the devault value of the analyzer interval for island GAs to 1.

12:07 Ticket #2126 (UI glitch in Job Shop Scheduling Problem View) created by ascheibe
See attached screenshot.


19:23 Changeset [10205] by gkronber

#2124 implemented first version of spectral mixture kernel

16:35 Ticket #2125 (All covariance functions return the full gradient vector even when ...) created by gkronber
14:28 Changeset [10204] by gkronber

#2124: created feature development branch

14:25 Changeset [10203] by gkronber

#2093 added log residual evaluator for symbolic regression

13:56 Changeset [10202] by gkronber


13:51 Ticket #2124 (Spectral Mixture Kernel) created by gkronber
As described in Wilson A. G. and Adams R.P., Gaussian Process Kernels …


20:54 Changeset [10201] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed a small bug in volume calculation

20:45 Changeset [10200] by ascheibe


  • moved lrs code into analyzer project
  • added lrs performance test
  • moved performance tests into an own project
  • don't use 64 bit number format of lrs as it does not work correctly
09:36 Changeset [10199] by gkronber

#1780: updated reference and plugin dependency for alglib


15:23 Changeset [10198] by ascheibe


  • added liblrs and c# wrapper for vertex enumeration/volume calculation
  • use MIConvexHull for triangulation and volume calculation
  • fixed vertex conversion code for MIConvexHull lib
  • added a unit test for measuring performance of convex hull/volume calculation
15:21 Changeset [10197] by mkommend

#1997: Added after deserialization hook for reevaluation of immigrants and made the analysis interval for the island GA configureable.

11:27 Changeset [10196] by mkommend

#2123: Implemented reduction operations for BoolValues in the DataReducer.

11:13 Changeset [10195] by mkommend

#2123: Moved ReductionOperations enum into the value type wrapper class.

11:10 Ticket #2123 (ReductionOperations for BoolValues) created by mkommend
Currently reduction operations are only available for DoubleValue, …


17:01 Changeset [10194] by pfleck

Implemented InsertRow, DeleteRow, InsertColumn, DeleteColumn in PreprocessingData.

16:52 Changeset [10193] by mleitner

Move attribute replacement methods to separate class.

16:33 Changeset [10192] by mleitner

Implement manipulations per attribute, replace by media, average, linear interpolated from prev and next value or random.

15:22 Changeset [10191] by rstoll
  • GetRowMissingValueCount implemented
  • IsMissingValue for cell implemented
15:01 Changeset [10190] by mkommend

#2082: Added BestSolutionsAnalyzer for ParameterOptimizationProblems.

14:18 Changeset [10189] by rstoll

Added GetMissingValueIndices to IPreprocessingData since it will be used in many places
Removed columnIndex specific method from PreprocessingData

14:14 Changeset [10188] by pfleck

Removed obsolete methods.
Implemented few members...

14:11 Changeset [10187] by tsteinre

Implemented parts of PreprocessingData.

14:03 Changeset [10186] by pfleck

Added variableName list.
Implemented GetCell, Columns and Rows.

13:51 Changeset [10185] by pfleck

Implemented constructors of PreprocessingData.

13:29 Changeset [10184] by rstoll

Removed obsolete methods

13:19 Changeset [10183] by rstoll

Switched from columnIndex to variableName

12:59 Changeset [10182] by sbreuer
  • removed unneccesary namespace distinctions
  • moved statisticInfo to implementations folder
12:56 Changeset [10181] by pfleck

Added indexing IPreprocessingData with variable names.
Indexing per column index is marked obsolete.

12:46 Changeset [10180] by rstoll

Renamed PreprocessingDataStatisticInfo to StatisticInfo

12:35 Changeset [10179] by sbreuer
  • Implemented GetDifferentValueCount


14:55 Changeset [10178] by mkommend

#1997: Follow up commit to r10177. Added different evaluators for symbolic island algorithms, unit test for consecutive samples evaluator.

14:52 Changeset [10177] by mkommend

#1997: Added different evaluators for symbolic island algorithms, unit test for consecutive samples evaluator and injected island index into the according scopes.


17:37 Changeset [10176] by mkommend

#1758: Corrected plugin dependencies of "HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views".

17:18 Changeset [10175] by mkommend

#1758: Added button to load new data into data analysis solutions.

15:13 Changeset [10174] by mkommend

#1758: Added check of target and inputvariables of dropped ProblemData.

14:58 Changeset [10173] by mkommend

#1758: Extended the drap and drop functionality of DataAnalysisSolutionViews to allow dropping the problem itself in addition to the problem data.

14:38 Ticket #2122 (Exception appears on multiple refreshes of Hive Job Manager) closed by ascheibe
done: r10172 merged r10171 into stable
14:37 Changeset [10172] by ascheibe

#2122 merged r10171 into stable

14:00 Changeset [10171] by pfleck


Problem occurs when the retry counter in the HiveServiceLocator is exceeded.
The retry counter is incremented on all exceptions and therefore is incremented on security exceptions (user/password wrong) as well.

Changed the caught exception to EndpointNotFoundException to avoid increment of the retry counter on wrong user/password.

13:36 Ticket #2122 (Exception appears on multiple refreshes of Hive Job Manager) created by pfleck
When refreshing the jobs in Hive Job Manager with incorrect …


13:15 Ticket #2121 (Bubble chart view throws exception on hidden categories) created by abeham
In AddDataPoint the check if a run is visible would need to be done …
10:29 Ticket #2120 (RunCollection doesn't update ResultNames or ParameterNames when items ...) created by abeham
Run stores its results and parameters using a standard .Net Dictionary …


16:12 Changeset [10170] by ascheibe


  • fixed namespaces of Hive menuitems
  • fixed name of generated Hive jobs


17:19 Changeset [10169] by sbreuer
  • implemented GetStandardDeviation
17:10 Changeset [10168] by tsteinre
  • intermediate commit , further work on PreprocessingData
17:09 Changeset [10167] by mleitner

Implement GetMostCommonValue

16:37 Changeset [10166] by sbreuer
  • implement GetAverage and GetMedian
16:34 Changeset [10165] by rstoll

Implementation changed for new IPreprocessingData

16:31 Changeset [10164] by tsteinre
  • added IsType() to DataSet
15:52 Changeset [10163] by tsteinre
  • modified IPreprocessingData
  • initial add of PreprocessingData
15:31 Changeset [10162] by rstoll

renaming somehow did not work as expected, here we go again

15:30 Changeset [10161] by rstoll

renamed to PreprocessingData

15:23 Changeset [10160] by tsteinre
  • reverted changes from Dataset to r10085
  • removed IDataset
  • removed EditableDataset
15:20 Changeset [10159] by rstoll

Switched from IDataset to IPreprocessingData

15:07 Changeset [10158] by tsteinre
  • minor fix in IPreprocessingData
15:05 Changeset [10157] by tsteinre
  • added IPreprocessingData


15:32 Changeset [10156] by mkommend

#1997: Removed generic type parameter from SymbolicDataAnylsisIslandGAEvaluator and added wiring code for the reevaluation of immigrants.

09:45 Changeset [10155] by mkommend

#1997: Added possibility to reevaluate immigrants to the IslandGA and IslandOSGA.

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