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22:41 Changeset [12288] by abeham


  • Changed encoding to represent linkages in LLE (as opposed to LLE-e)
  • Added GraftManipulator
  • Added repair procedure
  • Improved performance of some crossovers
16:39 Changeset [12287] by bburlacu

#1772: Added storable attributes to the before/after evolution tracking operators in HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic. Very small changes to the trace calculator (updated license header, removed old sample count code).


23:58 Changeset [12286] by abeham


  • Removed LargestGroupFirstCrossover (slow and not mentioned in the literature)
  • Added manipulators
  • Added multi-operators


13:08 Changeset [12285] by abeham

#2319: Added branch for linear linkage encoding (LLE-e)


18:02 Changeset [12284] by mkommend

#2025: Minor code improvements in new item dialog.

16:35 Changeset [12283] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated genealogy graph view and worked on subtree sample count.

08:02 Documentation edited by abeham
07:58 Changeset [12282] by abeham

Updated external evaluation tutorial slides with 2-d gaussian fitting example and added the respective hl files
Generated PDF of the tutorial

07:26 Ticket #2370 (Overhaul data analysis ensembles to allow specifying training and test ...) created by gkronber
Currently, the IntRanges are used to specify training and test …


17:44 Ticket #2326 (Diversity analyzers based on the genotypic and phenotypic tree ...) closed by mkommend
done: r12281: Merged r12103, 12108, r12110 and r12122 into stable.
17:43 Changeset [12281] by mkommend

#2326: Merged r12103, 12108, r12110 and r12122 into stable.

17:13 Ticket #2332 (Overhaul operators for similarity calculation and analysis) closed by mkommend
17:06 Changeset [12280] by mkommend

#2332: Merged all changes from this ticket into stable.

16:52 Ticket #2339 (Classification ensembles aren't aware of the classification positive class) closed by mkommend
done: r12279: Merged r12067 into stable.
16:52 Changeset [12279] by mkommend

#2339: Merged r12067 into stable.

15:58 Ticket #2327 (Implement a generic EnumValue and a generic EnumValueView) closed by mkommend
done: r12278: Merged r12037 and r12148 into stable.
15:57 Ticket #2369 (Support chart for relative error in the error characteristic view) created by gkronber
15:57 Changeset [12278] by mkommend

#2327: Merged r12037 and r12148 into stable.

15:53 Ticket #2363 (TreeSimplifier performance gets worse the deeper a tree is nested) closed by mkommend
done: r12277: Merged r12227, r12262 and r12264 into stable.
15:52 Changeset [12277] by mkommend

#2363: Merged r12227, r12262 and r12264 into stable.

15:44 Ticket #2321 (NSGA2: Provide option for dominating solutions with equal quality values) closed by mkommend
done: r12276: Merged r12123, r12124 and r12144 into stable.
15:44 Changeset [12276] by mkommend

#2321: Merged r12123, r12124 and r12144 into stable.

15:40 Ticket #2362 (Update SymbolicExpressionTreeNode Debugger Visualizer to .Net 4.5) closed by mkommend
done: Tickets concerning Tools are not merged into stable.
15:39 Ticket #2343 (Values of variables are not updated correctly in the VariableStoreView) closed by mkommend
done: r12275: Merged r12088 into stable.
15:39 Changeset [12275] by mkommend

#2343: Merged r12088 into stable.

15:37 Ticket #2325 (RunCollection doesn't register all events after cloning or deserialization) closed by mkommend
done: r12274: Merged r12022 into stable.
15:36 Changeset [12274] by mkommend

#2325: Merged r12022 into stable.

13:41 Changeset [12273] by ascheibe

#2356 implemented review comments

09:54 Ticket #2368 (Make reading/writing HL data with typecache to stream available) created by ascheibe
At the moment the persistence allows to either * write to file, then …


16:57 Changeset [12272] by apolidur

#2221: Adding 2.5-opt-EEs operators to PTSP

13:18 Changeset [12271] by pfleck

#2269 Added AgeInheritance as own type and value for consistent configuration.

11:44 Changeset [12270] by pfleck

#2350 Renamed EvaluatedSolutions and ResultEvaluatedSolutions to LocalEvaluatedSolutions and EvaluatedSolutions for consistency with other algorithms.


15:53 Changeset [12269] by apolidur

#2221: Adding Tests and Views for PTSP

14:40 Changeset [12268] by pfleck

#2366 Fixed variation of bool value-parameter.

