16:40 Changeset [15930] by lkammere

#2886: Make grammar more configurable in grammar enumeration.

15:00 Changeset [15929] by bburlacu

#2288: Rename branch and update references.

13:08 Ticket #2919 (Packed storage matrix type) created by bburlacu
Dense, fixed-size, symmetric matrices are pretty common. In …
12:54 Changeset [15928] by lkammere

#2886: Add problem instance providers for grammar enumeration.


19:39 Changeset [15927] by gkronber

#2886 made some changes to the R script for clustering and visualzation for the book chapter

07:08 Ticket #2918 (Export C# Scripts to an Executable) created by abeham
It would be nice if we could export our C# scripts to console …


13:14 Changeset [15926] by rhanghof


  • Added the support for importing different Matlab datatypes.
  • Added some classes and changed the import dialog for importing double arrays.
08:54 Changeset [15925] by jzenisek

#2839: fixed bug in HeartbeatManager (more specific: corrected check if a task via its parenting job is still granted for a certain resource)


20:24 Changeset [15924] by gkronber

#2886 remove obsolete code in C# program for the evaluation of sentences, switch to NSME as quality measure. Tried plotting functions within clusters in R

16:00 Ticket #2917 (Run Console apps in HeuristicLab) created by abeham
It would be nice if our PluginInfrastructure could allow hosting …


20:25 Changeset [15923] by abeham

#2213: created branch


16:33 Changeset [15922] by jzenisek


  • replaced use of TreeView with NoDoubleClickTreeView everywhere allegedly reasonable for Hive
  • updated genealogy computation for HiveAdminClient and corresponding views (ResourcesView & ProjectResourcesView)
00:26 Changeset [15921] by abeham


  • Updated project's references
  • Renamed solution file
  • Added HiveStatus console application to query the job status


13:12 Changeset [15920] by jzenisek

#2839: fixed several bugs in JobAdmin:

  • disabled play button if no project or resource is selected
  • extract stats for selected or alternatively for checked resources
  • collapse slaves-only groups if no slave is assigned explicitly
  • prevent unnecessary resource tree rebuilds (reset and style instead)
  • suppress double clicks in resource tree (i.e. prevent win forms check-error)


09:20 Changeset [15919] by rhanghof

#2913: The import does now work with Matlab timeseries datatypes.

01:16 Changeset [15918] by abeham

#2916: implemented more efficient storage format


23:36 Changeset [15917] by abeham

#2916: created branch

15:14 Ticket #2916 (Improve serialization of IndexedDataTable) created by abeham
IndexedDataTables are stored extremely inefficiently in the serialized …
14:49 AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
14:48 Changeset [15916] by abeham

added data for algorithm selection

13:11 Changeset [15915] by lkammere

#2886: Add separate data structure for storing phrases in the queue.

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