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14:40 Changeset [17348] by chaider

#3032 Added analytical quotient for intervals


14:53 Changeset [17347] by bburlacu

#3039: Enable construction of subtrees from an arbitrary root node. Introduce IrregularityBias parameter as a means to bias tree initialization towards less balanced/regular shapes.


10:12 Changeset [17346] by dpiringe

#3026 fixed a bug in ValueTypeArrayConverter -> now it correctly resizes ValueTypeArray<T>


14:42 Changeset [17345] by bburlacu

#3039: Small bugfix.

13:47 Changeset [17344] by bburlacu

#3039: Implement balanced tree creator.

13:29 Ticket #3039 (BTC (Balanced Tree Creator) for HeuristicLab) created by bburlacu
I would like to propose a new tree creation algorithm with two main …


12:40 Ticket #3033 (Hive slave can register itself multiple times with different client ID) closed by jkarder
done: r17343: merged r17316 into stable
12:39 Changeset [17343] by jkarder

#3033: merged r17316 into stable


17:32 Changeset [17342] by dpiringe


  • in JsonItem:
    • renamed property Default to Value
    • removed usage of Reference for ValueLookupParameter
    • created new property ActualName for the actual name and using property Value for the value of an ValueLookupParameter
  • fixed a bug in ValueTypeMatrixConverter -> now it correctly resizes ValueTypeMatrix<T>
  • fixed a bug in ValueParameterConverter -> when ActualValue is null, but there is data for it, a new instance will get created
17:07 Changeset [17341] by mkommend

#3038: Added data points outside of training and test to the residual analysis.

17:04 Ticket #3038 (Residual Analysis does not display data points outside of training and test) created by mkommend
There can be additional data present that is neither used for training …
16:34 Changeset [17340] by bwerth

#2521 forgot to commit changes to HeuristicLab.Optimization-3.3.csproj

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