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Knapsack Problem

In the Knapsack Problem a set of items with an associated weight and value is given. The goal is to select a subset of items that does not exceed the maximum load of the Knapsack but maximizes the total value of the items.

Problem Parameters:

Parameter Description
BestKnownQuality The quality of the best known solution of this artificial ant instance.
BestKnownSolution The best known solution of this Knapsack instance.
Evaluator KnapsackEvaluator: The operator which should be used to evaluate Knapsack solutions.
KnapsackCapacity Capacity of the Knapsack.
Maximization Set to true as the Knapsack Problem is a maximization problem.
Penalty The penalty value for each unit of overweight.
SolutionCreator RandomBinaryVectorCreator: The operator which should be used to create new Knapsack solutions.
Values The values of the items.
Weights The weights of the items.

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