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HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Code Review - HeuristicLab.Data-3.3

Reviewer: swinkler

  • Regarding the Validate function implemented in several classes:
    • The use of a StringBuilder might be unnecessary
    • I would not capitalize the words in the error message.
      • swagner: Words in validation error messages are capitalized as it seems to be the pattern which is also used in Visual Studio (see for example properties, menu items, tool tips).
  • Regarding the classes representing data arrays:
    • In Columns.Set I would replace the error message with "The number of columns cannot be changed".
      • swagner: Changed in r2863.
  • Regarding the GetValue and SetValue functions implemented in several classes:
    • The validity of the given indices is not checked (whereas the validity of the given values is checked) - this might be on purpose.
      • swagner: This is on purpose. If the given indices are not valid, an exception is thrown.
  • In the Validate function of DateTimeData the required format could be given in the error message (as done in the Validate functions of several other classes).
    • swagner: DateTime.Parse is very tolerant and accepts many different date/time formats. Furthermore, the valid date/time formats depend on the localization settings of the current machine. Therefore I decided not to give any formatting hint in the error message.
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