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17:32 Changeset [8509] by spimming

Dijkstra: get node with a specific rank
graph interface extended: get vertices
fixed bug in ReadData method
methods to perform routing algorithm benchmark added to test program

17:24 Changeset [8508] by sforsten

#1776: merged r7864:8507 trunk into branch

16:34 Changeset [8507] by sforsten

#1776: adapted ClassificationEnsembleSolutionAccuracyToCoveredSamples

13:00 Changeset [8506] by fschoepp


  • Web project now creates custom html for each type we want to enter / display
  • Added endpointConfigurationName to HiveServiceLocator (because Web Project contains more than one endpoint configuration)
  • Removed logging statement from ConfigurationService to prevent exception during failure of loading ConfigurationSettings
  • ApplicationManager: Changed default implementation to WebApplicationManager (instead of LightWeight) for testing purposes within Web Project
  • WebApplicationManager: The application manager which returns plugin descriptors from the currently loaded assemblies (instead of LightweightAppManager)
  • HiveService: Fixed a transaction bug
  • IControllerService: Created a method to dispatch Scenarios to certain IScenarioManager (in this case HiveScenarioManager)
  • Added more mappable types to ControllerModel
  • PlaceholderControllerService dispatches all Scenarios to the HiveScenarioManager
  • Web project now dispatches the scenario to the controller after pressing "Run Job"
12:40 Changeset [8505] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed cloning and storing

11:39 Changeset [8504] by spimming

#1894: new read data method using NameTable for better performance

10:17 Changeset [8503] by ascheibe

#1886 switched rows and columns of statistical tabular view


20:34 Changeset [8502] by ascheibe

#1886 added a run collection view that shows statistical information for data table rows

15:56 Changeset [8501] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed cloning and made helper classes items


21:21 Changeset [8500] by ascheibe

#1861 applied persistence patches

09:45 Changeset [8499] by ascheibe

#1886 improved crossover analyzer and added duplicate parent counting

00:15 Changeset [8498] by ascheibe

#1886 added helper classes for generating charts


14:32 Changeset [8497] by svonolfe

Fixed behavior of VRP analyzers related to constraint relaxation (#1177)

11:54 Changeset [8496] by ascheibe

#1886 removed deprecated code and cleaned up plugin dependencies


16:48 Changeset [8495] by gkronber

#1902 additional change to 8494

16:33 Changeset [8494] by gkronber

#1902 changed mean and covariance function parameters to simple value parameters instead of constrained value parameters and changed the solution creator so that it doesn't throw an exception if no model could be found.

14:07 Ticket #1918 (Overflow in RunCollectionBoxPlot view) created by abeham
There is an unhandled exception in the box plot view. See the …
13:22 Ticket #1917 (In the CrossValidationView the value for the samples end field is not ...) created by abeham
Samples Start and Samples End remain the same even though a new CSV …
12:57 Changeset [8493] by abeham

#1910: fixed handling of problem size changes


17:35 Changeset [8492] by sforsten


  • added TimeframeFeatureCorrelationView
17:10 Changeset [8491] by gkronber

#1902 fixed test cases, improved performance

15:26 Changeset [8490] by mkommend

#1081: Updated TimeSeriesPrognosisSolutionView.

15:24 Changeset [8489] by gkronber

#1902 removed caches in product and sum covariance functions and fixed bug in SE-ARD covariance function

14:31 Changeset [8488] by spimming


  • introduced weight property in Edge
  • new data source implementation for DIMACS graphs
  • lightweight data source implementation for osm graphs
  • cost calculator interface and implementations added
14:31 Changeset [8487] by mkommend

#1081: Added ErrorCharacteristics View for time series models.

13:59 Changeset [8486] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected evaluators and time series models.

13:27 Changeset [8485] by gkronber

#1890 fixed a bug in the regression solution line chart that leads to an exception when the chart is shown which is however lost in the message queue. The bug has the effect that the empty point manipulation does not work correctly for instance in solutions produced through cross-validation

13:25 Changeset [8484] by gkronber

#1902 changed interface for covariance functions to improve readability, fixed several bugs in the covariance functions and in the line chart for Gaussian process models.

