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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3045 Dialog for compilation warnings and errors mkommend enhancement low Scripting.Views trunk
#3054 Calculation of Variable Impacts with LDA does not work pfleck defect low Problems.DataAnalysis
#3018 Interdependence between mutliple HiveJobManagerViews jkarder defect lowest Hive.Client trunk

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2872 New Variable symbol for Symbolic Regression that can handle missing values mkommend feature request high Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic
#3007 TableFileParser should be able to read multi-line strings feature request high Problems.Instances
#3011 Unhandled Exceptions on the Optimizer's ui-thread causes HL to crash defect high Optimizer
#2573 Chart aggregation view for indexed data tables abeham feature request medium Analysis.Views
#2798 Unify Important Multi-objective Calculations bwerth enhancement medium Optimization
#2808 Exception when changing the threshold in a classification threshold view defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views
#2811 Implement LAHS (Late acceptance hill climbing) abeham feature request medium Algorithms
#2834 GUI might freeze when downloading multiple Hive jobs concurrently defect medium Hive.Client
#2851 IStringConvertibleMatrix should derive from IItem defect medium Data
#2858 UI updates related to results take significant time even when results tab is not shown enhancement medium Optimization.Views
#2863 SingleObjectiveBasicProblem causes a virtual method call in the constructor defect medium Optimization
#2869 Change measurement of execution time enhancement medium Optimization branch
#2873 Cannot open the algorithm embedded in a CrossValidation in a new view enhancement medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views
#2918 Export C# Scripts to an Executable feature request medium Scripting
#2945 HeuristicLab.DataPreprocessing references Views projects defect medium DataPreprocessing
#2970 Redrawing of DataGrid in Data Preprocessing is horribly slow defect medium DataPreprocessing.Views
#2974 Refactor Constants Optimization mkommend enhancement medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression branch
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