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17:08 Changeset [15063] by gkronber

#2581: merged r15058 from trunk to stable (forcing deletion of MctsSymbolicRegression folder which gave a tree conflict)

16:32 Changeset [15062] by gkronber

#2581: merged r14135 (made within #2639) from trunk to stable

16:21 Changeset [15061] by gkronber

#2524: merged r14517, r14523, r14527 from trunk to branch

15:59 Changeset [15060] by gkronber

#2581: merged r13645,r13648,r13650,r13651,r13652,r13654,r13657,r13658,r13659,r13661,r13662,r13669,r13708,r14142 from trunk to stable (to be deleted in the next commit)

15:44 Changeset [15059] by gkronber

#2796 renamed branch to match the new ticket number

15:40 Ticket #2796 (Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) for symbolic regression models) created by gkronber
Follow up to #2581. * Code for the automaton to generate expressions …
15:38 Changeset [15058] by gkronber

#2581: deleted MctsSymbolicRegression and unit tests from trunk

15:35 Changeset [15057] by gkronber

#2581: copied MctsSymbolicRegression and unit tests from trunk to branch

15:31 Changeset [15056] by gkronber

#2581: Created a branch for MCTS-SymbReg

15:22 Changeset [15055] by gkronber

#2547 merged r13474 from trunk to stable

15:15 Ticket #2795 (Unify implementation patterns in OKB service clients) created by abeham
he QueryClient uses singleton in combination with instance methods to …
15:10 Ticket #2771 (Support for factor variables in elastic net regression) closed by gkronber
08:26 Changeset [15054] by gkronber

#2650 added an implementation for RemoveSolutionAsync in PDP for factors

08:17 Changeset [15053] by gkronber

#2650 fixed a bug in the simplifier when simplifiying a sum of factors with a constant (+ f1 f1 f2 c) -> (+ 2f1 f2 c)


23:24 Changeset [15052] by abeham

#2787: Added app manifest file that enables DPI awareness on a per-monitor basis for Windows 8 and later

22:58 Ticket #2556 (OptimizerView must resync with optimizer content) closed by abeham
duplicate: The case that mkommend mentioned has been addressed in ticket #2711.
22:36 Changeset [15051] by abeham


  • Implemented GetBestIndividual as public static and protected method in SingleObjectiveBasicProblem
  • Impblemented GetParetorFronts as public static and protected method in MultiObjectiveBasicProblem
  • Implemented AddOrUpdateResult as public method in ResultCollection
21:54 Changeset [15050] by abeham


  • Integrated graph coloring (GCP) into trunk
  • Additional Changes to branch version:
    • Added parameter BestKnownColors in addition to BestKnownQuality
    • Added a best colors for the default instance
    • Adapted Analyze() to output best found solution and fixed tracking of "Best Solution Colors" and "Best Solution Conflicts"


15:39 Changeset [15049] by abeham

#2792: adapted OSGA, Island-GA, Island-OSGA, and SASEGASA as well

  • added default crossover logic to SASEGASA
15:20 Changeset [15048] by abeham

#2634: implemented reviewer's comments

14:21 Changeset [15047] by mkommend

#2792: Adapted symbolic data analysis problems to use the MultiSymbolicExpressionTreeManipulator as default.

13:30 Changeset [15046] by mkommend

#745: Extracted solution creation into a separate static method and renamed CreateElasticNetLinearRegressionSolution to CalculateModelCoefficients.

12:24 Changeset [15045] by bwerth

#2592 improvements/changes as requested in review comment


14:15 Changeset [15044] by bburlacu

#2794: Better organize properties and call Repaint() after setting a layout parameter. Remove unused Spacing property.


16:21 Changeset [15043] by pfleck

#2709 Adapted to recent trunk change (r15042)

16:17 Changeset [15042] by pfleck

#2713 Renamed ShowName to ShowChartOnly, added a backing field and introduced a method to perform the visibility changes of the controls.

15:25 Changeset [15041] by pfleck

#2709 Fixed an issue when doubleclicking the scatterplot (error in re-layouting the color gradient).

10:56 Changeset [15040] by bburlacu

#2794: Introduce properties for vertical and horizontal padding.


14:53 Ticket #2698 (Multi-Scatterplot in Preprocessing crashes HL with high number of variables) closed by pfleck
11:15 Documentation/FAQ edited by pfleck
Added FAQ entry for windows 10 bluescreens (diff)
11:06 Blog: Update: Problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update created by pfleck
09:44 Ticket #2694 (Lazy-loading of the ExportDialog in the EnchancedChart) closed by pfleck
done: r15039: merged r14369 from trunk to stable
09:44 Changeset [15039] by pfleck

#2694: merged r14369 from trunk to stable

09:33 Ticket #2788 (Blue screen on some Windows 10 systems) closed by pfleck
done: r15038: merged r14995 r15003 from trunk to stable
09:33 Changeset [15038] by pfleck

#2788: merged r14995, r15003


17:00 Changeset [15037] by pfleck

#2709 added license region (got deleted somehow)

16:56 Changeset [15036] by pfleck


  • Used title for showing variable name in the histogram instead of the legend. Legend is now used for grouping only.
  • Fixed Variables/Datarows in StatisticsView (were switched).
  • Improved the "Warning Dialog" for the MultiScatterPlot when too many variables might be shown.
    • Option for checking "None".
    • Show the dialog before the charts are calculated internally.
10:16 DataPreprocessingIdeas edited by mkommend


13:36 Changeset [15035] by gkronber

#2520: made some changes related to renaming of storable members

11:32 Changeset [15034] by gkronber

#2520: improved conversions


15:40 Changeset [15033] by pkimmesw

#2665 Added missing files


14:11 Changeset [15032] by pkimmesw

#2665 Fixed bias 0 issue, PushExpressionFrequencyAnalyzer, Fixed probability for ERC settings, Fixed enable/disable instructions, Added expression descriptions

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