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20:00 Changeset [9234] by ascheibe

#2017 added tools that eyob worked on:

  • HL build center (HeuristicLab.Subversion)
  • a subwcrev replacement
  • 2 own HL apps for up- and downloading Hive jobs from HL files
19:46 Changeset [9233] by ascheibe

#2017 created tools branch

19:44 Ticket #2017 (Tools Branch) created by ascheibe
This ticket is for tracking commits to the tools branch.
15:47 Changeset [9232] by ascheibe

#1890 use transactions for retrieving jobs to avoid returning wrong statistics

15:25 Changeset [9231] by mkommend

#1999: Corrected rounding in FeatureSelection.cs for the display of the optimal R² in the problem data description.

13:17 Changeset [9230] by ascheibe

#2005 properly implemented closing of the hive job manager

12:36 Changeset [9229] by mkommend

#1789: Implemented inverting of the bubble size in the RunCollectionBubbleChartView.

10:16 Changeset [9228] by sforsten


  • property changes
  • removed Plugin.cs and AssemblyInfo.cs
  • added VariableVectorCVSInstanceProvider
08:46 Changeset [9227] by fschoepp


  • Experiments will be saved as JSON elements within the blob store.
  • Added simple model and JSON converters.
  • Backend stores and runs experiments.
  • Updated interfaces to save/read experiments.
  • Added a binding to automatically map incoming JSON ajax requests to experiment models.
  • Added the javascript DatatypeMapper to map parameter inputs to the right html elements and vice versa.
  • Added smartwizard to generate Wizards for creating new experiments (New.cshtml).


22:49 StatisticalAnalysis edited by ascheibe
16:51 Changeset [9226] by sforsten


  • made classes in Problems.ConditionActionClassification abstract
  • added Problems.VariableVectorClassification and Problems.CombinedIntegerVectorClassification
  • LCS works now with arbitrary problems, which implement ConditionActionClassificationProblem
16:45 Changeset [9225] by ascheibe

#2015 fixed displaying of error message and added missing invoke

15:45 Ticket #2016 (RunCollectionBubbleChart improvements) created by mkommend
* Categorical values (e.g., algorithm name) shall be sorted …
15:11 Changeset [9224] by ascheibe

#2005 fixed a small bug that occurred when closing the optimizer with an open hive job manager

15:08 Changeset [9223] by ascheibe

#2015 jobs are now delete asynchronously in the hive job manager

14:58 Ticket #2015 (Deleting Hive Jobs should be done asynchronously) created by ascheibe
11:57 Changeset [9222] by ascheibe

#2005 allow to quit the job manager even if there are up- or downloads in progress

11:44 Changeset [9221] by ascheibe

#2005 added missing cloning constructors

10:35 Changeset [9220] by ascheibe

#2005 deleted job unloading branch

10:34 Changeset [9219] by ascheibe

#2005 merged Hive Job Unloading branch back into trunk


18:18 Changeset [9218] by gkronber

#1999 fixed build fail

17:29 Ticket #2014 (Parameter BestKnownQuality is not used in Regression and ...) created by gkronber
* Usually, it is not known. * The value depends on the evaluator (R², …
17:18 Changeset [9217] by gkronber

#1999 improved implementation of feature selection problem instances based on the review comments by mkommend.

  • Created a PRNG for uniformly distributed values with a specified range [min..max[
  • Created a class FeatureSelectionRegressionProblemData with additional informative parameters derived from RegressionProblemData
  • fixed typos: shuffeled and varialbe


12:19 Changeset [9216] by abeham

#2013: fixed update of parameters in MultiOperator

11:30 Ticket #2013 (MultiOperator doesn't update the parameters when the Operators ...) created by abeham
If the "public IItemList<T> Operators" is set in a derived class to a …


16:18 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by abeham
updated tutorial with changes made in integer-vector bounds (diff)


10:15 Changeset [9215] by fschoepp


  • Janitor is now working as expected in Windows Azure
  • Added basic support for experiments (draggable experiments)
  • Added methods to save/read experiments from TableStorage
  • The job status can now be retrieved by using the GetTasks/GetTaskData methods
  • Added a class to convert JSON-objects to Algorithm instances
  • Web page: Added experiment button to navigation


23:16 Changeset [9214] by gkronber

#1967: added a benchmark function

21:57 Changeset [9213] by gkronber

#1508: changed the ranges for buy/hold/sell signals (1/3, 1/3, 1/3)

21:56 Changeset [9212] by gkronber

#1967: worked on Gaussian Process evolution problem

21:54 Changeset [9211] by gkronber

#1902 reformulated calculation of periodic covariance function

14:17 Changeset [9210] by ascheibe

#1886 added view for displaying result correlations


13:45 Changeset [9209] by mkommend

#1890: Corrected copy & paste error in SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator.

12:30 Changeset [9208] by sforsten


  • added wisconsin breast cancer problem instance
  • corrected iris dataset
  • changed classification data descriptors to be able to set training and test partition as well as input and target variables (in the same way as it is done in regression)


21:22 Changeset [9207] by ascheibe

#1890 disabled parallel task uploading as this produces a lot of failed db transactions and aborted uploads and therefore does not speed up uploading

13:04 Changeset [9206] by sforsten

#1980: branch project Problems.DataAnalysis

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