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19:15 Changeset [14588] by jzenisek

#2719 updated databar set and view

18:20 EvoSoft edited by swagner
16:00 Changeset [14587] by abeham

#2205: Added FLP (facility location problem) for use within a network that solves the location routing problem (LRP)

09:40 Changeset [14586] by jkarder

#2205: worked on optimization networks

  • added projects for integrated optimization (orchestration)


16:59 Changeset [14585] by bburlacu

#2635: Limit estimated values to range by default.

15:40 Changeset [14584] by bburlacu

#2635: Improve reporting of statistics about rejected individuals.

13:44 Changeset [14583] by pfleck


  • Added histogram aggregation option.
  • Show all columns in data grid per default.
13:17 Changeset [14582] by pfleck


  • Added 3 types of histogram aggregation: Overlapping (transparent), SideBySide and Stacked
  • Added a "clear color"-button in the DataRowVisualPropertiesControl to set the color back to the default color palette color.
  • Set the legend ordering to "reversed". Otherwise legend entries of multiple histograms are not ordered according tho the DataRow ordering.
11:25 Changeset [14581] by mkommend

#2709: Refactored get variables for grouping (extracted method to another class).

11:17 Changeset [14580] by mkommend

#2709: Changed initialization of caches to avoid NullReferenceExceptions.

11:17 Changeset [14579] by mkommend

#2709: Refactored histogram view and content to support grouping by string and datetime variables.


14:37 Changeset [14578] by pfleck

#2709 Fixed wrongly positioned options in histogram view.


14:25 Changeset [14577] by bwerth

#2592 made MOCMAES compatible with MultiObjectiveBasicProblem instead of MultiObjectiveTestfunction, fixed Bug in CrowdingIndicator

12:41 Ticket #2677 (Support for multi-argument functions for non-linear function fitting) closed by gkronber
12:41 Ticket #2687 (Support for time lags in non-linear function fitting) closed by gkronber
12:41 Ticket #2657 (Possibility to do multiple random restarts for non-linear regression ...) closed by gkronber


14:17 Changeset [14576] by bburlacu

#1772: Merge trunk changes.

14:12 Changeset [14575] by bburlacu

#1772: Minor refactoring in the TraceCalculator (use Tuple.Create factory method to make the code more readable).

14:06 Changeset [14574] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix data table cloning when storing history in the SymbolicDataAnalysisFragmentLengthAnalyzer. Fix some typos and formatting.

09:57 Changeset [14573] by abeham


  • changed adaptive walk performance model to relative
  • added ConfidenceConstantModel for regression
  • using constant model as fallback to GPR
  • reorganized code


19:23 Ticket #2683 (Exception when trying to open the data preprocessing view for ...) closed by gkronber
done: r14572: merged r14332 from trunk to stable
19:23 Changeset [14572] by gkronber

#2683: merged r14332 from trunk to stable

19:21 Ticket #2669 (TargetVariable information is lost in DataAnalysisModels) closed by gkronber
done: r14571: merged r14289 and r14290 from trunk to stable
19:21 Changeset [14571] by gkronber

#2669: merged r14289 and r14290 from trunk to stable

19:19 Ticket #2662 (Show Y-Value in Target Response Gradients) closed by gkronber
done: r14570: merged r14267 and r14307 from trunk to stable
19:19 Changeset [14570] by gkronber

#2662: merged r14267 and r14307 from trunk to stable

19:18 Ticket #2692 (The 'mathematical view' for symbolic expressions should show factors = ...) closed by gkronber
done: r14569: merged r14367 from trunk to stable
19:17 Changeset [14569] by gkronber

#2692: merged r14367 from trunk to stable

19:16 Ticket #2702 (Axis for estimated values and for predicted values should be switched ...) closed by gkronber
19:15 Changeset [14568] by gkronber

#2702: merged r14405 from trunk to stable

19:14 Ticket #2717 (The feature correlation view sometimes shows wrong double.NaN values) closed by gkronber
done: r14567: merged r14468 and r14469 from trunk to stable
19:14 Changeset [14567] by gkronber

#2717 merged r14468 and r14469 from trunk to stable

19:13 Ticket #2712 (GaussianProcesses define a Maximization parameter) closed by gkronber
done: r14566: merged r14434 from trunk to stable
19:13 Changeset [14566] by gkronber

#2712: merged r14434 from trunk to stable

19:11 Changeset [14565] by gkronber

#2687: merged r14350 from trunk to stable

19:08 Changeset [14564] by gkronber

#2657,#2677 merged r14258, r14316, r14319 and 14347.