13:26 Changeset [12267] by pfleck

#2366 Use EnumValues in the parameter variations for the creation of the experiments.

12:28 Changeset [12266] by mkommend

#2320: Corrected event registration in SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.

00:20 EvoSoft edited by swagner


23:40 Changeset [12265] by bburlacu

#1772: Some more work on subtree sample counting.


09:02 Changeset [12264] by gkronber

#2363: fixed a bug in the simplifier introduced with r12262 (an a few minor code improvments)


16:10 Changeset [12263] by arapeanu

#2288: Added adjacency matrix update by threshold and target variable functionality + node importance calculation

16:06 Changeset [12262] by gkronber

#2363: implemented a fix for the performance problem without a call to .ToArray() (overwrites changes of r12227)

13:21 Ticket #2367 (Eigendecomposition fails on some computers in release builds) created by abeham
Use alglib to do that
12:20 Documentation/FAQ edited by ascheibe


16:14 Changeset [12261] by apolidur

#2221: Fixing MoveEvaluators after running unit tests

15:27 Changeset [12260] by pfleck


  • Changed default setting of selector for ALPS.
  • Fixed automatic LayerResult wiring.
13:35 Changeset [12259] by pfleck


  • Individuals keep track of their last move.
  • When trying to replace an individual, individuals with their last move long ago are prioritized to be replaced.
  • Elites can now be replaced too if the quality is bad enough.


14:17 Changeset [12258] by abeham

#2317: updated hl file

14:12 Changeset [12257] by abeham

#2317: updated tutorial slides to match HL 3.3.11

13:41 Changeset [12256] by ascheibe

#2317 updated tutorial slides

13:17 Changeset [12255] by ascheibe

#2317 updated tutorial slides


15:59 Changeset [12254] by pfleck

#2366 Added detection of EnumValues in the CreateExperimentDialog.

13:13 Changeset [12253] by ascheibe

#2317 updated programming HL slides

12:50 Changeset [12252] by pfleck

#2366 Added solution-file and adapted references in project-file.

12:34 Changeset [12251] by pfleck

#2366 Copy Optimizer-Plugin.

12:33 Changeset [12250] by pfleck

#2366 Create branch.

11:50 Ticket #2366 (Utilize EnumValue-Parameters in the "Create Experiment"-Dialog.) created by pfleck
Currently, an EnumValue-Parameter is not recognized and utilized by …
11:47 Changeset [12249] by ascheibe

#2317 updated programming HL slides

11:19 Changeset [12248] by pfleck

#2025 Added sample ordering for DataAnalysis-Algs.

11:17 Changeset [12247] by mkommend

#2276: Merged trunk changes into dataset refactoring branch.

11:07 Changeset [12246] by pfleck

#2025 Added a Priority for the CreatableAttribute to manually define an ordering for the NewItemDialog.


16:58 Changeset [12245] by pfleck

#2025 Setup sample hierarchy with data-analysis algorithms.

16:45 Changeset [12244] by ascheibe

#2317 updated programming HL slides

16:25 Changeset [12243] by ascheibe

#2317 updated programming HL slides

15:50 Changeset [12242] by pfleck

#2025 Adapted references and output paths.

15:28 Changeset [12241] by pfleck

#2025 Copied Algorithms.DataAnalysis-Plugin for test samples.

15:27 Changeset [12240] by pfleck

#2025 Copied Core-Plugin.

15:20 Changeset [12239] by pfleck


  • Separated item- and plugin-description.
  • Clear and collapse when showing the dialog instead of showing the last selected item.
  • Added tooltips.
11:41 Changeset [12238] by pfleck

#2025 Fixed bug when filtering nodes.

10:55 Changeset [12237] by bburlacu

#2365: Fixed bug by skipping the layout phase when the tree is saved as an image file.

10:54 Ticket #2365 (SymbolicExpressionTreeChart: node impact colors are not preserved when ...) created by bburlacu
This is a bug in the save to image method which loses node impact …
10:41 Changeset [12236] by ascheibe

#2356 select NICs more careful for generating slave UIDs

10:19 Changeset [12235] by pfleck

#2025 First result is automatically selected when typing in search box.

10:01 Changeset [12234] by pfleck

#2025 Enabled selecting nodes with arrow-up and -down while focusing the search box.

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