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HeuristicLab 3.3.0 Code Review - HeuristicLab.Collections-3.3

Reviewer: swinkler

  • The years mentioned in all copyright headers should be corrected (2002-2008 -> 2002-2010)
    • swagner: Corrected in r2790.
  • Could it be more performant not to use a StringBuilder in the ToString() method of IndexedItem<T>? (I'm not sure here)
    • swagner: Removed StringBuilder in r2790.
  • Using System.Linq and partially also System.Linq is not necessary in these public interfaces
    • swagner: Removed unused usings in r2790.
  • "Item[]", "Length", "Capacity", and other constant strings are used several times - it could be safer to define static strings that are used in the whole project
Last modified 13 years ago Last modified on 03/05/10 03:52:30