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18:55 Changeset [15004] by jkarder

#2791: improved checkpointing (task is paused and sent back to the server, new one is assigned via next heartbeat)

18:39 Ticket #2791 (Checkpointing within Hive slaves should be improved) created by jkarder
During checkpointing, the slave pauses the task, updates its task data …
17:46 Changeset [15003] by pfleck


  • Added a dialog for changing the maximum nesting level (Views menu item).
  • For systems that have the creators update installed and a high nesting level, a warning will be displayed with the option to lower the maximum nesting level.
15:03 Changeset [15002] by bburlacu

#2760: Got rid of the shuffledProblemData by using a shared seed for all the folds (so that the dataset for each fold is shuffled in exactly the same way). Backwards compatibility should be restored.

14:25 Ticket #2482 (Make job tables in hive statistics sortable) closed by jkarder
duplicate: See #2743.
12:57 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by abeham
fixed link to direct download (diff)
07:50 Changeset [15001] by jschiess

#1836 SA reheating strategies: Newest version of reheating


13:15 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by pfleck
Fixed a broken link to the Java External-Evaluation library. (diff)


07:45 Changeset [15000] by gkronber

#2435: merged r12818 from trunk to stable (which was a reverse merge of r12796, only merge info is affected)

07:43 Changeset [14999] by gkronber

#2435: merged r12790,r12791,r12792,r12796,r12798,r12801, and r12817 (reverse merge of all previous) from trunk to stable. (only merge info is affected)

07:25 Ticket #2781 (BioBoost: Demo file cannot be opened because of a missing plugin dependency) closed by gkronber
02:10 Ticket #2790 (Island GA throws exception when applied to JSSP) created by abeham
The random parameter of the decoder is not configured correctly. It …


19:31 Changeset [14998] by gkronber

#2789 added forward selection algorithm and algorithm to calculate all LR combinations

14:59 Ticket #2753 (ALPS does not reparameterize the evaluator) closed by pfleck
14:54 Changeset [14997] by pfleck

#2753 merged r14774 to stable


12:29 Changeset [14996] by pfleck


  • Fixed initial selection of the grouping text box (empty string instead of null to select the first entry).
  • General code fixes (removed unnessecary bank lines and code, class member order, ...)
10:54 Changeset [14995] by jkarder

#2788: added new setting for the maximum number of nested controls


14:37 Changeset [14994] by pfleck

#2709 Added Check All/Inputs/None Buttons for the feature correlation view.

13:22 Changeset [14993] by pfleck


  • Added Legend order when grouping for histogram and (single and multi)scatterplot.
  • Removed the limitation of distinct values for the singlescatterplot (for the color gradient).
  • Added a legend-visible checkbox for the multi-scatterplot.
13:04 Changeset [14992] by pfleck

#2713 Fixed a potential infinite loop that creates infinite datapoints.

10:37 Changeset [14991] by gkronber

#2789 implemented an alternative GaussianProcessModel which uses Math.Numerics and Intel MKL


16:56 Changeset [14990] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence code fix

  • added missing UnitTests.cs
15:56 Changeset [14989] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence code fix

  • added SequentialFixAllProvider
14:07 Changeset [14988] by abeham

#2650: recorded merge of revisions 12770,12772,12811,12812,12836,12837,12907,12971 in stable

12:53 Changeset [14987] by pfleck


  • Fixed problems with negative values for some regression types.
  • Fixed issue where the regression line was not drawn up to the last point.
  • Tool strip now reads "Configure Chart...".
10:16 Blog: Problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update created by abeham
09:33 Changeset [14986] by gkronber

#2789 created branch

09:31 Ticket #2789 (Feature exploration of MathNet.Numerics) created by gkronber
- Could potentially be used as a drop in for many functions from …
09:26 Changeset [14985] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence code fix

  • split existing analyzer and code fix
  • added analyzer and code fix for missing storable ctors
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