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16:44 attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/IntegrateHeuristicLab by gkronber
changed app.config
16:42 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/IntegrateHeuristicLab edited by gkronber
add a note on performance difference between server and workstation gc (diff)
16:20 Changeset [17413] by mkommend

#3052: Added DatanAnalyisGrammar for automatic configuration of variable symbols.

16:18 Ticket #3052 (Provide a method in grammars to adapt variable symbols to a given dataset) created by mkommend
When solving a symbolic data analysis problem, the grammar (more …


16:37 Changeset [17412] by dpiringe

#3026 code cleanup

16:21 Changeset [17411] by dpiringe


  • deleted JsonItemVM
  • reduced code duplicates in JsonItemValueControl
  • implemented logic for entering ranges -> automatically sets to min/max value of datatype when checkbox is not checked
14:53 Changeset [17410] by dpiringe


  • deleted JsonItemArrayControl and JsonItemDefaultControl
  • redesigned architecture for JsonItem: now there are different types of JsonItem (IntJsonItem, BoolJsonItem, ...) -> for better type safety and expandability
  • fixed bug in BaseConverter for GetMinValue and GetMaxValue for IntValue, but ignored for other value types (DoubleValue, DateTimeValue, ...) because the redesign of JsonItem-Architecture can make these two methods obsolet soon
  • fixed bug in JsonItemConverter to prevent null pointer exceptions
  • refactored value and range converters -> removed complicated generic ValueTypeValueConverter and ValueRangeConverter and implemented the necessary methods directly in concrete classes (improves readability and removes the need of reflection)
  • redesigned view handling in OptimizerIntegration -> dynamically seaches for JsonItemVMBase implementations, which are connected with a view
    • this enables better scaling with more user controls
  • JsonItemVMBase implements MVVM architecture
12:14 Changeset [17409] by gkronber

#2925: merged r17255:17402 from trunk to branch


12:23 Changeset [17408] by dpiringe

#3026 moved JsonItem, ResultItem and UnsupportedJsonItem into new folder Models

12:18 Changeset [17407] by dpiringe


  • simplified converter inheritance:
    • BaseConverter now only has Inject and Extract from IJsonItemConverter as abstract methods
    • removed ParameterBaseConverter
    • concrete converters have to initialize their JsonItem now -> enables better handling with different types of JsonItem
10:33 Changeset [17406] by dpiringe


  • added interfaces IJsonItem and IJsonItemValidator
  • replaced every reference JsonItem with IJsonItem


17:14 Changeset [17405] by dpiringe


  • added a new way to setup the targeted result types
  • added new ui controls: NumericRangeControl, JsonItemArrayControl, JsonItemDefaultControl
  • redesigned export dialog -> now the user can navigate with a tree view
  • enhanced JsonItemVM


16:36 Changeset [17404] by dpiringe


  • fixed a bug in BaseConverter -> the range for percent values should be returned correctly now
  • fixed a bug in ConstrainedValueParameterConverter, ParameterizedItemConverter, ValueParameterConverter -> unsupported json items get filtered now
  • JCGenerator is now a dynamic class and can return all JsonItems for an IOptimizer now (instead of string only) + it is now possible to generate an template string with an IEnumerable<JsonItem>
  • added first version of an export dialog for JsonInterface
    • it is organized with a main view (for the dialog) and some user controls (for a better visualization of an JsonItem -> to reduce wrong user inputs)
    • the user controls inherit a base control, which organizes some base values of an JsonItem


15:48 Changeset [17403] by pfleck

#3040 Added fix for non-numeric class labels

13:32 Changeset [17402] by bburlacu

#3051: Correctly add static attribute.

13:31 Ticket #3051 (Synchronization issue of data members with [ThreadStatic] attribute in ...) created by bburlacu
The two data members in question cachedData and dataset are not …
12:34 Changeset [17401] by pfleck

#3040 Added parser for new benchmark data but did not commit the data yet (too large)

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