15:17 Changeset [18181] by dpiringe


  • added the class ExtendedConstraint which represents an expression (the transformation of the found model) and the corresponding shape constraints
  • added a list of ExtendedConstraint in NMSESingleObjectiveConstraintsEvaluator to make future tests/experiments (exists only temporarily in NMSESingleObjectiveConstraintsEvaluator, will be moved later)
10:15 Changeset [18180] by dpiringe


  • merged trunk into branch


12:01 Changeset [18179] by gkronber

#3136: improved parameter optimization for NMSEConstraintsEvaluator. Use LM directly instead of lsfit to improve efficiency by using vectorized callbacks.

10:43 Changeset [18178] by gkronber

#3136 copied code with minor modifications from ParameterOptimizationEvaluator into the NMSEConstraintsEvaluator because the code in ParameterOptimizationEvaluator uses R² internally and is incompatible to the NMSEEvaluator.


16:37 Changeset [18177] by gkronber

#3136: removed a special case from the Evaluate method because it can never be true (maximization is fixed to false).

12:23 Changeset [18176] by gkronber

#3136: merged r18165:18174 from trunk to branch (resolving conflicts in the parser)

11:49 Changeset [18175] by gkronber

#3140: merged r18136:18138,r18153,r18165:18174 from trunk to branch


21:19 Changeset [18174] by gkronber

#3140: fixed a bug in the calculation of derivatives introduced with changes in the NumberSymbols branch


11:00 Changeset [18173] by gkronber

#2938: fixed BottomUpSimilarityCalculatorTest because the parser now parses (a - b) as (- a b) instead of (+ a (- b))

10:59 Changeset [18172] by gkronber

#3145: removed unnecessary parenthesis in InfixExpressionFormatter (and adapted the unit tests slightly)

10:57 Changeset [18171] by gkronber

#2938: fixed a bug in the parser

09:57 Changeset [18170] by gkronber

#3145 changed unit tests to check new expected output (unnecessary parenthesis removed) --> unit tests fail

09:43 Ticket #3145 (Reduce the number of parentheses produced by the expression formatter ...) created by gkronber
The formatter produces unnecessary parentheses for some expressions …
09:39 Changeset [18169] by gkronber

#2938: fixed parsing of subtraction and division as well as parsing of unary sign. Additionally, fixed parsing if negative initial values for number symbol (see #3140)

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