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  • Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics

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    1616* Compile the WebApp projects in the HeuristicLab 3.3 Services solution
    17 *
    18 Create a new application within the website and call it Hive-3.3 and use the already created appPool Hive-3.3
     17* Create a new application in IIS (like the Hive-3.3 application) and call it WebApp (please take care, like with Hive-3.3, to have the same app pool, file and database permissions and connection strings)
     18* Copy the `HeuristicLab.Services.WebApp\3.3\bin` folder from the sources to your server into the newly created web application (`WebApp`) folder and delete from bin the `WebApp` folder.
     19* Copy the folder `HeuristicLab.Services.WebApp\3.3\WebApp` into the `WebApp` folder on the server.
     20* Copy `HeuristicLab.Services.WebApp\3.3\Web.config` and `HeuristicLab.Services.WebApp\3.3\Global.asax` into the `WebApp` folder on the server.
     21* Review and adapt the Web.config file to your configuration.
     22* If you now browse to http://servername/WebApp you should see the skeleton web app with a login, the list of loaded modules and the about page.
     23* You can now also install the other plugins (status, statistics, maintenance) by creating on the server new directories in WebApp\WebApp\plugins\ and copying the contents of the projects bin directory to this location, e.g. for status the path would be `WebApp\WebApp\plugins\status\` and the contents of this directory would be content of e.g. `HeuristicLab.Services.WebApp.Status\3.3\bin\Debug`.
     24* If you reload the WebApp in the browser, you should now see new entries in the left pane. Please note that this may depend on your user and rights.
     26For more information or if you want to create your own plugin, have a look at the [[Documentation/Howto/ImplementAHLWebAppPlugin| WebApp Howto]]