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16:00 Ticket #2064 (Fix sorting in Hive Job Manager and ItemCollectionView) closed by ascheibe
done: Merged into stable branch in r9559
15:59 Changeset [9559] by ascheibe

#2064 merged into stable branch

15:54 Changeset [9558] by fschoepp


  • Added Usage statistic classes; added authorization attributes to web controllers.
15:17 Changeset [9557] by pfleck

Added DataSize column in TaskData (calculated column).
Created queries for fetching required data for generating task facts.

15:01 Changeset [9556] by fschoepp


  • Added views for the billing component (Register users, Create orders and Activate Orders view)
  • Added a mockup for the billing back-end .
14:30 Changeset [9555] by mkommend

#2038: Adapted GAMainLoop to reuse the existing evaluator block for reevaluations of elites.

13:28 Changeset [9554] by mkommend

#2038: Fixed wiring of the ReevaluateElitesParameter in the GA.

13:14 Changeset [9553] by mkommend

#2038: Added possibility to reevaluate elites in the GA.

13:13 Changeset [9552] by mkommend

#2066: Adapted training and test ranges in the copy ctor of the TimeSeriesProblemData.

13:12 Ticket #2066 (TimeSeriesProblemData does not adapt training and test ranges) created by mkommend
If the copy ctor of TimeSeriesProblemData is used the training and …
10:58 Changeset [9551] by fschoepp


  • Removed "public" modifiers
10:24 Changeset [9550] by fschoepp


  • Added basic infrastructure for the billing component.
08:16 Changeset [9549] by fschoepp


  • Removed unnecessary files from web project.
  • Cleaned up slave.


15:24 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Added additional material for GECCO 2013 (diff)
15:23 Changeset [9548] by mkommend

Added additional material for GECCO 2013 publication

11:55 Changeset [9547] by pfleck

Changed membership provider for querying usernames.

10:30 Changeset [9546] by pfleck

As suggested by gkronber, added user to primary key again in ClientFact table and added a 'NULL'-user in the DimUser table instead.

09:56 Changeset [9545] by pfleck

ClientInfo facts are now generated correctly when resources are changed and new client dimensions are created.
Query username for statistics tables from user id.


19:44 Changeset [9544] by gkronber

#2053 adapted noise covariance function as in the GPML package

19:43 Changeset [9543] by gkronber

#2059: fixed problem in piecewise polynomial covariance function in combination with dimension masking

19:41 Changeset [9542] by gkronber

#2065 fixed bug in combination with masking in neural network covariance function

19:06 Ticket #2065 (Neural network covariance function does not work correctly in ...) created by gkronber
17:03 Changeset [9541] by pfleck

UserId in ClientInfo fact table is nullable. UserId is removed from primary key therefore.
StatisticsGenerator insert new ClientInfo into fact table.

15:34 Changeset [9540] by ascheibe


  • reverted change in ItemCollectionView
  • adapted sorting in RefreshableHiveJobListView
15:02 Download edited by ascheibe
12:44 Changeset [9539] by ascheibe

#2030 merged changes of trunk into branch

10:28 Changeset [9538] by pfleck

StatisticsGenerator fills and updates client dimension table.
Removed week from time dimension table.


10:04 Ticket #882 (Artificial neural networks engine for time series prognosis) closed by gkronber


20:09 Changeset [9537] by gkronber

#2059 changed type of parameter to IConstrainedValueParameter

19:56 Changeset [9536] by gkronber

#2059: fixed a string

19:55 Changeset [9535] by gkronber

#2032: corrected typo

19:52 Changeset [9534] by gkronber

#2059: added implementation of piecewise polynomial covariance function.


17:17 Changeset [9533] by pfleck

StatisticsGenerator now updates Time, Job and User dimension-tables.

