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23:55 Changeset [16682] by gkronber

#2994: worked on auto diff for intervals and vectors

11:49 Changeset [16681] by bburlacu

#2995: Handle DateTimeValues correctly.

11:49 Ticket #2995 (Support DateTimeValues in the RunCollectionBubbleChartView) created by bburlacu
DateTimeValues are not properly displayed by the chart.
09:38 Changeset [16680] by gkronber

#2974: necessary changes for compatibility with new persistence

09:37 Changeset [16679] by gkronber

#2974: changed .NET framework version of UnitTests project for compatibility with HL trunk (4.6.1)

09:36 Changeset [16678] by gkronber

#2974: removed project references again after merging changes from trunk

09:32 Changeset [16677] by gkronber

#2974: merged r16499:16658 from trunk:HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression to branch:HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression

09:30 Changeset [16676] by gkronber

#2974: merged r16478:16672 from trunk:HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic to branch:HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic

09:24 Changeset [16675] by gkronber

#2915: deleted branch because all changes have been merged back to trunk


18:25 Changeset [16674] by gkronber

#2994: worked on AutoDiff implementation based on BatchInterpreter

12:20 Changeset [16673] by gkronber

#2994: merged r16672 from trunk to branch

12:18 Changeset [16672] by gkronber

#2971: removed nuget package reference missed in r16658

12:01 Changeset [16671] by gkronber

#2994: created branch for the ticket

12:00 Ticket #2994 (AutoDiff support for interval calculation) created by gkronber
Support for interval arithmetic has been added in #2966. This allows …


13:32 Ticket #2993 (User-defined Evaluators for Symbolic Data Analysis Problems) created by bburlacu
The idea behind a user-defined evaluator is to provide a more flexible …


10:03 Changeset [16670] by gkronber

#2866: bugfixes for r16668

09:03 Changeset [16669] by hmaislin

#2929: Added missing dependencies

08:53 Changeset [16668] by gkronber

#2866: added support for tanh to the remaining interpreters (native is missing)


23:20 Changeset [16667] by abeham

Added further projects useful for interfacing with irace

22:40 Changeset [16666] by hmaislin

#2929: Modified make / folder structure to build original app, added x86 dll

19:17 Changeset [16665] by gkronber

#2925 fixed a problem which prevents loading persistence files

19:17 Changeset [16664] by gkronber

#2925: generate individual solutions for each of the trees to allow individual analysis of functions e.g. using PDP (only works without latent variables so far)

17:59 Changeset [16663] by gkronber

#2925: adapted to work with new persistence

17:42 Changeset [16662] by gkronber

#2925: merged all changes from trunk to branch (up to r16659)

17:22 Changeset [16661] by gkronber

#2933: use RandomSeedGenerator in CrossValidation

17:00 Changeset [16660] by gkronber

#2925: re-introduced partial support for latent variables

16:58 Changeset [16659] by gkronber

#2520 svn:ignore

16:57 Changeset [16658] by gkronber

#2520: created a extlibs wrapper plugin for the HEAL.Attic nuget package (and updated to 1.0.0-pre4)

16:15 Changeset [16657] by bburlacu

#2987: Improve performance by caching parameter values. Fix plugin dependencies Plugin.cs.frame

13:30 Changeset [16656] by gkronber

#2866: merged r16375, r16531, r16655 from branch to trunk (using "Merge two different trees" because I was not able to automatically merge changesets)

12:31 Changeset [16655] by gkronber

#2866: converted class HyperbolicTangent for new persistence

12:29 Changeset [16654] by gkronber

#2866: merged r16364:16653 from trunk to branch to prepare for trunk reintegration (resolving conflicts in the project file)


16:20 Changeset [16653] by gkronber

#2925: added support for fixed numeric parameters as "constant variables"

13:14 Changeset [16652] by gkronber

#2925: allow arbitrary number of arguments to +,-,*,/ operators, fixed bug in single-argument division

10:54 Changeset [16651] by abeham

#2561: Decoupled execution state of timelimitrun and its embedded algorithm


10:14 Ticket #2992 (External Evaluation leads to Exceptions during Object Graph Traversal) closed by abeham
done: r16650: merged to stable
10:13 Changeset [16650] by abeham

#2992: merged to stable


12:51 Changeset [16649] by bburlacu

#2987: Prevent updating the Ideal and Nadir points with NaN or Infinity values. Simplify algorithm code (use arrays instead of lists). Add missing StorableType attributes. Add hypervolume analysis for the pareto fronts.

