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16:32 Changeset [16302] by bburlacu

#2950: Add support for strict hashing (taking constants and variable weights into account)

15:32 Changeset [16301] by bburlacu

#2958: Fix small bug.

15:27 Changeset [16300] by bburlacu

#2963: Add README.txt and remove unsupported code from benchmarks.

15:23 Changeset [16299] by bburlacu

#2963: Add first version of HeuristicLab.Benchmarks

15:19 Ticket #2963 (HeuristicLab.Benchmarks) created by bburlacu
Unit tests are not completely suitable for measuring performance, as …
13:34 Changeset [16298] by bburlacu

#2958: Add batch interpreter performance unit tests (for arithmetic and typecoherent grammar).

12:12 Changeset [16297] by bburlacu

#2958: Very minor refactor.

12:08 Changeset [16296] by bburlacu

#2958: SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeBatchInterpreter: simplify Compile, add cache for variable values (helps a lot with performance).


15:22 Changeset [16295] by bburlacu

#2288: Refactor code (use HL impacts calculator instead of manually calculating impacts, various fixes and improvements)


20:45 Changeset [16294] by gkronber

#2948: worked on review comments.

14:54 Changeset [16293] by bburlacu

#2958: Support additional symbols in the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeBatchInterpreter

11:38 Changeset [16292] by bburlacu

#2962: Update the population with crossover children.

11:25 Ticket #2962 (Subtree crossover distribution test displays incorrect statistics) created by bburlacu
In the SubtreeCrossoverDistributionsTest, we have the following code …


15:04 Changeset [16291] by bburlacu

#2950: Fix typo in ComputeAverageSimilarity


18:57 Changeset [16290] by gkronber

#2950 adjusted scaling code for SymbolicDataAnalysisModels because with the new hashing code and simplification we cannot assume that scale and offset nodes are at the same locations

18:02 Changeset [16289] by bburlacu

#2958: Add plugin dependency to native interpreter plugin.

17:10 Changeset [16288] by ddorfmei


  • added license information to all files
  • added missing storable and cloning constructors
  • fixed a bug that caused an exception when a Hive Slave tried to delete the files in the PluginTemp folder
16:55 Changeset [16287] by bburlacu

#2958: Keep the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeBatchInterpreter, but remove vectorization.

15:29 Changeset [16286] by bburlacu

#2958: Forgot to commit changes to project file

14:35 Ticket #2961 (Hive slave does not properly unload plugins) created by jkarder
Plugins provide an OnUnload method which can be used to execute …
13:11 Changeset [16285] by bburlacu

#2958: Add vectorized SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeBatchInterpreter and update project config (Nuget package System.Numerics).


15:16 Changeset [16284] by bburlacu

#2950: Add the ability to compute the structural similarity between symbolic expression trees.

14:42 Changeset [16283] by bburlacu

#2959: Refactor bottom-up similarity calculator methods (main logic stays the same, better implementation), update unit tests.

14:01 Ticket #2916 (Improve serialization of IndexedDataTable) closed by abeham
14:01 Changeset [16282] by abeham

#2916: merged to stable

14:00 Ticket #2926 (Update Sim# version) closed by abeham
done: r16281: merged to stable
14:00 Changeset [16281] by abeham

#2926: merged to stable

13:58 Changeset [16280] by abeham

#2960: added query methods

13:55 Ticket #2960 (Row and Column query methods for StringMatrix) created by abeham
ValueTypeMatrix<T> has methods: * GetRow(int row): IEnumerable<T> * …


15:41 Changeset [16279] by bburlacu

#2959: Simplify code, improve performance, fix another potential bug in relation with 3).

14:24 Changeset [16278] by bburlacu

#2959: Address the issues described in the ticket.

14:21 Ticket #2959 (Issues with the bottom-up similarity calculator) created by bburlacu
The [


18:52 Changeset [16277] by bburlacu

#2958: Add EvaluatedSolutions as parameter, similar to the other interpreters.

17:51 Changeset [16276] by bburlacu

#2958: Add SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeNativeInterpreter which calls into the native implementation.

17:06 EvoSoft edited by swagner
17:05 EvoSoft/2018 created by swagner
13:19 Changeset [16275] by gkronber

#2925: changed random initialization of parameters and fixed two non-critical bugs in the implementation


11:05 Changeset [16274] by bburlacu

#2958: Update dll files and C++ source code to the latest version.

10:56 Changeset [16273] by bburlacu

#2950: Improve hashing performance.


16:20 Changeset [16272] by bburlacu

#2950: Refactor hash extensions and utility methods: hashes are computed from byte[] arrays, simplification accepts an argument specifying which hash function to use. Update SymbolicDataAnalysisBuildingBlockAnalyzer and SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionDiversityPreservingCrossover.


20:11 Changeset [16271] by bburlacu

#2950: Fix SymbolicDataAnalysisBuildingBlockAnalyzer compilation error.

19:59 Changeset [16270] by bburlacu

#2950: Fix compilation error in SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionDiversityPreservingCrossover

19:42 Changeset [16269] by bburlacu

#2958: Add C++ source code

19:39 Changeset [16268] by gkronber

#2925 created a separate algorithm (similar to NLR but for parameter identification of ODE systems) for debugging of the parameter optimization and fixed a problem with the order of items in the checkedItemCollection for TargetVariables

19:33 Changeset [16267] by bburlacu

#2950: Rename HashNode.IsChild property to IsLeaf

18:49 Changeset [16266] by bburlacu

#2958: Add native interpreter dll wrapper as external lib.

18:38 Ticket #2958 (Vectorized/batch-mode interpreter for symbolic expression trees) created by bburlacu
This ticket explores the possibility of employing batching and …
18:29 Changeset [16265] by gkronber

#1278: renamed branch

18:26 Changeset [16264] by gkronber

#2957: initial import of physics problems implemented by lkammere

08:07 Ticket #2957 (Implement symbolic regression problem instances from "A multilevel ...) created by gkronber
See: This paper uses data from …
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