17:05 Ticket #2043 (Create experiment dialog doesn't handle ...) closed by abeham
done: Merged to stable branch in r9532
17:05 Ticket #2054 (Option to hide axis when exporting images for publications) closed by abeham
done: Merged to stable branch in r9532
17:05 Changeset [9532] by abeham

#2054, #2043: merged to stable branch

16:07 Changeset [9531] by gkronber

#2062: fixed parameter description

16:03 Changeset [9530] by gkronber

#2062 implemented an analyzer that tracks the best symbolic expression tree which is not specific to a given problem

15:58 Changeset [9529] by gkronber

#2026 svn:ignore

15:57 Changeset [9528] by gkronber

#2026 worked on HL integration of GPDL compiler

15:12 Changeset [9527] by pfleck

Provides a GUI for SelfHosting Hive-Service to start and stop the service.
Enables start and stop Janitor with adjustable frequency.
Run Cleanup and GenerateStatistics separately on click.

14:45 Changeset [9526] by pfleck

Added StatisticsGenerator for generating statistic data for Hive.
ServiceLocator returns the StatisticsGenerator.
Integrated StatisticsGenerator in Janitor service for periodic calls.

14:32 Ticket #2052 (BatchRun only executes one run of a CrossValidation) closed by mkommend
done: r9525: Merged r9493, r9504, and r9517 into the stable branch.
14:31 Changeset [9525] by mkommend

#2052: Merged r9493, r9504, and r9517 into the stable branch.

14:28 Changeset [9524] by pfleck

Added statistic tables in Hive database.
Updated InitializeHiveDatabase.sql script with new create statements.
Added Linq2Sql entity types for new tables.

14:17 Changeset [9523] by ascheibe

#2064 fixed sorting in Hive Job Manager and ItemCollectionView

13:27 Ticket #2064 (Fix sorting in Hive Job Manager and ItemCollectionView) created by ascheibe
When setting a custom ListViewItemSorter, the ItemCollectionView …
11:01 Changeset [9522] by pfleck

Created Branch for Hive-Statistics.

10:44 Ticket #2063 (Implement Hive Statistics) created by pfleck


23:06 Download edited by abeham
added link to daily builds changelog (diff)
23:05 ChangeLog edited by abeham
removed pending -> own page (diff)
23:05 ChangeLogPending created by abeham
22:43 Changeset [9521] by abeham

#2043: Fixed issue

22:24 Changeset [9520] by abeham


  • Do not include in legend series that have no points
  • Added ability to changed legend docking (top, right, bottom, left) in addition to font size
  • Also added ability to hide legend
16:53 ChangeLog edited by abeham
updated changelog to reflect different process with stable branch (diff)
16:47 Ticket #2056 (File name `OnlineOnlineCovarianceCalcualtor.cs` spelled wrong) closed by mkommend
16:14 Changeset [9519] by gkronber

#2026 worked on GPDL integration into HL.
Implemented problem provider for examples. Implemented editor for GPDL definitions.

15:55 Ticket #2062 (Analyzer that tracks the best symbolic expression tree in the results) created by gkronber
13:47 Changeset [9518] by gkronber

#2026 worked on integration of GPDL compiler into HeuristicLab

13:30 Changeset [9517] by gkronber

#2052 minor adaptations in cross-validation

11:10 Ticket #2061 (Synchronization in Experiment class causes contention problems for ...) created by gkronber
The relevant changes have been introduced in ticket #1878 (r8170). To …
10:27 Ticket #2060 (Hitting the Enter-key in the experiment dialog closes the dialog) created by gkronber
This is annoying for instance when filling a value list for a parameter
08:33 Changeset [9516] by gkronber

#2032 improved identifiers

08:29 Changeset [9515] by gkronber

#2032 implemented polynomial covariance function.

08:13 Ticket #2059 (Piece-wise polynomial covariance function) created by gkronber
08:06 Ticket #2058 (Approximate inference for Gaussian processes) created by gkronber
With expectation propagation. Later, other likelihood functions (e.g., …
08:03 Ticket #2057 (Parameter-tuning for support vector machine) created by gkronber
With CMAES or maybe BFGS using estimated gradients.


16:57 Changeset [9514] by sforsten

#1730: add solution files and build commands to branch, finished branch creation

16:30 Changeset [9513] by sforsten

#1730: branch project Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views

16:11 Changeset [9512] by sforsten

#1730: branch project PluginInfrastructure

16:02 Changeset [9511] by sforsten

#1730: branch project Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic

16:00 Changeset [9510] by sforsten

#1730: branch project ExtLibs

15:59 Changeset [9509] by sforsten

#1730: create branch ExportSymbolicDataAnalysisSolutions

15:29 Changeset [9508] by fschoepp


  • Web projects requires different users to interact with hive. The singleton HiveServiceLocator.Instance doesn't allow different users at the same time, resulting in serialization during access of HiveClient methods.

