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#2383 Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target variable contains missing values gkronber defect high Problems.DataAnalysis.Views 3.3.11
#2520 Persistence Overhaul mkommend enhancement high Persistence trunk
#2930 Prevent UI-Freeze in case of Endpoint-Failure mkommend enhancement high Clients.OKB trunk
#2934 InputVariables of ProblemData can be renamed in the GUI gkronber defect high Problems.DataAnalysis trunk
#2949 AutoResize of columns in ItemListView reduces GUI update performance massively abeham defect high Core.Views trunk
#2955 Improve evaluating models on new data mkommend enhancement high Problems.DataAnalysis trunk
#2961 Hive slave does not properly unload plugins jkarder defect high Hive.Slave trunk
#3008 Search and Replace in Data Preprocessing is inverted pfleck defect high DataPreprocessing.Views trunk
#1616 CheckedItemCollectionView should have an option to select / deselect all items abeham enhancement medium Core.Views trunk
#1973 Support more than 256 variables in linear regression models gkronber enhancement medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis trunk
#2361 Adapted symbolic classification evaluators to increase the sensitivity of a model mkommend feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification trunk
#2435 Update AlgLib to most recent version mkommend enhancement medium ExtLibs trunk
#2561 TimeLimitRun does not work with the Hive Slave gkronber defect medium Optimization trunk
#2740 Multi encoding operators are not parameterized correctly abeham defect medium Optimization trunk
#2839 Implement project management for Hive mkommend feature request medium Hive.General trunk
#2844 The number of iterations for constant optimization is fixed in the simplifier view mkommend defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views trunk
#2845 Enhance Progress(View) mkommend enhancement medium MainForm trunk
#2847 Implement M5'-(Meta-)-Regression gkronber feature request medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis trunk
#2855 Showing the encoding or its operators in the run is highly wasteful gkronber defect medium Optimization
#2856 In the partial dependence plots the histograms are not updated when the axis range of the corresponding line chart is changed. mkommend defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Views trunk
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