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17:57 Changeset [7782] by ascheibe

#1722 fixed a NullReferenceException in Hive JobManager

14:41 Changeset [7781] by epitzer

#1839 allow preparing PSO with invalid problem and configure algorithm to run until the PSO main loop which does nothing (similar to e.g. Tabu Search)

14:39 Ticket #1842 (Changing engine on unsupported algorithm/problem configuration crashes HL) created by epitzer
When configuring an engine first with a valid problem, changing it …
13:35 Changeset [7780] by bburlacu

#1265: Fixed zoom and small issue with selection. Added tool tips.


12:26 Changeset [7779] by bburlacu

#1772: Implemented new View, improved functionality (tracking of fragments and operators)

10:51 Changeset [7778] by jkarder

#1331: added support for path relinking operators that use a multiple guiding strategy


19:41 Changeset [7777] by ascheibe

#1700 added configuration of number of cores used for calculation to slave

19:15 Changeset [7776] by jkarder

#1331: fixed Plugin.cs.frame

19:09 Changeset [7775] by jkarder


  • added operators for TestFunctions problems
  • added more path relinking operators for the TravelingSalesman and the Knapsack problem
  • added 2-tier version of the SolutionPoolUpdateMethod
  • added parameters and adjusted types
  • added some exception handling
  • adjusted event handling
  • updated plugin dependencies
  • minor code improvements


17:27 Changeset [7774] by sforsten

#1784: added Problems.Instances reference to Algorithms.DataAnalysis

17:02 Changeset [7773] by sforsten

#1784: branch to add reference

13:41 Changeset [7772] by sforsten


  • corrected build path of Problems.Instances
  • simplified the GenerateAllCombinationsOfValuesInLists method in ValueGenerator
13:09 Changeset [7771] by sforsten

#1784: merged everything from trunk revision 7770 to branch ProblemInstancesRegressionAndClassification

12:52 Changeset [7770] by sforsten


  • added some regions for readability
  • added import and export methods in DataAnalysisProblem and SymbolicDataAnalysisProblem to reduce code duplication
  • added a recursive and an iterative approach without many linq expression to generate all combinations of list elements in ValueGenerator
10:53 Ticket #1841 (Add additional problem instances for the QAP) created by abeham
A number of possibly interesting instances have been published by …
03:44 Ticket #1840 (Create data type for MDS view) created by abeham
I'd like to be able to collect results into a DissimilarityMatrix
01:01 Changeset [7769] by abeham

#1722: corrected error in text

00:01 Changeset [7768] by abeham


  • Added a check before parameterizing operators if there are any in the collection


04:14 AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
04:11 Changeset [7767] by swagner

Added GECCO 2012 HL tutorial files

04:02 Changeset [7766] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial slides

03:42 Changeset [7765] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial slides

03:33 Changeset [7764] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial slides


23:51 AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
16:04 Changeset [7763] by swagner

Updated HeuristicLab 3.3 architecture diagram

14:35 Changeset [7762] by abeham

updated architecture diagram with version from GECCO paper

14:23 Changeset [7761] by gkronber

minor changes

  • show LR model in mathematical notation
  • pruning of CV entries for swagner and gkronber


18:18 Ticket #1839 (The TestFunctions evaluators throw an exception after changing the problem) created by jkarder
Create a new PSO algorithm, add a new TestFunctions problem, change …


12:47 Changeset [7760] by mkommend

#1838: Changed RunView to allow modification of the name of a Run.

11:04 Ticket #1838 (The Name of Runs should be modifiable) created by mkommend
This would help to get a better overview when testing several …


16:37 Changeset [7759] by sforsten


  • deleted ClassificationData and RegressionData. RegressionProblemData and ClassificationProblemData are used instead
  • deleted not needed Transformer
  • ValueGenerator is now a static class and yield return is used return IEnumerable
15:22 Changeset [7758] by sforsten


  • deleted not needed Consumer in ProblemInstanceProvider and IProblemInstanceProvider
  • changed protection level of exporter and consumer in ProblemInstanceProviderViewGeneric
  • renamed property FileExtension to FileName in ResourceClassificationInstanceProvider and ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider
  • deleted ImportProblemDataFromFile method from IDataAnalysisProblem and all classes and interfaces, which implement this method
  • removed unnecessary yield return in GetDoubleValues in the Dataset. Now it's a normal return statement
14:39 Changeset [7757] by sforsten

#1784: branch HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic

14:22 Changeset [7756] by jkarder


  • added path relinking and problem specific operators (KnapsackPathRelinker, TravelingSalesmanPathRelinker) for it
  • adjusted event handling
  • minor code improvements
13:45 Changeset [7755] by sforsten


  • really deleted not used interface and view
13:44 Changeset [7754] by sforsten


  • deleted not used interface and view
  • changed the superclass of TSPLIBTSPInstanceProviderView to ProblemInstanceProviderViewGeneric
  • deleted the Location change in the designer files of TravelingSalesmanProlemView and QuadraticAssignmentProblemView
  • set all references to CopyLocal false
13:25 Changeset [7753] by sforsten

#1784: branch HeuristicLab.Problems.Instances.TSPLIB.Views

12:55 Changeset [7752] by sforsten

#1784: branch HeuristicLab.Problems.QuadraticAssignment.Views

12:53 Changeset [7751] by sforsten

#1784: branch HeuristicLab.Problems.TravelingSalesman.Views


16:50 Changeset [7750] by sforsten


  • merged Problems.DataAnalysis r7273:7748 from trunk
  • prepared SymbolicClassificationSingleObjectiveProblem and SymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveProblem to load and export problem instances
16:37 Changeset [7749] by sforsten

#1784: branch Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification to test problem instances with symbolic classification

16:11 Changeset [7748] by sforsten

#1784: branch Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression to test problem instances with symbolic regression

14:04 Changeset [7747] by sforsten

#1818: The Garbage Collector isn't called anymore in the Dispose method of the ColumnGroupView


18:38 Changeset [7746] by epitzer

#1826 check for null expression before resolving symbol for tool tip information

16:55 Changeset [7745] by epitzer

#1722 follow-up of r5935: also rename CurrentIteration to Iterations in swarm updater


20:14 Ticket #1837 (Sliding Window GP) created by mkommend
For various data analysis tasks it would be beneficial to have a …
17:00 Changeset [7744] by jkarder


  • added problem specific improvement operators (KnapsackImprovementOperator, TravelingSalesmanImprovementOperator)
  • added custom interface (IScatterSearchTargetProcessor) for Scatter Search specific operators that use a target parameter
  • added custom operator (OffspringProcessor) to process multiple children that were created by crossovers
  • extracted diversity calculation and added problem/encoding specific operators (BinaryVectorDiversityCalculator, PermutationDiversityCalculator) for it
  • added parameters and adjusted types
  • adjusted event handling
  • minor code improvements
16:52 Ticket #1836 (Add reheating to simulated annealing) created by abeham
Reheating allows simulated annealing to diversify the search. A …
15:45 Changeset [7743] by abeham


  • fixed the cases where the move quality would not change
  • added unit tests for translocation and inversion move evaluators
00:56 Ticket #1835 (ProgrammableOperator can be edited while algorithm is executing) created by abeham
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