The following changes have been introduced in favor of a parallel use of the HL libs:

  • HiveClient, TaskDownloader and ConcurrentTaskDownloader may now use a different IHiveServiceLocator than HiveServiceLocator.Instance (all methods have appropriate overloads now).
  • The default instance is still HiveServiceLocator.Instance.

Automated Scaling of Instances:

  • Added Scaler project to solution which represents a WorkerRole that scales the slave instances based on the global cpu utilization of all slaves.
  • Scaler is based on WASABi, rules can be adjusted in rulesstore.xml. Basic rule is: if < 45% global cpu utilization => remove an instance; if > 65% cpu => add an instance. Minimum boundary is 1 and maximum boundary is 8 slave instances.
  • Adjusted Slave project to automatically register itself to a SlaveGroup during WebRole startup (can be adjusted in service configuration).


  • Added basic error messages to the dialogs when an ajax call fails.
  • Removed Styling.js from scripts.
13:29 Changeset [9507] by mkommend

#2056: Merged r9498 from the trunk in the stable folder.

10:51 Changeset [9506] by mkommend

#1677: Updated rows textbox in RunCollectionTabularView when runs are filtered.

10:31 Changeset [9505] by mkommend

#1677: Updated StringConvertibleMatrixView to copy only visible & selected cells.

10:21 Changeset [9504] by mkommend

#2052: Added lock object to synchronize access to the results collection.


16:23 Changeset [9503] by ascheibe

created stable branch

16:22 Changeset [9502] by ascheibe

deleted folder as it will be created with copy (ups...)

15:41 Changeset [9501] by ascheibe

fixed VS version of HL solution in 3.3.8 tag (there probably went something wrong in r9481 when preparing the tag for release)

15:34 Changeset [9500] by ascheibe

created new folder for the HL stable branch from which releases will be made in the future


11:47 Changeset [9499] by sluengo


15:21 Ticket #2002 (Support for logarithmic scaling in charts) closed by abeham
15:09 Ticket #1482 (Remove button in ValueParameterView should be disabled when viewing a ...) closed by abeham
worksforme: It is disabled, at least in 3.3.8
14:58 Ticket #1507 (The boxplot view partly ignores run collection constraints) closed by abeham
worksforme: Cannot be reproduced in 3.3.8 anymore
14:52 Ticket #1252 (Experiment runs batches again after adding more optimizers) closed by abeham
worksforme: This behavior cannot be reproduced anymore in 3.3.8
13:48 Ticket #2056 (File name `OnlineOnlineCovarianceCalcualtor.cs` spelled wrong) created by bburlacu
OnlineOnlineCovarianceCalcualtor.cs should spell …
13:40 Changeset [9498] by bburlacu

#2056: Renamed misspelled file OnlineCovarianceCalcualtor.cs to OnlineCovarianceCalculator.cs.

10:51 Changeset [9497] by mkommend

#2055: Added first version of HL.FileShrinker.

10:46 Ticket #2055 (Tool to reduce the file size of data analysis experiments) created by mkommend
Files storing data analysis experiments executed on the Hive grow …


18:07 Ticket #1819 (Dialog to set the separator and culture (number and date format) when ...) closed by mkommend
duplicate: This was already implemented with #1942.
09:11 Changeset [9496] by abeham


  • Added check boxes to hide or show a certain axis
  • Fixed tab order
  • Changed some of the default values
  • Improved layout of controls
  • Clear title if the text is set to empty
  • Added tooltips to most controls
09:01 Ticket #2054 (Option to hide axis when exporting images for publications) created by abeham
In the image export dialog it should be possible to completely hide …


22:23 Changeset [9495] by jhelm

#1966: Did some major refactoring in Decoder-classes; Added MoveEvaluator classes for different encodings and dimensions; Added new crossover-class for MCV encoding;

17:51 Ticket #2053 (Update implementation of covariance functions to match GPML version ...) created by gkronber
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