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18:18 Changeset [14563] by abeham


  • Tagged unbiased models with property
  • Changed default configuration
  • Added solution distance to breeding, relinking and delinking performance models
  • Changed sampling model to base prediction on average distance in genotype space
  • Changed target for hillclimber and relinking to relative (quality improvement)
  • changed breeding to count cache hits per crossover
12:55 Changeset [14562] by abeham

#2701: Updated branch to trunk

11:24 Changeset [14561] by abeham


  • Corrected copy & paste from StringConvertibleArrays
    • There are four possible cases that are handled by this change (rows are newline separated, columns tab separated)
      1. There is just one column of values
      2. There is one column of element names and one column of values
      3. There is one row of values
      4. There is one row of element names and one row of values
    • A message box is shown if the user selects a 2 by n or n by 2 range with n > 2


18:14 Changeset [14560] by gkronber

#2650: added a method for exporting models as Excel expressions with given variable mapping (for convenience)

16:42 Changeset [14559] by pfleck

#2707 Simplified k-means clustering for ClusterCreators.


07:38 Changeset [14558] by bwerth

#2700 made TSNE compatible with the new pausible BasicAlgs, removed rescaling of scatterplots during alg to give it a more movie-esque feel

02:18 Changeset [14557] by abeham

#2701: minor tweaks

01:53 Changeset [14556] by abeham


  • fixed bug with breeding
  • fixed permutation sub-space hillclimber
  • improved speed of inversion by calling Array.Reverse(int, int) instead of using a for-loop
  • added delinking for relative-undirected permutations


18:03 Changeset [14555] by jschiess

#1836 SA reheating strategies: Refactoring, Added Connolly Reheater Operator

17:27 Changeset [14554] by gkronber

#2650: removed warnings


15:03 Changeset [14553] by gkronber

#2638: reverse merged r14533

00:36 Changeset [14552] by abeham


  • Added alternating bits binary test Problem
  • Refactored MemPR to work with programmable problem in current trunk
  • fixed a bug in permutation MemPR when crossover doesn't assign an offspring


22:16 Changeset [14551] by abeham

#2701: refactored breeding, removed hillclimbing after breeding


17:50 Changeset [14550] by abeham


  • Added BinaryVectorEqualityComparer (identical to the one in the P3 plugin) to binaryvector plugin
  • Added delinking for absolute coded permutations
  • Some tweaks
17:36 Changeset [14549] by jkarder

#2520: worked on persistence

17:28 Changeset [14548] by pfleck

#2714 Improved the deleting of columns, to allow deleting multiple columns at once.

15:59 Changeset [14547] by jzenisek

#2719 added type and view for representing dictionary<string,double> as bar chart (implementation in progress)

15:50 Changeset [14546] by pfleck

#2709 Added shortcuts for select input/all/none variables in datagrid and statistics.

15:12 Changeset [14545] by pfleck


  • Uses StringMatrix for statistics instead of winforms datagrid.
  • Precheck input/target variables only for statistics.
00:32 Changeset [14544] by abeham


  • LLE: Added equality comparer
  • MemPR:
    • Added GPR to learn about heuristic performance
    • Changed Breeding to do more exhaustive search on crossover
    • Added Delinking separately to Relinking
    • Rewrote d/relinking for LLE
    • Reduce usage of local search
    • Renamed TabuWalk to AdaptiveWalk
    • Rewrote adaptive walk for binary problems
    • Renamed LLE namespace to Grouping to avoid namespace clashes
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