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19:02 Changeset [17551] by dleko

Create NSGA3 plugin. #2825

16:35 Changeset [17550] by dleko

Delete everything in order to add only the new project


09:58 Changeset [17549] by chaider

#2971 Updated root symbol


09:04 Changeset [17548] by chaider

#2971 removed ProblemDataConstraint, ConstraintEvaluator and ConstraintAnalyzer

08:52 Changeset [17547] by chaider

#2971 Removed constraint related parts from branch


15:01 Changeset [17546] by abeham

#2521: Introduce class to make parameter change handling easier, fix bug in SingleObjectiveProblem regarding MaximizationChanged

09:59 Changeset [17545] by abeham

#2521: Reverse behavior, parameters are not readonly by default, can be readonly if computed automatically


18:55 Changeset [17544] by abeham

#2521: worked on refactoring, worked a lot on binary encoding / problems

13:14 Changeset [17543] by mkommend

#2521: Merged trunk changes into branch (+ corrected type in unit test).

12:12 Ticket #3070 (Format InfixExpressionFormater by Symbols) created by chaider
Change the formatter to use symbols instead of token-strings to …


18:00 Ticket #3069 (Race condition in AsynchronousContentView leads to exception and HL crash) created by gkronber
There is a race condition in the AsynchronousContentView whereby in …
17:55 Ticket #3068 (Exceptions crashes HL when immediately loading the Hive Job Manager ...) created by gkronber
An exception in Attic occurs while loading the samples asynchronously. …


15:39 Changeset [17542] by chaider

#2971 fixed bounds check in interval cstr

12:25 Changeset [17541] by pfleck

#3040 Added a new benchmark instance.


17:06 Changeset [17540] by dpiringe


  • added new converter: BatchRunConverter, ExperimentConverter
  • fixed a bug with the path of the .hl file in JCGenerator
  • fixed a bug with a redundant search for a suitable converter in JsonItemConverter
  • added a restriction for TargetVariable and AllowedInputVariables in RegressionProblemDataConverter
  • removed unnecessary code in Runner
11:45 Changeset [17539] by mkommend

#3038: Removed filtering of variables with only one distinct value in ResidualAnalysisView.


23:43 Changeset [17538] by mkommend

#2971: Changed logic when intervals are calculated in symbolic regression solutions and simplifier.

23:42 Changeset [17537] by mkommend

#2971: Reordered known symbols in interval interpreter.

23:41 Changeset [17536] by mkommend

#2971: Corrected view name of ProblemDataConstraintView.

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