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wiki:Documentation/Reference/Symbolic Music Segmentation

Ground Truth for Segmentation of Symbolic Music

Music segmentation and structural analysis are crucial issues in Music Information Retrieval. It is, however, difficult to find ground truth, especially for MIDI data. This page contains ground truth for 13 music pieces belonging to differenc genres. Manual segmentation has been performed for all tracks of each music piece seperately, still considering the global structure of each song. The following sections list the songs that are available and explains the structure of the ground truth data.


The following table gives an overview about the songs that are available:

Songtitle Filename Artist Genre Number of Tracks
Tango A ab-astor_tango.mid Anonymous Tango 8
Act Naturally Act_Naturally.mid Buck Owens Traditional Country 10
Come Back to Me comeback.mid Janet Jackson Adult Contemporary 12
Dance DANCE.mid Anonymous Techno 4
Down Down.mid 311 Metal 10
We Have all the Time in the World louis_armstrong-all_the_time_in_the_world.mid Louis Armstrong Smooth Jazz 11
Moving On Up m_people-moving_on_up.mid M People Dance Pop 11
My Girl my_girl.mid Otis Redding Soul 9
Red Wine redwine.mid UB40 Reggae 9
Slippin' and Slidin Slippin_and_Slidin.mid Little Richard Rock and Roll 5
Stop in the Name of Love supremes_stop_in_the_name_of_love.mid Diana Ross and the Supremes Soul 13
Tennesse Waltz Tennessee_Waltz.mid Roy Acuf Traditional Country 8
YMCA YMCA.mid Village People Dance Pop 16

All songs were taken from the Bodhidharma MIDI data set.

XML Format

The ground truth for each song is given in an XML file named like the corresponding '.mid' file but with extension '.xml'. The following elements are contained in each XML file:

Element Description Example
filename name of the corresponding MIDI file Act_Naturally.mid
title title of the composition Act Naturally
artist artist of the composition Buck Owens
nr_tracks number of tracks within the composition 10
duration_beats duration of the composition given in beats 460.0
genre genre the composition belongs to Traditional Country
tracks collection of track elements -
track single track of the composition -
tracktitle title of the track (= title of the composition + ascending number) Act_Naturally_1
instrument instrument the track is assigend to (sometimes unknown) Vocal Layer
segmentation collection of hierarchical segmentation levels -
level collection of segment groups containing non-overlapping segments on one hierarchical level -
segment_group collection of similar segments -
segment occurence of a repeating pattern within a segment group -
start_note first note within the segment (simultaneous notes count as one) 134
start_beat beat where the segment starts 247.5
end_note last note within the segment (simultaneous notes count as one) 265
end_beat beat where the segment ends 435.0

All 13 XML files can be downloaded here.

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