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wiki:Single Objective Test Function

Single Objective Test Function

The wiki page TestFunctions? gives an overview of the real valued test functions available in HeuristicLab 3. The default configuration is a 2-dimensional Ackley function.

Problem Parameters:

Parameter Description
BestKnownQuality The quality of the best known solution of this test function. (Default: 0)
BestKnownSolution The best known solution for this test function instance. (Default: [0,0]]
Bounds ISingleObjectiveTestFunctionProblemEvaluator: The lower and upper bounds in each dimension. (Default: [[-32,768, 32,768]]
Evaluator The operator which should be used to evaluate solutions. (Default: AckleyEvaluator)
Maximization Set to false as most test functions are minimization problems.
ProblemSize The dimension of the problem.
SolutionCreator UniformRandomRealVectorCreator: The operator which should be used to create new test function solutions.

Is there a sample/tutorial?

Yes, two actually:

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