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11:17 Ticket #2486 (Allow add columns and rows for data preprocessing) created by pfleck
Add the possibility to add new colums and rows in the data …


21:45 Documentation/Outdated edited by abeham
21:45 Documentation/Outdated edited by abeham
21:44 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by abeham
21:40 AnyLogic Supply Chain Problem.hl attached to Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels by abeham
The problem that is configured in the tutorial (needs HeuristicLab …
21:37 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by abeham
18:44 Changeset [12982] by gkronber

#2484: added formatter for Mathematica

17:12 Ticket #2485 (CSharp formatter for symbolic data analysis expressions does not ...) created by gkronber
The HL interpreter also allows Boolean operators with real-valued …
16:05 Ticket #2484 (Mathematica formatter for symbolic data analysis models) created by gkronber
15:04 Changeset [12981] by mkommend

#2483: Added Storable attribute for the solution creator in the encoding bas class.

15:03 Ticket #2483 (Encodings don't store the SolutionCreator) created by mkommend
The Storable attribute is missing for the solution creator. This has …
10:21 Changeset [12980] by ascheibe

updated slides

01:08 Changeset [12979] by bburlacu


  • added parameters to the SchemaCreator for calculating things in parallel
  • added parallel code to the SchemaEvaluator
  • implemented quality calculation and saving of estimated values in the scope in the UpdateEstimatedValuesOperator
  • small refactoring of QueryMatch (added some useful methods and made NodeInfo internal)
  • updated query match unit test


15:50 Ticket #2482 (Make job tables in hive statistics sortable) created by ascheibe
00:36 Changeset [12978] by abeham


  • Implemented TSPTranslocationMoveDistanceMatrixEvaluator
  • Implemented TSPInversionMoveDistanceMatrixEvaluator
  • Changed move check in TravelingSalesmanProblem to include all ITSPMoveEvaluators
00:30 Ticket #2481 (No move operators for TSP distance matrix evaluator) created by abeham
The problem has been raised on the …
00:12 Changeset [12977] by bburlacu

#2480: Reverted changes to the evaluators as they impact performance and memory usage.


10:36 Changeset [12976] by pfleck

Removed Optimization-Plugin because Terminators were merged to Trunk.
OSGA-Plugin remains as a sample on how to use/implement the Terminators.

10:26 Changeset [12975] by pfleck

#2027 Merged Terminators and Terminator-Views to trunk.

09:07 Changeset [12974] by pfleck

#2027 Updated merge infos before trunk integration.


18:46 Ticket #2264 (Exporter for symbolic data analysis solutions to C# source code) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Duplicate of #2369 "Add a symbolic expression tree formatter for C#" …
16:49 Changeset [12973] by bburlacu

#2480: Implemented the necessary changes in the evaluators, and removed obsolete code from the phenotypic diversity analyzer.

16:24 Ticket #2480 (Add optional flag to the evaluator to save the estimated values in the ...) created by bburlacu
Currently the estimated values returned by the tree interpreter are …
15:43 Ticket #2455 (Timeouts when deleting larger experiments from Hive) closed by abeham
obsolete: I tried it and it worked. As there are no commits in this ticket, I'll …
15:27 Changeset [12972] by ascheibe

#2479 added missing commits to hive service methods

10:48 Ticket #2479 (Deleting groups in the Hive Administrator does not work anymore) created by ascheibe
Also, no error message is displayed.


23:00 Changeset [12971] by abeham


  • Changed OKBExperimentUploadView to not be a ContentView anymore
  • Make automatic suggestion on OKBAlgorithm and OKBProblem based on equality of name and data type
  • Add an upload checkbox column in order to deselect individual runs from upload


19:25 Changeset [12970] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix plugin dependencies. Small changes to the SchemaEvaluator: require a minimum of 2 matches for each schema (regardless of the MinimumSchemaFrequency) and use Math.Floor instead of Math.Round when determining the number of individuals to be replaced according to the ReplacementRatio.

14:39 Changeset [12969] by gkronber

#2478 merged all changes from trunk to branch before trunk-reintegration

14:24 Changeset [12968] by gkronber

#2478 complete changes by gteufl for offspring selection ES

14:23 Ticket #2478 (Offspring selection for Evolution Strategy) created by gkronber
As implemented by Teufl and described in his thesis
12:37 Ticket #2477 (OKBExperimentUploadView does not work with RunCollections) created by abeham
Problem is that the view uses IOptimizer as ContentType. RunCollection …


14:50 Changeset [12967] by gkronber

#2471: implemented linear state value approximation using sparse binary features and implemented a state function for generating features for symbolic expression trees


16:51 Changeset [12966] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed unit test errors.

01:26 Changeset [12965] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix memory leak in SchemaCleanupOperator


16:38 Ticket #2468 (Implement Checkpointing for the Hive Slave) closed by ascheibe
done: r12964 merged r12920 and r12960 into stable
16:37 Changeset [12964] by ascheibe

#2468 merged r12920 and r12960 into stable

16:36 Ticket #2355 (Fix problem with Hive slave sandboxing) closed by ascheibe
done: r12963 merged r12926, r12927 and r12959 into stable
16:35 Changeset [12963] by ascheibe

#2355 merged r12926, r12927 and r12959 into stable

16:28 Ticket #2388 (Improve new Hive statistics web page) closed by ascheibe
done: r12962 merged r12878, r12879, r12883, r12885, r12913, r12914, r12925, …
16:28 Changeset [12962] by ascheibe

#2388 merged r12878, r12879, r12883, r12885, r12913, r12914, r12925, r12932, r12961 into stable

16:15 Changeset [12961] by ascheibe

#2388 fixed a small bug and disabled performance logging

14:36 Changeset [12960] by ascheibe

#2468 increased checkpointing interval

14:31 Ticket #2476 (Hive Service should offer a faster UpdateTaskData method) created by ascheibe
Currently the task has also to be sent to the service if the task data …
13:21 Changeset [12959] by ascheibe

#2355 added backwards compatibility to task in the service

01:03 Changeset [12958] by bburlacu

#1772: Properly remove older generations in the genealogy graph. Fix namespaces in the schema diversification operators.

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