13:05 Changeset [8483] by sforsten


  • Renamed ExtendedHeatMap to FeatureCorrelation
  • deleted old CorrelationHeatMapView
  • added FeatureCorrelationView
10:06 Changeset [8482] by ascheibe

#1899 removed setting the checked state of certain analyzers in the samples unit test as this is already done correctly with the EnabledByDefault property of the analyzers


17:37 Changeset [8481] by spimming


  • adapted AStar and Dijkstra algorithms for new graph representation
  • test program modified
17:35 Changeset [8480] by spimming


  • fixed problem with edge category in XmlDataSource
  • initial version for new DIMACS data source
17:31 Changeset [8479] by spimming


  • temporarily added weight and heuristic function to graph
  • store category information and max speed with edge
  • adapted Distance method
16:51 Changeset [8478] by jkarder

#1899: added population diversity analyzer which uses problem specific similarity calculators

16:18 Changeset [8477] by mkommend


  • Added autoregressive target variable Symbol
  • Merged trunk changes into the branch.
16:03 Changeset [8476] by mkommend

#1815: Corrected event registration in SymbolicExpressionGrammar and updated the variable view.


14:45 Changeset [8475] by gkronber

#1902 fixed bug in calculation of variance in GPR model

10:34 Changeset [8474] by abeham


  • Set name of batch run to "repetitions times optimizer name"
  • Added parent experiment for each instance when there are more than one instance and more than one variation per instance


20:42 Changeset [8473] by gkronber

#1902 worked on GPR: added line chart, made parameters of mean and covariance functions readable, removed target variable scaling, moved noise hyperparameter for likelihood function to the end of the parameter list, added methods to calculate the predicted variance, removed limits for scale of covariance functions and introduced exception handling to catch non-spd or singular cov matrixes, implemented rational quadratic covariance function, added unit test case from GBML book (however it does not work as the book seemingly uses a noise-less likelihood function)

17:36 Changeset [8472] by abeham

#1913: removed branch

17:35 Changeset [8471] by abeham

#1913: integrated branch into trunk

17:07 Changeset [8470] by abeham

#1913: increased point size and converted K to a fixed value parameter

16:39 Changeset [8469] by abeham

#1916: prevented validation when view is readonly

16:27 Ticket #1916 (StringConvertibleValueView doesn't recognize it is read-only when ...) created by abeham
It will prevent the user from leaving the control forever if the …
15:58 Changeset [8468] by mkommend

#1081: Adapated calculation of results for horizons larger than 1.

15:38 Changeset [8467] by abeham

#1913: fixed name of model

15:21 Changeset [8466] by abeham


  • Refactored classes
  • Added parameter for number of iterations
  • Added parameter for neighborhood sampling (allows to speed up gradient calculation)
  • Adapted to changed k-NN algorithm
14:57 Changeset [8465] by abeham

#1913: Changed k-NN to move model representation (kdTree) into the model object


17:02 Changeset [8464] by gkronber

#1902 added const and noise covariance functions.

16:32 Changeset [8463] by gkronber

#1902 improved GPR implementation

16:20 Changeset [8462] by spimming


  • calculate distance in kilometers for two locations
  • generate IGraph from a datasource
  • adapted test program
16:17 Changeset [8461] by spimming


  • Implemented interface IGraph in Graph
  • Equals method in vertex modified
  • Equals method in Edge implemented
  • New algorithm version for IGraph
15:01 Changeset [8460] by mkommend

#1081: Added horizon parameters to timeseries problem data.

14:36 Changeset [8459] by mkommend

#1081: Code clean up in time series prognosis model and problem data.

13:48 Changeset [8458] by mkommend

#1081: Derived time series classes from regression classes to avoid code duplication.

11:14 Changeset [8457] by ascheibe

#1861 applied patches 0021 and 0022

10:56 Changeset [8456] by ascheibe

#1861 fixed Pre and PostBuild events to work on Linux

09:33 Changeset [8455] by gkronber

#1902 changed calculation of gradients for covariance functions to reduce allocations of arrays

02:17 Changeset [8454] by abeham


  • Refactored NCAModel and NeighborhoodComponentsAnalysis algorithm
  • Model now includes NearestNeighborModel
  • Algorithm has ability to be canceled (basically recreated the optimization loop of mincgoptimize)
  • Scaling should work properly now
01:44 Changeset [8453] by abeham