11:31 Changeset [16648] by abeham

#2992: exclude types from System.Net.Sockets in object graph traversal

11:21 Ticket #2992 (External Evaluation leads to Exceptions during Object Graph Traversal) created by abeham
Instances from System.Net.Sockets are part of the object graph. The …
11:05 Changeset [16647] by gkronber

#2971: merged r16646 from trunk to branch

11:01 Changeset [16646] by gkronber

#2966: fixed bug in Interval.Multiply


19:12 Changeset [16645] by gkronber

#2971: added an evalutor which optimizes constants first and then checks the constraint violations

18:49 Changeset [16644] by gkronber

#2971: removed duplicate usings of HEAL.Attic and unnecessary usings

17:51 Changeset [16643] by gkronber

#2971: fixed project references (removing obsolete references to HEAL.Attic, since we are using packagereferences now)

17:50 Changeset [16642] by gkronber

#2971: fixed a StorableType attribute after merge from trunk

17:45 Changeset [16641] by gkronber

#2971: merged r16527:16625 from trunk/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression to branch/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression (resolving all conflicts)

17:42 Changeset [16640] by gkronber

#2971: merged r16565:16631 from trunk/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis to branch/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis (resolving all conflicts)

17:30 Changeset [16639] by gkronber

#2971: merged r16527:16565 from trunk/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views to branch/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views

17:29 Changeset [16638] by gkronber

#2971: merged r16527:16625 from trunk/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views to branch/HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Views

17:27 Changeset [16637] by gkronber

#2971: merged changesets r16356:16565 from trunk/HeuristicLab.Data.Views to branch/HeuristicLab.Data.Views

17:22 Changeset [16636] by gkronber

#2971: set copy local for references to false, used project references for projects within the branch

17:20 Changeset [16635] by gkronber

#2971: fixed updating of IntervalResults for SymbolicRegressionSolution

17:20 Changeset [16634] by gkronber

#2971: disabled validation check in NamedIntervalsView because it is problematic when NamedIntervals are updated (e.g. while the algorithm is running)

17:19 Changeset [16633] by gkronber

#2971: fixed exception message

17:18 Changeset [16632] by gkronber

#2971: fixed a small problem (trailing \r) in the parser for constraints

14:34 Changeset [16631] by gkronber

#2966: fixed calculation for intervals of Sqr, Sqrt, Cube, CubeRoot

14:23 Changeset [16630] by bburlacu

#2987: Migrate to new persistence. Add support for objective scaling.

14:02 Changeset [16629] by gkronber

#2966: added extra checks to make sure that IntervalInterpreter always returns a valid interval

12:41 Changeset [16628] by gkronber

#2971: made branch compile with current version of trunk

12:40 Changeset [16627] by gkronber

#2971: fixed update of interval results when solution changes (e.g. in the simplifier)


18:01 Changeset [16626] by bburlacu

#2991: Add plugin dependency to Plugin.cs.frame

16:46 Changeset [16625] by jkarder

#2520: switched projects in the following solutions from packages.config format to PackageReference format

  • HeuristicLab 3.3
  • HeuristicLab 3.3 Tests
  • HeuristicLab 3.3 Services
16:42 Changeset [16624] by jkarder

#2951: updated build script

16:29 Changeset [16623] by bburlacu

#2991: DiversitySelector initial implementation.

16:22 Ticket #2991 (DiversitySelector for symbolic data analysis problems) created by bburlacu
The diversity selector wraps any other selection operator …
12:44 Changeset [16622] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • Core.cs
    • locked checks for amount of available resources (cores/memory)
    • task state of aborted tasks is now updated accordingly
  • JobDao.cs
    • improved readability of GetJobsReadyForDeletionQuery
  • HiveStatisticsGenerator.cs
    • DimJobs, FactTasks and Jobs (DeletionPending) are now updated in one transaction
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