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11:00 Changeset [18173] by gkronber

#2938: fixed BottomUpSimilarityCalculatorTest because the parser now parses (a - b) as (- a b) instead of (+ a (- b))

10:59 Changeset [18172] by gkronber

#3145: removed unnecessary parenthesis in InfixExpressionFormatter (and adapted the unit tests slightly)

10:57 Changeset [18171] by gkronber

#2938: fixed a bug in the parser

09:57 Changeset [18170] by gkronber

#3145 changed unit tests to check new expected output (unnecessary parenthesis removed) --> unit tests fail

09:43 Ticket #3145 (Reduce the number of parentheses produced by the expression formatter ...) created by gkronber
The formatter produces unnecessary parentheses for some expressions …
09:39 Changeset [18169] by gkronber

#2938: fixed parsing of subtraction and division as well as parsing of unary sign. Additionally, fixed parsing if negative initial values for number symbol (see #3140)


21:14 Changeset [18168] by gkronber

#2938 changed the expected outputs to reflect the expected behaviour

21:10 Changeset [18167] by gkronber

#2938 changed unit test for InfixParser to actually check the results

20:49 Changeset [18166] by gkronber

#3047: set SuppressKeyPress=true in all controls that handle the Enter key explicitly (except for dialogs).

20:38 Changeset [18165] by gkronber

#3047: fixed 'ding' sound on enter for StringConvertibleValueView


19:34 SymReg edited by gkronber
add automatic redirect (diff)
19:12 SymReg edited by gkronber
19:11 SymReg edited by gkronber
try to redirect to (diff)
15:58 SymReg edited by mkommend
15:55 SymReg created by mkommend
Added wiki page for SymReg workshop at GECCO 2022


15:29 Changeset [18164] by dpiringe


  • fixed a bug in StructureTemplateView -> only nodes of type SubFunctionTreeNode are selectable
  • added a way to keep old sub functions after parsing a new expression
    • overwrote some basic object methods for SubFunction to keep it simple
    • only old sub functions, which match the name and signature of the new ones, are saved; examples:
      • old: f(x), new: f(x) -> keep old
      • old: f(x1), new: f(x1, x2) -> use new
      • old: f1(x), new f2(x) -> use new
08:51 Changeset [18163] by gkronber

#2994: push of old local changes


15:01 Changeset [18162] by dpiringe


  • changed the parameter Interpreter in StructuredSymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveProblem to use SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeBatchInterpreter as default interpreter
13:52 Changeset [18161] by dpiringe


  • merged trunk into branch
13:24 Changeset [18160] by dpiringe


  • merged branch into trunk
13:21 Changeset [18159] by dpiringe


  • adapted symbol Constant and Number for SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeNativeInterpreter


08:46 Changeset [18158] by gkronber

#3136: fixed "essential" unit tests

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