#1481: Fixed plugin dependencies

01:31 Changeset [8452] by abeham

#1905: Updated plugin dependencies


23:59 Changeset [8451] by ascheibe

#1861 merged changes from trunk into branch

23:34 Changeset [8450] by ascheibe

#1861 some more renames and made post build event plattform-dependent

23:23 Changeset [8449] by ascheibe

#1861 fixed mono compiler confusion with HL Random and System.Random

23:13 Changeset [8448] by abeham

#1905: Corrected project references to ALGLIB 3.6.0

23:07 Changeset [8447] by ascheibe

#1861 removed external evaluation from HL solution

22:52 Changeset [8446] by ascheibe

#1861 fixed some more filenames and applied patch 0017

22:37 Changeset [8445] by ascheibe

#1861 applied patch 0018

22:24 Changeset [8444] by ascheibe

#1861 removed ProtocolBuffers from ExtLibs solution because the Mono compiler crashes when compiling it

22:13 Changeset [8443] by ascheibe

#1861 applied patch 0016

22:04 Changeset [8442] by ascheibe

#1861 applied patches 0014 and 0015

18:20 Changeset [8441] by abeham

#1913: added quality output

18:15 Changeset [8440] by ascheibe

#1861 made prebuild events os dependent

17:52 Changeset [8439] by gkronber

#1902 implemented unit tests for mean and covariance functions. implemented sum and product mean function. fixed incorrect gradient calculation in covprod

16:57 Changeset [8438] by spimming

#1894 graph interface and implementation initial commit

16:46 Changeset [8437] by abeham


  • Improved speed of NCA
  • Reorganized things
16:04 Changeset [8436] by mkommend

#1081: Merged changes from trunk into timeseries branch and refactored GP interpreter.

15:47 Changeset [8435] by abeham

#1481: Added clustering solution evaluation view that performs PCA on the data to reduce it to two dimensions

14:12 Changeset [8434] by spimming


  • renamed old Vertex<T> to OsmVertex<T>
  • added new Vertex class
14:12 Changeset [8433] by abeham

#1892: Removed IConfigurableView from ScatterPlotView to avoid display of configure button

14:12 Changeset [8432] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected path of previous move operation.

14:08 Changeset [8431] by mkommend

#1081: Moved interpreter specific classes to separate directory.

14:08 Ticket #1915 (ClassNames caching leads to problems when dataset is not cloned) created by abeham
When a DataAnalysisSolution is created with the same ProblemData …
14:04 Changeset [8430] by mkommend

#1081: Intermediate commit of trunk updates - interpreter changes must be redone.

13:40 Changeset [8429] by spimming


  • renamed Graph to OsmGraph
  • generic type in edge interface
13:16 Changeset [8428] by mkommend

#1081: temporary removed files to prepare for trunk update


16:49 Changeset [8427] by abeham


  • Updated view
  • Cloned ProblemData for solution
15:35 Changeset [8426] by spimming

#1894 various error fixed

15:14 Changeset [8425] by abeham

#1913: Added several initialization methods (LDA, PCA, and Random)

12:13 Changeset [8424] by abeham

#1913: corrected tests and fixed bugs

10:52 Changeset [8423] by spimming


  • bidirectional version of Dijkstra algorithm
  • method to get neighbors of a node in reversed order
  • check for roundabouts in OneWay property
10:40 Changeset [8422] by abeham


  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added some tests
09:52 Changeset [8421] by gkronber

#1902 fixed default mean and covariance function for GP

00:42 Changeset [8420] by abeham


  • Worked on NCA
  • Added scatter plot view for the model to show training data when it is reduced to two dimensions

It works, but I don't think it works correctly yet. I have randomized the initial matrix, because the starting point influences the achievable quality quite a bit.


18:52 Changeset [8419] by gkronber

#1902 changed initialization of hyperparameter vector for GPR using a PRNG

17:29 Changeset [8418] by abeham

#1905: Added ALGLIB 3.6.0 to ExtLibs

16:16 Changeset [8417] by gkronber

#1902 added periodic covariance function

15:02 Changeset [8416] by gkronber

#1902 worked on sum and product covariance functions and fixed a few bugs.

14:57 Changeset [8415] by ascheibe

#1886 added an analyzer for tracking duplicate solutions

14:50 Changeset [8414] by ascheibe

#1890 removed old ClientUserManagement and OKB branches

14:23 Changeset [8413] by ascheibe

#1331 fixed memory allocation in CalculateSolutionCrowdSimilarity

14:00 Changeset [8412] by abeham

#1913: imported branch (non-functional right now)

13:45 Ticket #1914 (Improve CreateExperimentDialog) created by mkommend
* Batchruns should be named according to the repeated algorithm …
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