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17:54 Changeset [17735] by dpiringe


  • added a IResultParameter to show the rising penality
  • added a IValueParameter to set the step size (enables plateaus with the same penality multiplier)
13:06 Changeset [17734] by dpiringe


  • method Calculate (QuadraticDiscreteDoubleValueModifier) was renamed to Apply
13:01 Changeset [17733] by dpiringe


  • modified SymbolicRegressionConstraintAnalyzer to calculate an error (as out parameter)
    • added an ILookupParameter to write a penality multiplier into the scope
  • changed a lot of evaluators to match the changed analyzer method
  • changed SymbolicRegressionSingleObjectiveConstraintConstOptNmseEvaluator to use a rising penality (instead of setting an unsatisfied solution to 1.0)
12:59 Ticket #3081 (Add static calculation methods to all DiscreteDoubleValueModifiers) closed by dpiringe
done: r17732: merged r17729:17730 into stable
12:59 Changeset [17732] by dpiringe

#3081: merged r17729:r17730 into stable

12:36 Ticket #3041 (IsDisposable is overwritten when slaves say Hello) closed by jkarder
done: r17731: merged r17376 into stable
12:35 Changeset [17731] by jkarder

#3041: merged r17376 into stable

12:06 Changeset [17730] by dpiringe


  • renamed method Calculate -> Apply
  • copied/added comments of the method Modify -> Apply
11:55 Changeset [17729] by dpiringe


  • added static calculation method in:
    • ExponentialDiscreteDoubleValueModifier
    • GeneralizedExponentialDiscreteDoubleValueModifier
    • LinearDiscreteDoubleValueModifier
    • QuadraticDiscreteDoubleValueModifier
    • SquareRootDiscreteDoubleValueModifier
11:08 Ticket #3081 (Add static calculation methods to all DiscreteDoubleValueModifiers) created by dpiringe
The reason behind this change is to prevent the use of …
10:45 Changeset [17728] by dpiringe


  • added a weight property for constraints (to have a weight multiplier for errors) in IntervalConstraint
  • modified IntervalConstraintsParser to detect weights


21:27 Changeset [17727] by dleko

#2825 Refactoring.

16:43 Changeset [17726] by pfleck

#3040 Added a constant opt evaluator for vectors that uses the existing AutoDiff library by unrolling all vector operations.


16:22 attached to Documentation/Howto/ImplementANewVRPEncoding by jkarder
updated target framework, references and storable types


16:29 Documentation/Outdated edited by abeham
16:26 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by abeham
updated requirement of target framework (diff)
16:24 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham
updated vs version (diff)


14:04 Changeset [17725] by pfleck

#3040 Adapted dependencies and versions for hive execution.

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