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15:15 Changeset [14282] by mkommend

#2668: Initialized interpreter field in the LinearExpressionTreeInterpreter deserialization ctor.

10:16 Changeset [14281] by bburlacu

#2635: Small cosmetic refactor.


23:04 Ticket #2668 (Private field 'interpreter' is not initialized after deserialization ...) created by gkronber
This leads to exceptions when using e.g. integral symbols which falls …
16:56 Changeset [14280] by bburlacu

#2635: Small refactor.


16:43 Changeset [14279] by bburlacu

#2635: Implement an alternative way of assessing which offspring should be rejected early: the child is evaluated on part of the training data and the remaining rows are assumed to be perfectly correlated with the target. If the offspring selection criteria is not fulfilled, we can reject early. Otherwise the child is evaluated on an additional slice of the training and so on.


12:01 Changeset [14278] by mzehetho

Initial Commit for ticket #2605


  • Encoding
  • Moves
  • Views
  • Blocks World Problem
  • Blocks Relocation Problem
  • Stacking Problem


15:58 Ticket #2667 (ObjectDisposedException might crash HL in ProgressView in combination ...) created by gkronber
I got an exception in the following code when accessing progressBar …
11:41 Changeset [14277] by gkronber

#2650: merged r14245:14273 from trunk to branch (fixing conflicts in RegressionSolutionTargetResponseGradientView)

11:25 Changeset [14276] by gkronber

#2650: merged r14244 from trunk to branch


15:20 Changeset [14275] by bburlacu

#2288: Clean up code and add comments in the ConstrainedForceDirectedLayout class. Minor changes to view and directed graph chart. Introduced an INetworkNode interface for more flexibility. Updated cola and adaptagrams dlls with latest changes from upstream.

13:52 Ticket #2666 (Improve Performance of LinearLinkageEncoding) created by sraggl
LinearLinkage.FromLLEe uses a Dictionary<int,int>. Replacing that with …
10:31 Changeset [14274] by mkommend

#2665: Added folder for PushGP branch.

10:30 Ticket #2665 (Implement PushGP) created by mkommend


13:34 Changeset [14273] by jkarder

#2664: fixed project files

13:27 Ticket #2664 (Adapt project files for linux) created by jkarder
12:40 Changeset [14272] by jkarder

#2651: fixed project file name (case sensitivity)


13:40 Changeset [14271] by gkronber

#2660: slightly refactored VariableNetwork instance and added calculation of variable relevance

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